Lost my Windows XP password. How to login and start?

If you find your­self locked out of your Win­dows box because you lost or for­got your pass­word, here are some things you could do.

If you find your­self locked out of your Win­dows box because you lost or for­got your pass­word, here are some things you could do.

  • First, do you have the admin­is­tra­tor pass­word? Login as an admin and change the pass­word of your user ID. (Obvi­ous Adams?)
  • NEW: If you are an Admin­is­tra­tor user, and are logged into Win­dows right now because your PC is setup to log you in auto­mat­i­cally, but have for­got­ten your pass­word in fact, and would now like to change it — well, Win­dows requires you to know the old one. How­ever, there is a brute force way to change your Admin­is­tra­tor pass­word. Open a Com­mand prompt (START –> RUN –> then type "cmd" with­out the dou­ble quotes) and then type the fol­low­ing command:

    net user user­name newpassword

    Remem­ber, if the user­name has spaces in it, then enclose it in dou­ble quotes, e.g.,

    net user "Samuel Jack­son" pulpypass

    This would change Samuel Jackson's pass­word to pulpy­pass pro­vided Samuel Jack­son was an Admin­is­tra­tor user.

  • Don't have admin access? Well, you can get it if you wish by down­load­ing a cool util­ity from Thomas Math­iesen to recover Win­dows pass­word if you have for­got­ten it.
  • Or, you could just down­load this pro­gram to reset Win­dows XP / 2000 / NT secu­rity if the Admin­is­tra­tor pass­word, secure boot pass­word, or the key disk is lost.
  • NTAc­cess can replace the admin­is­tra­tor pass­word of a Win­dows XP, Win­dows NT or Win­dows 2000 sys­tem by reboot­ing the com­puter with a spe­cial set of boot disks or CD-ROM (XP only). This is use­ful if you for­got the admin­is­tra­tor pass­word and can­not access the Win­dows XP/2000/NT system.
  • Pet­ter N Hagen has put together an Offline NT Pass­word & Reg­istry Edi­tor, which is basi­cally a sin­gle floppy or CD con­tain­ing every­thing you need to edit the pass­words on most Win­dows systems.
CAUTION: Please use these tools at your own risk. I believe they are good ones, with good intent, but they should be used only if you know what you are doing.

Let me know how it goes.

PS: This arti­cle is trans­lated to Serbo-Croatian lan­guage by WHG Team.

  • GM

    I didn't see it men­tioned but I have had pretty good luck with this for chang­ing lost pass­words: http://www.dmzs.com/tools/files/


  • jhon

    hi i need help ime­di­ately i just got back from a trip and i for­got my wid­nows pass­word and the admin­is­traor one also please help me i want my pic­tures and music back i dont care for the rest or if i can saveit all it will be great but lease answer back im going crazy with­out my computer.

  • / snip­tools

    "jhon", did you try the instruc­tions on this page? The answer to your ques­tions is right at the top.

  • Nina

    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!! You saved my a**. Couldn't get into my Win­dows XP com­puter for love or money.

  • Fresh

    Or you could just reboot into safe mode. Then just log in under admin­is­tra­tor account (in safe mode it will not require a pw) and got to user accounts and change the pw!

  • Jasper

    All of the above men­tioned ways did not work on my comp. I fould this site, (its an updated ver­sion of Thomas Mathiesen's pro­gram to recover Win­dows password)

    Hope this helps for the peo­ple who can't get it work­ing: http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/

  • Rotceh

    I bought a new PC with pre-installed Win­dows XP-Home edi­tion. To acti­vate will cost a lot of money, I have a Win­dows 98 CD I dont know how to install W98. Please help.

  • shireen

    i need to rein­stall my win­dows XP ,shall i lose
    all my files that are there in the other drives

  • jkue

    This might sound con­fus­ing, take your time an READ what I wrote before get­ting irate … here goes … you could how­ever switch the dri­ves. See­ing that most peo­ple use the cable select option on the HDs this would be easy.

    Put drive HDA on the slot where the HDB is, HDA(Now) becomes HDB(After switch) then rein­stall XP on HDA. HDA then becomes HDB … fol­low me? now access to all data on what was HDA(Now HDB) is acces­si­ble with­out loos­ing the data … then again you can sim­ply place HDA in an exter­nal case, install XP on the drive you now placed as drive HDA(Most times cable select) and access all data on it.

    I hope this was understood.

  • David Parr

    Run­ning Win­dows Xp Home on Gate­way Lap­top. IE is error­ing out will dial up and log in but will not open home page Lost abil­ity to log in to net­work drive use­ing DSL also. Is they a way to rein­stall Win­dows XP Home over Win­dows Home with out set­ting up menu, like we use to do witn Win­dows 98.


  • alan

    Daugh­ter has for­got­ten her XP pass­word and I have for­got­ten the admin­is­tra­tot pass­word, what now??

    I've looked at the above links but all the Thomas math­ieson site says is down­load­ing, linux, am I miss­ing some­thing obvi­ous? Appre­ci­ate any help, thanks.


  • Jacob

    Hi — it's sorta related — hop­ing some­one can help?!?
    I've just for­mat­ted and rein­stalled win­dows on my OS par­ti­tion (due to a con­stant bom­bard­ment of BSoD)…now I find I can­not access any of my pre­vi­ous 'pri­vate fold­ers' (my doc's etc), as I thought I'd just use the same login name and it'd be fine…obviously not

    is there a way i can gain access as i desparately need the files

    thanks for any help!

  • sulaiman

    You can just open up your com­puter, and remove the bat­tery (its sim­i­lar to a watch bat­tery). Wait for 5 min­utes or so, then put it back in, and turn on your com­puter. It will run nor­mally with­out pass­word, and from then you can set/create user/password. Let me know how it goes.

  • sulaiman

    sorry..i posted up a reply in response to the ini­tial prob­lem of for­get­ting admin pass­word. It wasnt a reply to the post right before mine.

