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A hack to upgrade with­out, ahem, upgrading.

Own Microsoft Win­dows XP Home but would like to own Win­dows XP Pro? Giz­modo is run­ning a sim­ple hack that appar­ently upgrades the sys­tem inadvertently.

No point dupli­cat­ing it. Read it at Giz­modo.

YMMV, and of course, I do not endorse boot­leg­ging. Enjoy :)

  • alex

    win­dows xp pro, will allow me to enter my log on pass­word and then it will start the proc­cess to log on and imme­di­ately log off and go back to ask for my pass­word !again
    Please Help
    thank you , Alex

  • / snip­tools

    Alex, I'm not sure how that is rel­e­vant here but you may wish to take a look at this thread.

  • Maria e

    I am try­oin to re install win­dows xp, but when iI put the cd and start the instal­la­tion it tells me that it can not con­tinue since I have a newer ver­sion of win­dows Xp, I have tried doin it from the boo menu and it will not allow me either it keeps f1 or f2 and thats it f1 for retry and f2 for setup, I don't know what else to do, i am tru­ing to do this since I have acquired the desk­top hijack and I think instead of going tho­rugh all this process re installing win­dowx would be a safe bet since I have saved all my impor­tant infor­ma­tion, any help is greatly appre­ci­ated, should I cre­ate bootable flop­pies, and if I do how do I cre­ate them?
    Once again than you for your sup­port and coop­er­a­tion in this issue.



  • Chuck

    My proces­sor and mother board crashed. I bought a new case,motherboard & intel proces­sor (had athalon before). Added my dri­ves and tried to start sys­tem and got an acti­vate win­dows xp win­dow but it would not let me reac­ti­vate. I con­tacted microsoft who said my sys­tem has a prob­lem and i had to con­tact ema­chines about the prob­lem. (they had restore disks but I never had a copy of xp other than on the restore disks) Since i no longer have an ema­chine com­puter I don't know where to go. You can tran­fer the
    oper­at­ing sys­tem from one com­puter to another with­out hav­ing to buy it again I hope.

  • onnewa

    well my other com­puter is not work­ing and i want to use my other tower that i have so i try to install win­dow xp but i only have some of the 25 key code can you help me this is part of the code fdkrdh 78t8g 7whhv i cant see three — - — dj rbh8q please help me

  • Alan

    when start­ing win XP pro the log on comes up and i never had this hap­pen before. I dont want to log on or have a pass word. Never did before. Is there a way to get rid of or bypass this log on pro­ce­dure. Help

  • / snip­tools

    Alan, down­load TweakUI from the Microsoft site — — and enable the option for Autolo­gin. If you don't want the pass­word to show up after your screen­saver comes on, you can dis­able the pass­word from your screen­saver set­tings (right click on Desk­top –> Prop­er­ties –> Screensaver).

  • bboopathi

    i would like to know how to install xp pro with crack gen on a machine leav­ing out all those acti­va­tion to later part.

  • sue


  • Chris

    I bought a com­puter from a garage sale but it says the xp pro is coun­ter­feit any­one no how I can fix it free?

  • lucien

    Have just built a new computer,install win­dows xp Home & a few other dri­vers to get it up & run­ing, but it was run­ing very slowly. So for­mated c: to rein­stall xp but now i get to EULA (End user Licence Agree­ment) it say Press F8 to accept , but it wont let me ???

  • Alice Rosado

    Ok, I got a prob­lem I have clone my new hard drive from the old one and replace it but I want to take the old one and put it to another comp for my daugh­ter cause the other one don't have one. But it freezes up when I try to start it. I see the logo of xp but it start to reboot again. It;s the real xp home. Is there a way to go around that? Oh and another thing I lost my cd please help me.

  • katy

    i have lost my win­dows xp home disc and prod­uct key how can i reboot my comp if i have no disc or key is there any way i can use some­one elses dixsc and key ?? if not does any­one know where and how much i can get a gen­uine disc and key for .….

