NVU: Gecko Based, Free Text Editor

Very pleas­ant Gecko-based inter­face and (almost) all the func­tions you need in an HTML editor.

Why do we need a new HTML edi­tor, you ask. Sim­ple, I still have to see one that works across dif­fer­ent plat­form and looks and per­forms the same. Actives­tate has had Komodo for a while, but it's not free, in fact it's some­what highly priced for an edi­tor, even if it has PHP and Perl functionality.

On Win­dows, hav­ing tried sev­eral oth­ers (1 2 3), UltraEdit still remains my edi­tor of choice for rea­sons that grow on you. Dreamweaver is quite use­ful espe­cially when you work with multi­byte char­ac­ters in your text, but it's a RAM-feasting monster.

If only NVU could add some func­tion­al­ity to dis­play files with server side code (ASP, PHP, JSP, and so forth) in them, which are basi­cally HTML tem­plates, and add sup­port for PROJECTS or some such way of access­ing entire fold­ers right within the edit­ing inter­face, I would seri­ously con­sider tak­ing it for a ride.

Side­note, my biggest take-away from using this tool is the fab­u­lous Gecko-based inter­face. It's highly respon­sive, and quite pleas­ant to use. Time to move on from Del­phi, I guess.