  • Valerie Anne

    Hi every­one! I have a strange prob­lem hav­ing to do with Win­dows XP user accounts. I restarted my com­puter one day and it looked like the Win­dows I had first installed: basi­cally my main user account admin was renamed to "Valerie Anne.GEORGE" — all of my old doc­u­ments and set­tings were made READ ONLY and when I try to take them off read only it won't respond. So in the actual doc­u­ments sec­tion it has two Valerie Anne fold­ers, but when I go to change the user, it doesn't work, since there is only one account option. [for "Valerie Anne" — which is actu­ally Valerie Anne.GEORGE]

    I'm fairly cer­tain that I've got­ten the virus', all I have to do now is fix the user account prob­lem. You guys all seem to know what you're doing, so I was won­der­ing: Do you have any ideas?

    (I really want to have full access to my files under my proper login!)

  • Over­The­Moon

    The prob­lem with all the above is that they all destroy inter­net saved pass­words when you change ythe password.

    This is a free tool that I found today that finds out the old pass­word and works with EFS and keeps inter­net explorer passwords.

    It takes only a few hours (some­times as lit­tle as 5 min­utes) and requires no installing.

    It also works with Win­dows NT and Win­dows Server 2003 and Win­dows Longhorn.

    the url of this site is:


    Some­times the server will be off so it will not be avail­able dur­ing bank holidays.

    It is free as well.

    If you find any bugs then use the response form on the site — the owner per­son­ally sent me a reply!

    Sorry if this sounds like adver­tiz­ing but it just really impressed me!

  • ME1024

    This is a free tool that I found today that finds out the old pass­word and works with EFS and keeps inter­net explorer passwords.

    It takes only a few hours (some­times as lit­tle as 5 min­utes) and requires no installing.

    It also works with Win­dows NT and Win­dows Server 2003 and Win­dows Longhorn.

    the url of this site is:


    Some­times the server will be off so it will not be avail­able dur­ing bank holidays.

    It is free as well.

    If you find any bugs then use the response form on the site — the owner per­son­ally sent me a reply!

    Sorry if this sounds like adver­tiz­ing but it just really impressed me!

  • Dan

    I won­der if any­one can help me with this.….
    I've a hard drive that recently seems to have cor­rupted the boot sec­tor. It's work­ing fine as a slave, but the pass­word pro­tected pro­file wont let me access the files behind it. Any help?

  • Jonah

    Lost/forgot my admin pass­word — XP Home on an HP lap­top. Tried #6 above it worked like a charm. Is that a secu­rity hole that was fixed in SP2? I believe I'm still run­ning SP1 on that par­tic­u­lar lap­top. Any­way, I just rebooted into safe mode, and bingo — noth­ing was pass­word pro­tected. Changed my admin pass­word, rebooted again into Nor­mal mode and it worked per­fect. Thanks Fresh!

  • jef­fry

    dear sir…

    accrod­ing to my OS of "Win­dows XP Pro­fes­sional". my pc game is not work­ing any more after the instal­la­tion of the OS. how do i do to make it works again. exam­ple the EA.GAME of Need 4 Speed Undergroung2 that it can work­ing with OS of Win­dows Me

    p/s: my grafic cards if G Force 2 64mb.
    Pen­tium 4 proces­sor 1.8


  • Gra­ham

    I just recov­ered an admin pass­word by:

    reboot into safemode by press­ing F8 while start­ing
    log in with user­name: admin­is­tra­tor and a blank pass­word
    go into con­trol panel and change the appro­pri­ate password

    and that's it. I am not sure what all of the pass­word crack­ing progs are for as this worked fine for me.


  • hacky

    it worked only because no one did set the admin pass­word on your com­puter. and that's dumb, really dumb … would give root to any 8 years old idiot kid­die
    jesus, ppl should not be allowed to use com­put­ers with­out adult supervision

  • soapy

    hacky, you are right about that…

    sulaiman, your trick will not work with most mod­ern PCs since they have Flash mem­ory moth­er­boards which don't need a bat­tery backup. Fur­ther, many if not all lap­tops have the bat­tery welded in.

  • DEAN


    I have Win­dows Xp installed on my lap­top and my son was play­ing with my lap­top and put in the Win­dows Xp cd by mis­take (so he says) and now I have one copy of win­dows xp installed and another one in the process of installing.
    I have tried to use the CDkey that I have but it keeps telling me it is invalid.
    I don't want to install win­dows xp because I already have it I am just try­ing to unin­stall the one that is in the process of installing.
    It is really slow­ing down my lap­top and I have tried everything.

  • matt

    DEAN, what do you mean it's in the process of installing? just click can­cel, so long as it hasn't started re-partitioning you should be fine. A word of advice also: don't let your son use the admin account, giv­ing root access to some­one who dosen't know what there doing isn't a good idea… as to the orig­i­nal post, reboot­ing would work, or you could down­load the live edi­tion of some linux dis­tro and change every­thing from there.

  • Ozzie

    I have a query. I want to keep my work files pri­vate on my Win XP com­puter so I set it up so that you have to log on to use the com­puter. There is only one user account (mine, the admin­is­tra­tor, requires a pass­word) and i have dis­abled the guest account.
    How­ever, I recently found out that some­one else has been using my com­puter and I know that they do not know my pass­word. Is there any other way they could have been log­ging on? Is there any other way to make my com­puter more secure? Any com­ments you have would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cox

    My son locks his com­puter with an XP pass­word. How do I get to know this pass­word so as to check on what he is upto?

  • jimbo

    help me please i have just rid­den my pc of a num­ber of viruses . i am run­ning win xp but am miss­ing the restore disk and my sys­tem is miss­ing some files my sys­tem restore wont open nei­ther will my media or help options WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT

  • nek­ing

    please tell me so easy boot from cd and reset
    win­dowsxp admin password

    i need bootable cd that work

    thank you for help me

  • James

    Win­dows XP home, she changed the pw and now we cant log in. Tried F8 on startup but it will not give me Safe Mode. Will try the bat­tery thing. Any other suggestions?

