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Above every­thing that Google Desk­top does, MSN's doohickey also searches meta­data like Apple's Spot­light (so you could for instance search files by the name of the author, etc.)

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Tom War­ren has the world-exclusive first pub­lic look at the MSN Tool­bar Suite. The suite con­sists of two prod­ucts, the MSN Toolbar/Deskbar, and MSN Desk­top Search.

The MSN Toolbar/Deskbar is a series of tool­bars: One for Out­look, one for Inter­net Explorer / Win­dows Explorer, plus the MSN Deskbar. The tool­bars reside in their respec­tive pro­grams, while the Deskbar goes in the taskbar, much like the Win­dows Media Player Tool­bar, and all of them allow you to search, either based on what­ever pro­gram you're in, or glob­ally. It inte­grates fully with Win­dows, and with Desk­top Search.

MSN Desk­top Search is much like Google Desk­top Search. It indexes your hard drive in real time, and deliv­ers results very speedily.

Unlike Google's prod­uct though, Tom says MSN Desk­top Search allows you to search for the author of a file which may mean it searches meta­data like Apple's Spot­light, which in turn may mean it can search for other meta­data items, and Win­dows does allow for a lot of metadata.

Google Desk­top Search landed with a splash, but inter­est seems to have fiz­zled, as many real­ized how lim­ited it is. Speed isn't every­thing, and like MSN Search to Google Search, MSN Desk­top is likely to be com­pa­ra­ble in that area. Even one or two extra fea­tures is going to give Microsoft a sig­nif­i­cant edge. Google might want to think about upgrad­ing its product's capa­bil­i­ties, and fast. MSN's is com­ing next month.

  • http://[email protected] Adam M.

    Another tool you may be inter­ested in is Coper­nic Desk­top Search. It's fast, free, and searches some meta­data such as ID3 tags on music files and e-mail head­ers (I'm pes­ter­ing them to add EXIF image info as well).

    P.S. The e-mail field is not marked as required (with an orange aster­isk) on your com­ment form, but upon sub­mis­sion I'm told that it is. Just FYI.

  • http://[email protected] Steven W

    Coper­nic Desk­top Search indexes more kinds of files than Google's, and much eas­ier to update the index than G's. It's free too.