  • Luke

    it has come to the time i need to for­mat my com­puter i have a alba­comp pc and i have the cd they have sur­plyed me but have lost the cd key to it how do i get the key from the xp disk it is win­dows xp home with SP2 if any one can help pleaseeee pleaseeeee email me i will be truly greatfull

  • Leilani

    I com­pletly lost oper­at­ing sys­tem. i need to know how can i restore sys­tem with­out havng the orig­i­nal cd. i have burned a copy of win 98se and win98 it doesnt take it.. when i boot up the com­puter it goes to a black screen with miss­ing oper­at­ing sys­tem.. please help…

  • Blex

    Can I tran­fer my win­dows Xp to my new PC with­out hav­ing to by a new OS?
    I mean, is it pos­si­ble to can­cel the val­i­da­tion on the old PC and use it on my new PC?
    I do not need to use the old PC any more .

  • Tyler

    Hi My name is tyler …
    I Want to rein­stall xp pro but i lost my prod­uct key can any one help please.… email me at [email protected] if you can

    please no spam or junk thank you


  • Logan

    Not sure if this is the right spot or not, but it's as closwe as I can find.

    Our net­work here is strictly XP Pro for secu­rity rea­sons. One of our vendor’s machines crashed, and they bought a new one. I tried putting their old hard drive (with all their spe­cial pro­grams and main­frame inter­faces on it) on the new machine and all it does is reboot after com­ing up to the "Start Win­dows Nor­mally" screen. The drive works in another machine OK, but we can't let them use our machines. OK so I tried to do a fresh install of a NEW XP Pro over their new HD OS, which is Win­dows XP MEDIA. It won't take at all. My ques­tion is: Is it pos­si­ble to install XP Pro over XP MEDIA ver­sion. I really don't want to do a disk wipe and install because I won't have any way to install all the onboard dri­vers that comes with their machine.


    Hello big staff, i have HP Cen­trino lap­top with win­dows xp home edi­tion on it and have tried to for­mat the drive and install new win­dows xp pro­fes­sional BUT after the files are copied it comes back to tell me that i dont have access to the HARD DISK.
    I would be much grate­ful if any­one with best approach could help me with my laptop

  • pitafalon

    please how do i open regedit ,win­dows says it's been locked by an
    admin­is­tra­tor but i am use­ing the admin­is­tra­tor. And how to open mscon­fig with a sim­i­lar error. One mire prob­lem I have with win­dows or pc is how to clear a net­work or reset it with­out rein­stalling the os.

  • Tyra

    We are try­ing to refor­mat one of our XP Pro­fes­sional PC's , due to our son not putting the virus pro­tec­tion on it as we had sent to him, this pc is hosed, any­way, we can­not get XP to work, it is giv­ing us bad mem­ory errors and there­fore it won't let us to do the NTFS any ideas on how to get this accomplished.

  • Roberts

    Hi i had a prob­lem i went out bot win­dows xp and installed it said you have errors ut it works if i push F1 to con­tinue what cause that is the bios error has some­thing set rong. Hey all i had to hit delete to go to bois and set boot floopy cd first and put win­dows xp cd and deleted the par­tion and refor­mat­ted hard drive with xp cd and installed it. If you buy a com­puter off some­one has a pass­word on it in the bois remove the bat­tery that you con go in to bois any­thing else that have leave you mes­sage peo­ple love to know your prob­lems to help you solve it.

  • http://verizon, bob borum

    My xp instal­la­tion is fine except that when I push start , I get dell logo then it goes to black screen with boot notice press f1 to con­tinue or f2 for setup . then after I click f1 it opens xp win­dow . it will do this at every start, I was told I had a bad hard drive but I bought a new 40gb hard drive and rein­stalled xp and it does the same thing , any help will be grate­ful this is on a dell gx110sff I have new memory

  • liz

    its about the file win­dows roor\system32\hal.dll