  • Joo­Joo

    Okay, he bat­tery thing prob wont work on my comp. Have a 2001-02 moth­er­board so it PROBABLY has flash mem­ory. I tried doing the safe mode thing, but im run­ning HOME EDITION thus it has no safe mode, I cant find my win­dows xp disk and Im not to upbeat about the whole run­ning a floppy with all my pw's through a FREE inter­net server. So got any sug­ges­tions? Oh yeah another thing…I have a pre­set user­namem thus I cant set it as admin­is­trater and I cant bring up con­sole as far as I know, if you have any sug­ges­tions please tell me that includes if you know how to bring up con­sole from the user­name screen.

  • Mike

    I need a pass­word for recov­ery con­sole for xp on my gate­way. I don't remem­ber ever enter­ing one in the past and I have read that there is a dif­fer­ent pass­word than the one on win­dows itself. Any sug­ges­tions? Rea­son for pass­word is that I was get­ting this error: win­dows could not start because the fol­low­ing file is miss­ing or cor­rupt: \winnt\system32\config\system
    Please help…thanks!!!

  • Neal

    Yo guys whats up, I lost my admin pass­words, i have two admin accounts, one when u load up using safe mode, and another with all my other accounts. All those hack tools up at the top are just too con­fus­ing for my head to take in, i was won­der­ing if any­one can help me under­stand them or teach me how to use them the cor­rect way. And i am will­ing to use remote view­ing, so if any­one is up to the task of help­ing me and my bussi­ness out then please do email me at [email protected]

  • Wolf­gang

    Hi Shashanx,

    my neigh­bour installed a user-account with restricted rights on his note­book with XP home and after that he man­aged to delete the admin account.
    I never thought that this is pos­si­ble but it is.
    Now he asked me to help and I found your site and some of your links point to solu­tions to recover lost pass­words.
    Before I start to use them now my ques­tion: does it make sense to use those? As far as I under­stand they tar­get to NT.
    And the user-account is pw-protected but acces­si­ble. But how can I use a pw-cracker for an admin-account if no admin-account is exist­ing? I did a boot in safe mode but there is also just the pw-login for the user.

    This is so wierd. As far as I remem­ber there is a CD-writer on this machine so we can do backup the data if the user. In case there are impor­tant data of the Admin we can't access I think of remov­ing the HD to another machine, do a backup of the data and then re-install from the recovery-CD if pos­si­ble, oth­er­wise re-formating and re-install.

    But maybe you have a bet­ter suggestion?

    Thanks in advance

  • Wolf­gang

    Just a note to those who are inter­ested — I solved it with this great tool:

  • Ink

    Greet­ings All…Same Prob­lem, I for­got my pass­word to my Com­puter, tried the "removal of the bat­tery" solu­tion, and now my com­puter does not boot up at all! Humm, any sug­ges­tions? I am run­ning Win­dows XP Pro, Mon­i­tor shows mes­sages "mon­i­tor is work­ing", and then the mon­i­tor will go into "sleep" mode, when I turn the com­puter on. Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing from someone.…Thanks!

  • waleed

    i for got my admin code how can i get it or change it

  • Kevin

    I have a unique prob. After hours or repair and file restor­ing to a dam­aged OS (XP home), my old accounts are vis­i­ble on log on screen, but when clicked this is what hap­pens…
    "load­ing per­sonal pref­er­ences", then imme­di­ately "sav­ing pref­er­ences" and "log­ging off". My accounts exist but I cant logon…what is the deal?


  • gun­ther

    Some­one has installed an Admin account on my sys­tem. Mine was the only Admin account, and the Super Admin( that's acce­si­ble from Safe mode) is pass­word pro­tected. I recently changed my pass­word, and this was done after. The per­son had no access to my com­puter when I was logged in. None of my pass­words have been changed. How was this done? I thought this was impos­si­ble with XP.

  • cha­ran bhogal

    hi, i have win­dow xp pro­fes­sional, i have not for­got­ton pass­word, but it not let­ting me login, the login is 'admin­is­tra­tor' and the pass­word was ****, i have used the same pass­word all the time, and now it is not let­ting me login, i can­not even get to win­dow page with start but­ton, i also tried reboot­ing, installing win­dow xp but still not let­ting me login. what should i do as this is frus­trat­ing me now. hope you can help. charan.

  • Pool­boy­na­turel

    I found a site with a lot of infor­ma­tion about pass­word recov­ery.
    I have not had a chance to try out the pro­grams but there are many to choose from.

  • Sena

    i did a restore to an ear­lier point to my suprise i dont remem­ber the pass­word to the com­puter at that point is there a way to find pass­word or reset the restore point

  • (lKj)

    thanks for that. i found it on google and cant remem­ber my pass.


    i never had pass­word when i bought the pc, now its ask­ing me 4 a
    pass­word? what should i do .tried every­thing , pls help



    Lamer Note: You must know the old pass­word for this tweak to work.

  • Rahul

    i want to bypass the ques­tions asked dur­ing the instal­la­tion of Win­dows Xp.Can any­one tell me how to do that

  • dav­estyle

    thank you very much, you save my soul.…. Now I can see world again.
    I do not need to for­mat my PC..

  • puppy

    i los my pass­word so i cant oppen so plz

  • stephanie

    hey, i for­got my XP pass­word, and now i have to sign onto guest.. i already tried log­ging into safe mode but it didn't work.. any ideas how to reset it or get it back?? pleasee

  • becky k

    Im totally F****d, i for­got my pass­word for addmin­is­tra­tor and i cant change it because i havn't got admin­is­tra­tor right . what the hell can i do ? HELP ME PLEASE i cant get on my email or any thing :( please help me ?? i really would just like to no a way i can get on it with­out hav­ing to know the pass­word if that isnt pos­si­ble i really dont know what else to do but buy a new com­puter but im not made of money so i cant do that till christ­mas I NEED MY COMPUTER BACK.

  • Hidden_romeo

    Restart your com­put­ers.
    Start hit­ting the but­ton F8.
    On the menu that appears on screen choose : run on safe mode and then press enter.
    You then will see in a minute or two sev­eral user­names.
    Choose the user­name Admin­is­tra­tor.
    Wait a few min­utes and then go to con­trol panel.
    Choose users and change the pass­words.
    Is it clear?
    Glad to help.

