Upgrade Zend Optimizer on Cpanel WHM

Sim­ple lit­tle trick to get to the lat­est version.

Most Cpanel/WHM servers come with PHP and Zend installed. With the recent (and impor­tant) update of PHP 5.2.1, the Zend Opti­mizer that is installed by default (ver­sion 3.0.1 as of this writ­ing) breaks.

You might begin to see a mes­sage like this:

[26-Apr-2007 10:32:49] PHP Warn­ing: Zend Opti­mizer does not sup­port this ver­sion of PHP — please upgrade to the lat­est ver­sion of Zend Opti­mizer in Unknown on line

To fix this, sim­ply login to your SSH as root and exe­cute the fol­low­ing com­mand to upgrade Zend Optimiser:

/scripts/installzendopt 3.2.8

Note that if you skip the ver­sion num­ber, Zend Opti­mizer 3.0.1 will be installed by default. The trick is to spec­ify the ver­sion as above. This will also work in the future, so as long as you know the lat­est released ver­sion of Zend Opti­mizer, just replace the red text above with that number.

  • Cjirky

    Thanks for this tip. In the upcom­ing Cpanel 12 there is also a fea­ture to install these kinds of tools from within WHM.

  • http://newx.com.br New­ton

    Hi ,

    I was hav­ing apache "500 inter­nal server error" on my server … I spent hours look­ing for a solu­tion … and them run­ning /scripts/installzendopt 3.2.8 did aparently solved my prob­lem right away .

    Thanks a lot .