Copernic Desktop Search

Much, much bet­ter than any I've seen until now on the Win­dows platform.

Coper­nic — I tried their tool in the late 90s, when it was a desk­top ver­sion of pop­u­lar search engines that col­lated results and cat­e­go­rized them (ala Vivisimo now). It's one of those things you try and then give up.

But they sure have come a long way since then. If you read this site you know that I've tried and tested a bunch of desk­top search tools from Google to 80/20 to Isys.

But I have no hes­i­ta­tion in say­ing that Copernic's desk­top search tool is among the best there is. (Have been pend­ing this entry because I want to include screen­shots, but that'll come later.)

  • http://[email protected] abhi­jit

    Have you tried Blinkx?

  • http://[email protected] Vijay

    Isn't coper­nic the one that started google and Microsoft on their desk­top search spree?

  • / snip­tools

    Vijay, Coper­nic may have existed before (not in its "Desk­top Search" avatar) as did some oth­ers like 80 – 20 Retriever etc, but the whole thing became a big deal when Google took it up as their next goal.

    There's a pretty good match up by Slate:


  • http://[email protected] Don­nie

    I wish i knew what you where talk­ing about. Win­dows search finds what I am look­ing for. Or Yahoo can find stuff. Whats the differance ?

  • / snip­tools

    Don­nie, Win­dows search is slow and clunky. Try doing a search in C: drive with a 40GB hard disk. That's because Windows's index­ing engine is lightyears old.

    Now think about how Google and Altavista, the web search engines, can return results for your query in a frac­tion of a sec­ond, espe­cially when mil­lions of other users may be search­ing for some­thing on their site at the SAME time?

    That's because they main­tain "indexes". Now, with all these desk­top search tools, you have that capa­bil­ity on your local PC as well.

    Sec­ondly, apart from speed, it's the con­ve­nience. With Coper­nic or other tools I have a SAME search inter­face for every­thing — email, music, PDF files, etc.


  • http://[email protected] zaza


  • Robert Shell

    I love Coper­nic, but after doing a defrag on C where Coper­nic resides, I always get prob­lems like hang­ing. Coper­nic seems to rec­tify itself but not always. It is a tes­ta­ment to the power of the free util­ity that I keep re-installing. I hope Coper­nic can fix its bugs. They seem small.

  • / snip­tools

    Robert, I have Exec­u­tive Soft­ware Disk Defrag­menter (Pro ver­sion) start auto­mat­i­cally when­ever the screen saver comes on. Coper­nic works with­out any glitches despite it. It also works on most friends' machines with the reg­u­lar defrag­menter shipped with Win­dows XP. I would sus­pect you have some­thing else that's dis­con­cert­ing your Coper­nic install. Why not unin­stall it alto­gether, reboot, rein­stall afresh? Let it cre­ate the entire data­base afresh.