  • jay haze

    hi there. would appre­ci­ate it if some­one could help me here.
    just yes­ter­day my note­book was work­ing fine. i am run­ning win­dows xp pro. after try­ing to install the new isdn box, on restart it prompts me to enter use­name and pass­word. i have never entered a user name and pass­word on this com­puter. it tells me to press ctrl-alt-delete and then enter user name and pass­word, in fact i have never seen this com­mand before. no pass­word works, and admin does not work. i have tried sev­eral dif­fer­ent things… and looked all over the net. it seems as if this screen is an end all be all– i have to enter some pass­word or i cant go any fur­ther. can some­one please help shine some light on what hap­pened. this changed from one minute a per­fectly work­ing note­book to the next a locked note­book — i cant under­stand it. any help as quickly as pos­si­bly would be appre­ci­ated. thanks in advance j a y ha ze

  • Dark­An­gel

    I have Win­dows 2000 and I also for­got my addmin­is­tra­tor pass­word so now i can't get in anything,I tried the safe mode and it still won't let me in.

    What should i do now?
    Any help would be greatly appre­ci­ated.
    Thank You!

  • Dark­An­gel

    I for­got to men­tion that this is my Lap­top com­puter and its Windows2000 Pro.…..not sure if that makes any difference.

    The safe mode doesn't give me .….any choices for the user­name Administrator.

  • jag

    hi im really in a bad case here i fogot my admin pass­word and i cant install anyt­ing bea­cuse i dont have admin­star­tor privlages im only 12 so i would aprreac­i­tae ure hep if u could tell me how to recover my pass­word simply

    thx alot jag

  • r2d2

    i no how to get in but only if u dont have a pass­word on ur admin­is­tra­tive account.

    On startup when you see the Win­dows Xp Logo start press­ing F8 and use your key­board to go down and select run in safe mode then click admin­is­tra­tor and you should be able to get in and change the pass­word to your nor­mal account.


  • Sal­va­tore

    i no how to get in but only if u dont have a pass­word on ur admin­is­tra­tive account.

    On startup when you see the Win­dows Xp Logo start press­ing F8 and use your key­board to go down and select run in safe mode then click admin­is­tra­tor and you should be able to get in and change the pass­word to your nor­mal account.


  • Benyamin

    can you help me with this please,i can't login to my com­puter coz i for­got my pass­word and there is no admin­is­tra­tor account its just show one account wich is my own account and i try safe mode but it still ask­ing me for my pass­word if there is any way to login let me no please. thank you

  • allen

    gm my pass­word is lost please find

  • http://yes Har­iom Pathak

    how to install win­dows xp

  • chris

    I have a cou­ple of accounts on my com­puter, one being admin­is­trater. I can't remem­ber the pass­word for this one and need to get in. I can use the other accounts but they are lim­ited and I can't get any­where try­ing to recover my pass­word. What can I do? Need help bad.

  • http://; chris

    I tried reboot­ing in safe mode, but it still asks me for my pass­word. I need to get into that account it has some of my work on it. I tried just about every­thing but noth­ing seems to work. Help!!

  • scott

    there is a pro­gram called erd com­man­der pass­word cd to unlock any pass­words on the computer

  • Jonny mar­tin

    Hi i've for­got­ten my pass­word for my win­dows xp page and i've also lost all my soft­ware, all I had was my lap­top, so I can't reboot from my win­dows xp disk, as I don't have it, any­one got any ideas, I would really apre­ci­ate it peeps

  • Cecilia

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who stated to try reset­ting it in safemode. It worked on the first try. I love all you techies!!!

  • William

    I have a used com­puter with win­dows xp but i can­not do any­thing because when i turn it on it ask for a pass­wod which i do not know. How do i get by this.

  • Tek

    ok i dont have the admin. user name or pass my super smart girl­friend tried to delete some stuff and deleted the user name so now i dont know it or the pass word! how do i fix that!

  • tolu

    hello people,i have a problem…i edited the win­dows reg­istry of my win xp..and mis­tak­enly deleted the userinit and autorun.bat file..now i can not log on to windows.i actu­ally get to the place where i'm being asked for user pass­word in the user acount page..but after enter­ing in the password,windows log on and almost immedaitely logs off!! what do you think?????????i

  • But Hour

    I can't login my pc because my freind change my pass­word and they gone. Help me

  • rt

    I For­got My Admin­is­tra­tor Pass­word!
    by Vic Ferri

    Can't Log On to Win­dows XP?

    If thats your only prob­lem, then you prob­a­bly have noth­ing to worry about. As long as you have your Win­dows XP CD, you can get back into your sys­tem using a sim­ple but effec­tive method made pos­si­ble by a lit­tle known access hole in Win­dows XP.

    This method is easy enough for new­bies to fol­low it doesnt require using the Recov­ery Con­sole or any com­pli­cated com­mands. And its free — I men­tion that because you can pay two hun­dred dol­lars for an emer­gency down­load of Win­ter­nals ERD with Lock­smith which is a util­ity for unlock­ing lost Win­dows pass­words. See here


    ERD is an excel­lent multi pur­pose prod­uct, but you should know it is not a nec­es­sary one if you have a healthy sys­tem and your sole prob­lem is the inabil­ity to logon to Win­dows due to a for­got­ten pass­word. Not nec­es­sary because you can eas­ily change or wipe out your Admin­is­tra­tor pass­word for free dur­ing a Win­dows XP Repair. Heres how with a step-by-step descrip­tion of the ini­tial Repair process included for newbies.

    1. Place your Win­dows XP CD in your cd-rom and start your com­puter (its assumed here that your XP CD is bootable as it should be — and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)

    2. Keep your eye on the screen mes­sages for boot­ing to your cd Typ­i­cally, it will be Press any key to boot from cd

    3. Once you get in, the first screen will indi­cate that Setup is inspect­ing your sys­tem and load­ing files.

    4. When you get to the Wel­come to Setup screen, press ENTER to Setup Win­dows now

    5. The Licens­ing Agree­ment comes next — Press F8 to accept it.

    6. The next screen is the Setup screen which gives you the option to do a Repair.

    It should read some­thing like “If one of the fol­low­ing Win­dows XP instal­la­tions is dam­aged, Setup can try to repair it

    Use the up and down arrow keys to select your XP instal­la­tion (if you only have one, it should already be selected) and press R to begin the Repair process.

