Uninstall and remove MSN messenger

It's not that dif­fi­cult to remove the pesky lit­tle pile-on of a soft­ware: MSN Messenger!

Let us keep it sim­ple. First, make sure you have exited MSN mes­sen­ger and unsin­stalled any MSN Mes­sen­ger related entry from Con­trol Panel (START –> CONTROL PANEL –> ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS).

Then, START –> RUN the fol­low­ing command:

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%infmsmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

Done. That should remove it. If it doesn't, check some more round-about and cum­ber­some ways from Microsoft that involve the Win­dows registry.

Adden­dum: Delete stored accounts

[Thanks to user "Jojje" below, com­ment #61] How to delete all the email addresses (.Net pass­port accounts) stored in MSN mes­sen­ger login

. This can be very sim­ply achieved by doing the following:

(1) In Start –> Run, enter:

con­trol userpasswords2

(2) In the "Advanced Tab" look for "Man­age Pass­words", which takes care of all the .Net pass­port pass­words on your machine. You can also change the set­ting to not save any from this point on. Read this use­ful com­ment below (August 2005) for a solu­tion that also works.

Adden­dum 2: Dis­abled pass­word storage

To dis­able the stor­age of these pass­words alto­gether, fol­low the handy instruc­tions here: WinGuides instruc­tions.

Adden­dum 3: Sign-in Error 800b0001

[Thanks to Jes­sica below, com­ment #185] If you're get­ting the pesky "Sign­ing into MSN mes­sen­ger failed because the ser­vice is tem­porar­ily unavail­able. Please try again later 800b0001" error, then fol­low these steps:

Open start menu and click RUN. Then indi­vid­u­ally type in the codes below and press Enter:

regsvr32 Softpub.dll

regsvr32 Mssip32.dl

regsvr32 Initpki.dll [may take ~30 sec­onds, don't worry]

After exe­cut­ing these com­mands one by one, it should work.

Adden­dum 4: Sign-in Error 80072ee7

This is usu­ally because of a fire­wall pre­vent­ing your MSN from con­nect­ing to the Inter­net, even before sign-on process begins. Make sure your fire­wall (Zone Alarm, Nor­ton anti-virus pack­age, etc) are allow­ing MSN Messenger.

  • Trent

    Here's another KB for out­look express users

  • colleen

    i am so glad you had the key to stop MSN mes­sen­ger.. it was a pain and should not be so dif­fi­cult to remove in XP… thanks!

  • daniel

    how to unin­stall sap 4.6b and SQL ( It is not in the list of Add/Remove program)


  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    That's a nice one, Daniel.

  • Gerry

    Thanks for that — it worked a treat. MSMSGS.EXE was caus­ing my Out­look Express in XP to work for a very long time before open­ing up. Now it's quick as a flash again.

  • Amanda

    Thank you so very much for your easy dele­tion notice! We serched everywhere! =)

  • amanda harizan

    Thanks! Great jiffy way to unin­stall MSN! Very grate­ful. Cheers!

  • Critter748

    Win­dows XP should allow the installer to select what he/she would like installed (just like Win9x)
    SO now when I installed Win­dows XP I have all the crap I dont want, includ­ing MSN.
    Well this script help me, now I have removed MSN. All I have to do now is to get rid of all the other pro­grams Win­dows XP installs like Media player, Acces­si­bil­ity, Comu­ni­ca­tion, etc…
    I'd like to thank you for the help you have provided.

  • pra­jwal adhikari

    Please be me informed, How could i remove list of signed up users from MSN signin drop down list.

  • Ameed El-Ghoul

    You gave the cure man, thanks allot.

  • Yoann

    You rule pal, thanks a lot!

  • Gau­thier

    Since I ran this com­mand, I'm get­ting an error msg each time I cre­ate a new profile/log a user for the 1st time on the computer :-(

    dbox: Advanced INF Install
    error msg: %REMOVE_NODIR_ERROR%

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hi Gau­thier,

    That should occur only if you fol­lowed some other steps apart from what I have sug­gested above (e.g., man­u­ally edit­ing your Sysoc.inf file).

    Any­way, it is not dif­fi­cult to fix. Microsoft has a KB arti­cle related to MS Office quirks that may help you, or if it doesn't, per­haps this help­ful advice from SPTIMES should be useful?

    Let me know how it turns out for you..


  • jazzj

    the startup speed of out­look is now faster then light, same with ie. mes­sen­ger was slow­ing both of those way down, and i had not even a clue it was screw­ing me. thanks so much for thsi com­mand its much bet­ter now!


    free from msn I'd rather have flu thank's for that my pc can breathe clearer now

  • kee

    Thank you so much for the tip!! u saved my life, bro

  • apple_ape

    yes thank-you soooooooooooo much! U didn't save my life but it works! On other 'how to unin­stall msn' from either XP or Win­dows it says to take from your 'Add/Remove pro­grammes' which is a loada ****

    cos it aint on there sweeties!

