Foxit PDF Reader

Open PDF files at blaz­ing speeds.

Tired of wait­ing around for Adobe Acro­bat to open up? Acro­bat 7.0 is a def­i­nite improve­ment over the half-baked 6.0 that was released in a rush, but Acro­bat is still a pain when you have 15 other win­dows open.

I recently dis­cov­ered the Foxit PDF Reader ( from Foxit Soft­ware (site doesn't always work so try the link).

It's sim­ple but super fast, and does its job with min­i­mum fuss. It won't open inside browsers as far I have tried, but I don't like that any­how. I have set up my browsers to down­load all *.pdf exten­tions anyway.

If you need mul­ti­lin­gual sup­port (Japan­ese, Chi­nese, etc) then you need to down­load an addi­tion­lal *.bin file here. An occa­sional font here and there may look some­what less pretty in Foxit, but that's a minor price to pay for sheer speed of open­ing PDF files.

  • Nod­nub

    so does adobe acro­bat reader when you take all the unneeded plu­g­ins out of the /plugins directory.

  • / snip­tools

    My Acro­bat 7.0 has a "plug_ins" folder with 130 files and fold­ers, and 6 of them in "plug_ins3d" folder. The "Reader" folder has 20-odd plu­g­ins. Which should be removed? How is a reg­u­lar pc user to know? Where's the appli­ca­tion that allows me to cus­tomize this in an edu­cated fash­ion? Until that's hand­ily avail­able peo­ple will con­tinue to seek options like Foxit.

  • Matthew

    Use Google to find pro­gram "Adobe Reader SpeedUp", it has a option to select and securely disable/reenable Reader plu­g­ins.
    Speeds up starup of AR up to 2 secs!

    or home­page