    7. Let the Repair run. Setup will now check your disks and then start copy­ing files which can take sev­eral minutes.

    8. Shortly after the Copy­ing Files stage, you will be required to reboot. (this will hap­pen auto­mat­i­cally you will see a progress bar stat­ing “Your com­puter will reboot in 15 seconds”

    9. Dur­ing the reboot, do not make the mis­take of press­ing any key to boot from the CD again! Setup will resume auto­mat­i­cally with the stan­dard bill­board screens and you will notice Installing Win­dows is highlighted.

    10. Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen and when you see the Installing Devices progress bar, press SHIFT + F10. This is the secu­rity hole! A com­mand con­sole will now open up giv­ing you the poten­tial for wide access to your system.

    11. At the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter. Voila! You have just gained graph­i­cal access to your User Accounts in the Con­trol Panel.

    12. Now sim­ply pick the account you need to change and remove or change your pass­word as you pre­fer. If you want to log on with­out hav­ing to enter your new pass­word, you can type con­trol userpasswords2 at the prompt and choose to log on with­out being asked for pass­word. After youÂ’ve made your changes close the win­dows, exit the com­mand box and con­tinue on with the Repair (have your Prod­uct key handy).

    13. Once the Repair is done, you will be able to log on with your new pass­word (or with­out a pass­word if you chose not to use one or if you chose not to be asked for a pass­word). Your pro­grams and per­son­al­ized set­tings should remain intact.

    I tested the above on Win­dows XP Pro with and with­out SP1 and also used this method in a real sit­u­a­tion where some­one could not remem­ber their pass­word and it worked like a charm to fix the prob­lem. This secu­rity hole allows access to more than just user accounts. You can also access the Reg­istry and Pol­icy Edi­tor, for exam­ple. And its gui access with mouse con­trol. Of course, a Prod­uct Key will be needed to con­tinue with the Repair after mak­ing the changes, but for any­one intent on gain­ing access to your sys­tem, this would be no problem.

    And in case you are won­der­ing, NO, you can­not can­cel install after mak­ing the changes and expect to logon with your new password.

    Can­celling will just result in Setup resum­ing at bootup and your changes will be lost.

    Ok, now that your logon prob­lem is fixed, you should make a point to pre­vent it from ever hap­pen­ing again by cre­at­ing a Pass­word Reset Disk. This is a floppy disk you can use in the event you ever for­get your log on pass­word. It allows you to set a new password.

    Here's how to cre­ate one if your com­puter is NOT on a domain:

    * Go to the Con­trol Panel and open up User Accounts.
    * Choose your account (under Pick An Account to Change) and under Related Tasks, click "Pre­vent a for­got­ten pass­word".
    * This will ini­ti­ate a wiz­ard.
    * Click Next and then insert a blank for­mat­ted floppy disk into your A: drive.
    * Click Next and enter your logon pass­word in the pass­word box.
    * Click Next to begin the cre­ation of your Pass­word disk.
    * Once com­pleted, label and save the disk to a safe place

    How to Log on to your PC Using Your Pass­word Reset Disk

    Start your com­puter and at the logon screen, click your user name and leave the pass­word box blank or just type in any­thing. This will bring up a Logon Fail­ure box and you will then see the option to use your Pass­word Reset disk to cre­ate a new pass­word. Click it which will ini­ti­ate the Pass­word Reset wiz­ard. Insert your pass­word reset disk into your floppy drive and fol­low the wiz­ard which will let you choose a new pass­word to use for your account.

  • shand­dreka johnson

    i for­got my user name and pas­word. and can not get into my computer

  • andrew

    in Regards to RT that link doesn't work m/eoft has blocked it well maybe you might want to email users the iso file may make your thread more substancial

    although I agree with you that erd is a very good tool to use I have used it in the past with very good results

    any­one need­ing help with lost pass­words email me at [email protected]

  • Dominic

    Have my sons old com­puter win­dows 2000 but can­not access it because of pass­word he passed away a few months ago can any­one tell me how to get around this ty

  • Alantrini

    I cant access my own PC's Pro­grams or files. When I start my PC
    I get a small log on box which ask me for a pass­word
    As I never had a pass­wrod I chuck click OK, and then it appears to go into the Desk­top scene when a another box comes up and says

    DATA EXECUTION PREVENTION To help pro­tect your Com­puter. WIn­dows has close this pro­gram NAme : Uderinit Log on Appli­ca­tion [Close Pro­gram] [What should I do]

    When I click Close pro­gram I ghet this other mes­sage box

    USER Logon appli­ca­tion has encoun­tered a prob­lem and needs yto close Please tell Microsoft about this prob­lem? [dont send] [send]

    The deskop screen then appear with­out any icons or the Taskbar and start but­ton. When I hit win­dows key on the key­board noth­ing. In fact the only thing I can get is when I pressed ctrl+alt+del Task Man­ager comes up
    Whe I try to go into run or any other exe­cutable pro­gram from Taskbar I get the same mes­sage about Data Execution

    I tried restart­ing many times but the above just con­tin­ues, I bot­ted with the Win­dows XP Pro instal­la­tion CD and went into Recov­ery , selected 1, Dos box appear and I exited

    The last thing I did yes­ter­day was install a game I had down­loaded from a Usenet group along with a No CD crack file

    CAN someome please help me I have a lot of infor­ma­tion Backed up on this PC and need to get it.