  • theShiv­ers

    Thanks v much Shanks — I was start­ing to despair of ever get­ting rid of the par­a­sitic Messenger!

    You're a star

  • celema

    i tried every freakin thing it said. and mes­sen­ger is still here!!!!!

  • Amanda

    it didn't work for me! I ran the pro­gram and it told me it couldn't find the file %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf
    Can you help me?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Amanda, some info is use­ful on these occasions:

    - Which OS do you use?
     – How did you install MSN Messeg­ner?
     – Did you shut down Out­look, Out­look Express, Mes­sen­ger etc before exe­cut­ing the above com­mand?  — Which ver­sion of MSN Mes­sen­ger do you have installed?

    It should be fairly sim­ple to get rid of it when you can share this info.


  • mar­tin


    I get same error as Amanda
    I use win­dows 98 and MSN 6.1.


  • CJ Allan

    Thank you very much!

    It's hard to believe, after all the time I spent try­ing other solu­tions to remove MSN Mes­sen­ger, that it could be that easy when done via your instructions.

    The only "prob­lem" I had was that an error mes­sage appeared:

    "Error unreg­is­ter­ing OCX 16422"

    But the script ran any­way, and Mes­sen­ger seems to be gone… at least its pop­ups no longer appear.

    Is that error mes­sage some­thing I should be con­cerned about?

    Thanks again,


  • Ama­rant

    :) it worked yet i get more viruses now why can u end it :(

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Ama­rant, glad you man­aged to unin­stall MSN. Viruses and worms etc are not related to MSN (esp after unin­stalling) and are not on-topic here. Just FYI the num­ber of these mali­cious crap­o­las is increas­ing uni­ver­sally, so you're not alone.

  • Randy

    I can't delete MSN mes­sen­ger either
    I have XP

  • Gus­tavo

    thanks, so much. keep up the good job…

  • Kasap Bagra

    Thanks so much.…hated MSN messenger

  • melinda

    Thanks for delet­ing my msn messenger!!!!!!

  • Akane

    My MSN Mes­sen­ger is still here!!! I don't know what ver­sion of it I have but I know I have Win­dows 98 and I tried the Win­dows – Run thingy but it's still here! I don't know what to do!

  • Ron

    worked great! thanks for help­ing me get rid of msn!

  • chris

    hi, yea thx, it removed my mes­sen­ger very well. HOWEVER, it removed win­dows mes­sen­ger, not msn mes­sen­ger. its my msn msgr that is a bit nakkered — cant open any chat boxes or any­thing, any suggestions?

  • andy

    how do you erase the user pop up list on msn ? I am run­ning xp and I can't seem to delete the many user names ?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Andy, the arti­cle is about delet­ing MSN mes­sen­ger itself, not popup lists of users. I have never tried that before and frankly couldn't care lesser about try­ing it out. Please keep your ques­tions on topic.

  • jan

    it has been done! Thanks!


    thanks for delet­ing my msn mes­sen­ger, you save my life!!!!!!!!

  • Fresh


  • Billy

    Oh thanks god, and thanks to you. This stu­pid pro­gram makes me crazy and you made me free. Thank you so much. I hope that stu­pid fuu­u­u­uck­ing per­son who wrote this pro­gram that way see these mes­sages and under­stand that annoy­ing peo­ple with this type of ads is not the right way.

  • Erick

    IT WORKED!!Thank you so much for pro­vid­ing this tip (RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    It took me 2 years to find this tool, and 40 sec­onds to finally remove msn messenger !!

  • Anon

    Very nice work.

  • Fred­dy­bcuz

    I got an Advanced INF Install error it says error unreg­is­ter­ing the OCX 16422
    Any help would be greatly appre­ci­ated

  • Jako

    do you use the

    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    com­mand the same as in win 98? I want to imple­ment it into a loging script over a win­dows 98 network?

    Thanks in advance


  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Jako, I dont have access to a Win98 machine any­more. Try it and let me know. My feel­ing is it should work.

  • don

    Wow…what an excel­lant snip…Im usu­ally pretty good with a puter, but I couldnt get rid of that patic­u­lar resourse hog.….thanks for the trick…you are the man!!!

