TrimPath's Next Action: Power of JS

If you've got Fire­fox, you've got to check it out.

So here I am googling some Javascript and what do I dis­cover. A superla­tive JS demo of a "Get­ting Things Done" project man­age­ment tool based on *solely* JS.

Those guys at Trim­Path has a bunch of geeky things, not the least of which is a clone of Ruby on Rails entirely in JavaScript Trim Junc­tion, but this one takes the cake.

Exe­cuted well, this could be like Base­Camp on wheels. View a very cool demo here:

TrimPath's Next Action (Fire­fox only)

Sadly it doesn't work in Opera or IE, but if you've got Fire­fox, it's worth check­ing out pronto. It does work in IE to an extent, but sev­eral Object Errors therein, ymmv.