  • Nichola

    Hi..please some one help…My father past away , and i was givin his lap top. All i want is some pic­tures of him and me off of there. Its a Sony Vaio with win­dows xp pro installed. The main sign-in of his says "James" and asks for a pass­word and i dont know it. So i found a site that said boot into safe mode — login as admin. Well the admins pass­word is set to. Which i dont know both. I tried a method that uses sys­tem recov­ery to change it…and right away noticed after burn­ing the cd-rom that the lap­tops drive doesnt work…are his pic­tures all gone?…please some­one help…I'll even pay for help, noth­ing more then $150 though. Thank you

  • Andrei

    you can remove your xp pass­word like this, only if u have 2 or more accounts : log in in an account, go to con­trol panel, go to user accounts, select the sccount you want to remove the pass­word, chande the account tipe to LIMITED, then go to remove your pass­word sec­tion, end your pass­word is removed. good luck

  • joanne

    i have got win­dows xp and i want to reset it as if it was brand new i want to start it like the first time i used it

  • milo

    I just used the fol­low­ing tuto­r­ial to recover my lost Win­dows XP pass­word and it worked great:


  • julie

    Thanks a lot!! I entered in safe mode, con­trol panel, user account, admin­is­tra­tor and I changed the password =)

  • –TweaK–

    If worst comes to worst and none of the above work for you what i would sug­est is:

    down­load a linux thats runs as "live disk" (free, try http://www.ubuntu.com) then burn the iso to a cd, boot from this and run as "live disk" … you can access all your data this way and burn to dvd or cd, then just refor­mat (the easy way). The other way would be same steps but instead of back­ing up to dvd or cd, just change the pass­word from linux…problem solved

    all the best

  • Tony

    I had prob­lem with my win­dows xp that was pro­tected by password,my prob­lem is that i did not turn off the pass­word before i rein­stalled my win­dows xpsp2 and now i can not acess documents,when i try to enter there is a note that acess is denied

  • http://windowspasswordforgot.com Alex A

    Our soft­ware Geeks Removal tools from http://windowspasswordforgot.com auto­mat­i­cally removes all the pass­words with no hassle.

    The other solu­tions some­times work if you have patience and more tech­ni­cal know-how though.

  • Rod Minty

    I have win­dows xp on my desk­top, I have never had a pass­word! It is ask­ing me for a pass­word and I have tried every­thing on this list and noth­ing is work­ing. I can get in on safe mode but it says I have no pass­word. I add a pass­word then restart and I have to tell explorer to start I reset every­thing and restart and then I have to do it all over again! What can I do?

  • Chris


    worked for me as well. Thank you!

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  • paul

    I lost pass­word on admin account.
    Hidden_romeo answer worked for me within 30 secs back on line. many many thanks. so simple

  • rubyted­die

    Hi,I need some urgent help regard­ing my win­dows xp,I recently gave a pc to my 10 yr old grand­daugh­ter, which I had bought from a for­mer work­place and have a copy of the win­dows xp cd (given by the com­pany) that I had installed as the com­pany had taken every­thing off..I loaded it and all was well until I messed with it delet­ing things that my grand­daugh­ter didnt require and then it blocked me out stat­ing that it was requir­ing a user name & password..Im not sure why as I cant remem­ber putting any pass­words on.. Itried the safe mode and it still requested a user­name and password..I need help in being able to help her over the phone about what she can do to get the pc up and work­ing again as I have the cd and Im 280 miles away from her !!!! She doesnt have any other form of inter­net at moment so all help would be very much appreciated**thanks for any help from a very des­per­ate nanna**

  • Mark

    Hi. The pc i have lost the pass­word on does not have a cd drive fit­ted. Is
    it pos­si­ble to do this with a usb mem­ory stick or would it be pos­si­ble to
    use a usb exter­nal cd drive?

  • SUkaiNA

    i changed my pass­word then switched user to the other account …

    when i got back to my account i couldn't remem­ber the pass­word that i changed to ..

    i tried to set an admin pass­word but noth­ing works ..
    any minds plz help me i need to get my com­puter baaack !!


  • callo

    Worked well — Thank you!

  • tcotw

    this sucks! i dont have a damn admin­istar­tar pass­word! help me!

  • googleccd

    thanks alott that really helped

  • robfluth

    I have down­loaded Win­dows Pass­word Recov­ery Tool 2.0 from http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com. It works per­fectly to reset any local user account to a blank pass­word. I Wrote it to an old 128mb USB flash drive do this. Boot­ing up and clear­ing a pass­word takes a minute or two works like a charm.

  • linky1124

    If you don't want to refor­mat your sys­tem, I think you have to make a rest disk or use some tool to do all the job for you. Such as Win­dows Pass­word RESet. Burn a boot CD with the pro­gram, and insert it into the prob­lem com­puter and your pass­word will be reset to "Blank". http://www.resetwindowspassword.com/

  • linky1124

    If you don't want to refor­mat your sys­tem, I think you have to make a rest disk or use some tool to do all the job for you. Such as Win­dows Pass­word RESet. Burn a boot CD with the pro­gram, and insert it into the prob­lem com­puter and your pass­word will be reset to "Blank". http://www.resetwindowspassword.com/

  • linky1124

    The first thing which you check if you for­get login pass­word. When we install Win­dows, it auto­mat­i­cally cre­ates an account "Admin­is­tra­tor" and sets its pass­word to blank. So if you have for­get Your user account pass­word then try this:
    Start sys­tem and when you See Win­dows Wel­come screen / Login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys Twice and it'll show Clas­sic Login box. Now type "Admin­is­tra­tor" (with­out quotes) in User­name and leave Pass­word field blank. Now press Enter and you should be able to log in Win­dows.
    Now you can reset your account pass­word from "Con­trol Panel -> User Accounts".
    Same thing can be done using Safe Mode. In Safe Mode Win­dows will show this in-built Admin­is­tra­tor account in Login screen.

    If above method didn't work,then you have to find some recov­ery tool like win­dows pass­word reset to crack it.

  • x

    or you could use http://Windows-Password-Reset.com to reset password.

  • hap­py­mark

    I would like to intro­duce Win­dows Pass­word Recov­ery Tool 3.0 . it not only sup­ports XP, 2000, and NT, I have per­son­ally tested it with Vista Home Pre­mium and Ulti­mate. It works per­fectly to reset any local user account to a blank pass­word. I Wrote it to an old 128mb USB flash drive do this. Boot­ing up and clear­ing a pass­word takes a minute or two works like a charm. You can down­load it from http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com

  • linky1124

    If you for­get the administrator’s pass­word but still can log on Win­dows with other user names that have admin­is­tra­tive priv­i­leges, you may fol­low the instruc­tions below:

    Right click the com­puter icon on your desk­top, select Man­age, find Local Users and Groups, unfold Users folder, right click Admin­is­tra­tor, click Set pass­word… in the menu comes up. Click Pro­ceed in the dia­log, in the pop-up, enter a New Pass­word and con­firm it. Your administrator’s pass­word is suc­cess­fully reset.