  • Yunni

    I've been sit­ting here for an hour try­ing to find a way to remove it — from try­ing the search func­tion, search­ing man­u­ally in all of my fold­ers, to using pro­grams (failed because the file was pro­tected. This was by far the eas­i­est way — thanks SO incred­i­bly much!! :)

  • Ray­mond

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I hate this annoy­ing Mes­sen­ger and evey­time I login to Out­look Express it starts along with it. Frick­ing annoy­ing, but thanks to you now its gone. Phewwww.…

  • oc

    Also got "Error unreg­is­ter­ing OCX…" mes­sage on my XP Pro. How­ever mes­sen­ger seems to be gone. Thanks!
    I tried pro­ce­dure rec­om­mended by Microsoft — go to gpedit (Start-Run-gpedit.msc and Set "Do Nt allow win­dows mes­sen­ger to be run" to "Enabled" but it made Out­look Express hang for sev­eral min­utes on open­ing… So I unin­stalled the darn thing and Out­look express is fast again!

  • tamika

    i just want to know how to stop msn mes­sag­ing from auto­mat­i­cally sig­ing on when i log on

  • alex

    both mes­sen­ger 6.0 and an ear­lier ver­sion are on my comp…the prob­lem is that they keep­ing switch­ing back and forth, which is really frus­trat­ing because i only want to use 6.0…any sug­ges­tions? thanks

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Alex, why don't you delete the older version?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Tamika, look in the OPTIONS (or SETTINGS) of your mes­sen­ger. There is a set­ting to dis­able this.

  • Golp­man

    Thanks — you saved my sanity

  • Lucy

    i keep try­ing and try­ing to delete this damn thing but i just get the same response over and over again; could not locate INF file '%windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf' pleeeease help me! I am using Win 98 and ver­sion 6.1

    would love some help

    Thank­ing you!

  • kelly

    i cant get my msn mes­sen­ger to unin­stall! but when­ever i try, this box comes up and it said removr or repair. what do i do?

  • alpos

    Unin­stall msn Messenger

    You have to edit sysoc.inf (located in /WINDOWS/inf). Under [Com­po­nents] you should see the fol­low­ing line:
    msmsgs=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,hide,7. Take the word 'hide' out of the line, and it should look like this:
    msmsgs=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,,7. Exit and save.

    Go to Add or Remove Pro­grams, and click on Add/Remove Win­dows Com­po­nents. There you should now be able to uncheck the MSN Mes­sen­ger Ser­vice, and by click­ing Next it will uninstall.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hi alpos,

    Yes that's the usu­ally sug­gested way, but a one-line com­mand is sim­pler, no?

    For old sys­tems such as Win­dows 98, which I have not tested, per­haps the method you men­tion may be useful.

    Thanks for shar­ing,

  • Ron

    WOW, thanks. I finally got msn mes­sen­ger off my sys­tem.…. THANKS THANKS THANKS

  • Mr. Gur­nisson

    Thanks a ton. A year or more of mess­ing around every now and then to try to get rid of that thing, and you did it in 30 sec. /bows

  • Anna

    i need help with my msn mes­sen­ger because when­ever i go on it my dis­play pic­ture is gone and i dont know how to get it back, can you help me please.

  • James

    Thank you so much for the instuc­tions on remov­ing MSN Mes­sen­ger! It worked per­fectly! A nice change of pace,Thanks again.

  • Jojje

    To delete MSN Mes­sen­ger user log on list. (Remove users that have at one time or an other used your com­puter to log on to MSN mes­sen­ger. Sim­ply stop the user­names to pop up auto­mat­i­cally when typ­ing your username.)

    Oth­ers than me have this prob­lem, obvi­ously, so even if its off-topic I think the post is fair. I found this "work-around" and it worked for me.

    click the Start but­ton -> click Run… -> type con­trol userpasswords2 -> hit Enter or click OK -> click Advanced tab -> select Man­age Pass­words -> delete all Pass­port entries -> click OK/Apply.

    That should do it. Then if you want, do the rest…

    run MSN Mes­sen­ger -> sign in -> type your pass­port, e-mail address and pass­word -> uncheck the "Sign me in auto­mat­i­cally" box -> save your set­tings and close MSN Messenger.

  • ShehRuk

    hel­lOw … !!!
    need a lil help here , thats how to remove email addresses from msn mes­sen­ger login list … any­body know that … ? ? ?

  • Jojje


    You are kid­ding me, right? Open your eyes and read com­ment #61. That's how you remove email addresses from msn mes­sen­ger login list.…

    Don't let med catch you in here again… :-)

  • chris

    ..I dont know if any­one has already men­tioned this but unin­stalling msn mes­sen­ger can also be as sim­ple as going to


    and then scrolling down to MSN MESSENGER, and click uninstall.

    again, sorry if its already been said..

    *msn mes­sen­ger are bas­tards by the way

  • JC

    Thanks for the instruc­tions to remove MSN mes­sen­ger, that thing is a pain.