    Guest account may help to log onto Win­dows, but it has no priv­i­lege for you to do the above to reset the administrator’s password.

    If you for­got all user pass­words and failed to log onto Win­dows, there is no other way but to for­mat the OS and rein­stall Win­dows, or resort to sort of soft­ware tools to remove the pass­word and log onto Win­dows. These pro­grams cost some bucks, but are wor­thy and bet­ter than to rein­stall the OS caus­ing con­se­quences. The most pop­u­lar pro­grams are Win­dows Pass­word Reset 6.0 etc. Gen­er­ally, these pro­grams are easy to use though turn out to be a scary com­mand prompt to new­bie. But do relax and you can fully manip­u­late. Let’s take Win­dows Pass­word Reset 6.0 for exam­ple. You pre­pare a blank CD, burn the pro­gram onto the CD, boot the locked com­puter from the CD, come to ini­ti­ate the pro­gram, locate the user name, and pro­ceed to remove its pass­word – all are at ease.

  • robfluth

    Win­dows Pass­word Key 8.0 is a very quick and use­ful util­ity for recov­er­ing pass­words. Just an easy to use bootable CD/DVD . It can also be used on a USB Flash Drive. http://www.lostwindowspassword.com/


  • jamesstevn

    there is some recov­ery tool like http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/ can help you.
    it is the com­mend too by http://www.bukisa.com/articles/153084_how-to-reset-recover-forgotten-windows-nt-2000-xp-2003vista-administrator-password
    I used it before.

  • Kiran

    that is good but can you tell me how to view/recover old pass­words with­out hav­ing to change/destroy them???

  • andy

    ok, thank you for you rec­om­men­da­tion. Com­pare to these tools ,I used one call "Win­dows Pass­word Recov­ery Tool 3.0" ago. It's quite easy an quick to reset for­got win­dows pass­word. So I think it's the best one of them

  • annyyu

    hi… i have a sim­i­lar prob­lem. I have sloved it by win­dows pass­word key 8.0. It works very pre­fect to regain your pass­word .Also use bootable CD/DVD.
    I have down­load it from this web­site http://www.lostwindowspassword.com

  • kevin

    1rd Method:
    Try fol­low­ing trick which is actu­ally a loop­hole in Win­dows XP Setup and a big secu­rity hole:

    A. Boot using Win­dows XP Setup CD and fol­low the instruc­tion like Accept­ing EULA, etc.

    B. When it asks to repair your exist­ing Win­dows instal­la­tion, accept it and press "R" to run the repair.

    C. Setup will start repair­ing your Win­dows and will start copy­ing files, etc.

    D. After a few min­utes setup will restart your sys­tem and when it restarts don't press any key when it shows "Press any key to con­tinue…" oth­er­wise Setup will start from the begin­ning. Don't press any key and setup will resume where it left.

    E. Now it'll start doing other tasks and will show a small pro­gress­bar with a few details in left side.

    F. Look care­fully at the details and when it shows "Installing devices", press +F10 keys in your keyboard.

    G. It'll open a Com­mand Prompt win­dow. Now type nusrmgr.cpl and press .

    H. It'll open the same "User Accounts" win­dow which you see in Con­trol Panel.

    I. Now you can remove or reset any account pass­word with­out any problem.

    2th Method:
    There are many 3rd party util­i­ties which claim to recover for­got­ten Win­dows pass­word:
    The pro­gram that I rec­om­mend is the Win­dows Pass­word Key 8.0. It is a very quick and use­ful util­ity for reset­ting pass­words. It not only sup­ports XP, 2000, and NT, I have per­son­ally tested it with Vista Home Pre­mium and Ulti­mate. It works per­fectly to reset any local user account to a blank pass­word.
    Just an easy to use bootable CD/DVD . It can also be used on a USB Flash http://sn.im/bypasswindowspassword

  • Linky Wu

    Thank you!
    it is quite help­ful.
    I just found some­thing about win­dows pass­word reset meth­ods.
    It also sup­port win­dows 7 pass­word reset
    Those all are free and very helpful!

  • sally

    1the Method:
    One free solu­tion is to link your hard drive to another com­puter. You can change your pass­word by boot­ing from another com­puter. How­ever this method might cause dam­age to your sys­tem if you did it wrong.
    2th Method:
    A safe solu­tion is to boot from a bootable CD and then edit the reg­istry windows\\system32\\config for pass­word. Pass­word Genius works in this safe way. I would rec­om­mend you to try it. They promise no-hassle refund if you can not get your work done.
    Check this out: http://www.password-genius.com

  • hap­pykaka

    A few days ago, I had met the headache things that I had for­got­ten Win­dows login pass­word. The login screen rejected my pass­words. I was frus­trated because there was very impor­tant data on my disk and I couldn't rein­stall the OS. .….….…. How­ever, I for­tu­nately got to know the Win­dows Pass­word Unlocker, which is a pro­fes­sional win­dows pass­word recov­ery tool for us to reset win­dows 7 pass­word instantly yet no data loss.

  • Mia sung

    I also got locked out of my com­puter sev­eral days ago.
    For­tu­nately I got an easy solu­tion, all you need is another com­puter that can link to Inter­net and then down­load Pass­word Genius at http://www.password-genius.com .withPass­word Genius, you can cre­ate a reset CD which can be used to login win­dows with­out pass­word. then you can reset your pass­word.
    Hope this can help you!
    Mia sung.

  • Tony

    Ok for Win­dows XP Home,Pro-Ext
    all ya have to do when your pass­word was changed on acci­dent is restart or shut down your com­puter. Upon reboot tap F8 log into safe mod as Admin and go to con­trol panel — User Accounts — Select what user is giv­ing you dif­fi­culty and type in new pass­word. Nice thing is it does not ask for old pass­word to type the new one and no pass­word to log in as safe mode admin. Good luck hopes it solves it for ya.

  • Anony­mous

    Just wanted to share that I just down­loaded The Win­dows Pass­word Unlocker. It worked great! I don't like the fact that a lot of com­pa­nies out there are adver­tis­ing "Free Down­load" which it is BUT: if you actu­ally want to use the unlock fea­ture, you have to go back and pur­chase it. This just seems like false adver­tis­ing! But I will say this, the util­ity works fine on Win­dows XP! Just recov­ered my sys­tem pass­word with­out a hitch. For $19.95 and it runs a win­dows GUI inter­face, no messy DOS shell to nav­i­gate. Well done!

  • Betty

    So far i tried all of the tools in this cat­e­gory, there's only one that worked or worked bet­ter than oth­ers, that is Xp key changer, if many years of expe­ri­ence and my exper­tise mean some­thing to you then I think i can sug­gest it: http://www.moonvalleysoft.com/xp-key-changer-p-32.html

  • Jes­sica

    Hi,i meet the same issue sev­eral days ago.
    my friend told me a pro­fes­sional win­dows pass­word recov­ery soft­ware — pass­word genius. it can solve the prob­lem eas­ily .I could not wait to have a try and I was astounded to find it can empty the pre­vi­ous pass­word with­out eras­ing anything!You can have a try.
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  • Zach

    I think the best method to recover win­dows pass­word is using win­dows pass­word recov­ery soft­ware. Burn the .iso file to a blank CD or a USB flash drive or a floppy disk, insert the CD(USB/floppy disk) into the prob­lem com­puter and your pass­word will be reset to "Blank" with­out los­ing any data and you needn't rein­stall win­dows OS.

  • fiona

    Usu­ally, we can recover Win­dows admin pass­word in two tra­di­tional ways. The first is to change Win­dows pass­word with another admin account; the sec­ond is to recover the pre­vi­ous pass­word with the win­dows pass­word reset disk that had been cre­ated before you for­got the pass­word. Take Win­dows XP for example,

    1 At the Win­dows XP login prompt when the pass­word is entered incor­rectly click the reset but­ton in the login failed window.

    2 Insert the pass­word reset diskette into the com­puter and click Next.

    3 If the cor­rect diskette Win­dows XP will open a win­dow prompt­ing for the new pass­word you wish to use.

    How­ever, we offen ignore the impor­tant of secu­rity until we have been locked out of com­puter. For­tu­nately, there is still the last way that can unlock your com­puter with­out rein­stalling — erase Win­dows pass­word with Win­dows pass­word reset CD, which can recover admin pass­word for Win­dows 7/XP/Vista/NT/2000/2003.… Take Win­dows Pass­word unlocker for exam­ple, fol­low­ings are the steps to cre­ate the reset CD

    1.Download Win­dows Pass­word Unlocker from Pass­word Unlocker Offi­cial site

    2.Decompress the Win­dows pass­word unlocker and note that there is an .ISO image file. Burn the image file onto an blank CD with the burner freely sup­ported by Pass­word Unlocker.

    3.Insert the newly cre­ated CD into the locked com­puter and re-boot it from the CD drive.

    4.After launched the CD, a win­dow pop up with all your account names(if you have sev­eral accounts) select one of the accounts that you have for­got­ten its pass­word to reset it. Just one press, this soft­ware can remove screen pass­word instantly.

  • Simon

    I has suc­cess­fully retrieved my Win­dows 7 logon pass­word using Pass­word Recov­ery Bun­dle. All what I do is to install the pro­gram and click "Start Recov­ery" but­ton, it will reveal your Win­dows logon pass­word in a few seconds.

  • Meiyou

    If you want to gain access to the locked computer,the best way for you is to remove the for­got­ten pass­word.Win­dows Pass­word Key has a neat trick that will get you back in.This method is easy for every­one to follow.Download the util­ity and install it then burn the soft­ware to a CD/USB drive,then insert the newly cre­ated CD/USB drive to your locked pc and reboot your computer,then press "F2" to enter your BIOS setup,following the instruc­tion to reset your lost win­dows pass­word.

  • shangly

    I have locked out of my com­puter for a while,and have tried every­thing i could do but failed.Until I found this great tool Win­dows Pass­word Key as rec­om­mend above.

  • aiy­oud­iedie

    Pass­word Recov­ery Bun­dle is a mul­ti­func­tional tool to recov­ery many kinds of pass­word.

  • Larry

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  • Tom

    When my last com­pany went out of busi­ness I got a PC, but have been unable to log onto Win­dows because I did not know the admin pass­word. It’s been sit­ting around for months.

    Even­tu­ally I have man­aged to reset the admin­is­tra­tor pass­word using the Reset Win­dows Pass­word 1.3 boot CD. This pro­gram reset the Admin pass­word to blank and I can now log on….. AWESOME!

  • http://sn.im/recoverlostpassword pass­word recovery

    Accord­ing to my experience,I think the best way for you is to reset your win­dows pass­word. Win­dows pass­word Recov­ery 6.0 can solve all your prob­lem within a few min­utes. Importantly,No need to call a tech­ni­cian, no need to re-install any­thing, and you cer­tainly don't need to refor­mat.
    it also allows you to reset win­dows pass­word with with USB Flash Drive or cd/dvd Disk now!!
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  • zing

    Win­dows Pass­word Key 8.0 is con­sid­ered as the best tool to reset local admin­is­tra­tor and user pass­words on any Win­dows sys­tem. It cre­ates a pass­word recov­ery CD/DVD, USB Flash Drive for home, busi­ness and enter­prise. And most of all, it's the most pop­u­lar and safe solu­tion for reset­ting your Win­dows pass­word until now.

  • C3P0

    Ok many fine sug­ges­tions.
    My issue is that my pass­word which I know will not work as I am not able to type the let­ter t which forms part of pw. Aint that a bug­ger:)
    So im think­ing that I should fol­low the steps out­lined below a la MeiYou and win­dows pw key. How does one install it on an xp machine that is locked? Is that remote instal­la­tion maybe? Is an IP address needed from my machine? Tnks for help

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