  • Richard

    How do you erase the E-mail drop down list in mes­sen­ger 6.0 when login in. please explain thank you

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hello Richard, ShehRuk,

    As men­tioned by Jojje in com­ment #61, to delete all the email addresses stored in MSN login, do the fol­low­ing (I shall add this to the main arti­cle as well) –

    (1) In Start –> Run, enter:

    con­trol userpasswords2

    (2) In the "Advanced Tab" look for "Man­age Pass­words", which takes care of all the .Net pass­port pass­words on your machine. You can also change the set­ting to not save any from this point on.


  • djrap­tor

    Yes, i'm hav­ing prob­lems with my MSN Mes­sen­ger. I'be using it for a long time but now when i'm logged in, it's says me this: Whe can sta­b­lish a con­ver­sa­tion with [USERNAME]…".

    I have been try­ing to reset or re-install it, but im hav­ing the same problem.

    If some­body can help me i wish very glass…


  • Unspec­i­fied

    Well, when I found this tip (which is exactly what I was look­ing for after the new "upgrade" for Out­look Express and MSN, and then found that it actu­ally worked, I thought, I'll have to post about this. Glad to see that you helped all­l­lll these other peo­ple too! HAHA
    GG dude! And thanks for the help!

  • Ital­ian

    In Win­dows 2000 I am able to remove Mes­sen­ger from the Con­trol Panel->Remove Pro­grams but I know for a fact that my email address is still cached in some­where and the unin­stall pro­ce­dure does not remove it. I expe­ri­enced this when I re-installed the pro­gram once and it auto­mat­i­cally showed my email address right after install.

    The "con­trol userpasswords2" does not work on Win­dows 2000. Can any­one tell me how to remove the cached email addresses/passwords in a Win­dows 2000 envi­ron­ment for MSN Mes­sen­ger 6.2? I have looked every­where for this answer and I can not find it.

  • Ital­ian

    Follow-up on my Win­dows 2000 MSN Mes­sen­ger ques­tion. Appar­ently the fol­low­ing steps do the trick to remove the entire MSN Messenger:

    1. Go to Con­trol Panel->Add/Remove Pro­grams and unin­stall MSN Mes­sen­ger.
    2. Click on Start->Run and type "%appdata%\Microsoft" (with­out the quotes). This will open a folder. Right click on the MSN Mes­sen­ger folder and delete it.
    3. Click on Start->Run and type "Regedit" you will be in the reg­istry. Find the fol­low­ing tag "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger" (No quotes). Remove the entire "MSN­Mes­sen­ger" and all its contents.

    As a side­note, the actual chached in email address that pops up auto­mat­i­cally is located inside this MSN­Mes­sen­ger with the key "User.NET Mes­sen­ger Ser­vice", if you would only like to just erase that info and keep the messenger.

    This was passed down to me and it worked in my com­puter so I fig­ured I would share the info.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Thanks, Ital­ian. Hope that helps some visitors.

  • Kit­ten

    I deleted 2 of 3 accounts that I cre­ated in MSN Mes­sen­ger, but how do you make it so that those deleted accounts don't show up in your friends' con­tact lists??

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Kit­ten, you can­not do this. It's up to your con­tacts to delete out­dated account, all you can do is tell them. This is a good fea­ture btw, oth­er­wise con­tacts would ran­domly be delet­ing what is on my con­tact list, and I do not want that!

  • D Mar­tin

    I have a ques­tion. I added 128mg ram to my com­puter then had to clean boot and now the added ram does not show when I checked my sys­tem .
    Any ideas or com­ments? All help is much appre­ci­ated.
    D Martin

  • Shubha

    Hi every­one,

    I'm on XP home ed. and I'm fac­ing prob­lems with my msn messenger(v 6.2). It keeps sign­ing me out auto­mat­i­cally within min­utes of log­ging on. I was told that it might be 'cos some file got cor­rupted while upgrad­ing to the lat­est ver­sion. I have tried unin­stalling mes­sen­ger thru add/remove and rein­stalling it but the prob­lem persists.

    I know this query is not exactly related to this topic, but I would real­l­l­l­l­lyy appre­ci­ate some help with this! Does any­one have any suggestions?

  • jkue
  • gre­gor

    Can i change my email address on msn mes­sen­ger with­out loos­ing all my con­tacts? I do not want to add one by one new. I just want to change my email addres?

  • Trevor

    Hi, i got a real prob­lem i think…

    To delete MSN user log on list.

    I know that you have to:

    "click the Start but­ton -> click Run… -> type con­trol userpasswords2 -> hit Enter or click OK -> click Advanced tab -> select Man­age Pass­words -> delete all Pass­port entries -> click OK/Apply"

    Iv tried this so many times, NOTHING hap­pens when i select an adress and press the delete but­ton, the adresses just don't dissapear…!

    Does any­one knows whats going on here???

    Cause i'm des­per­ate, my adress list is get­ting WAY to big!!!


  • jkue

    Trevor: This may help you, book­mark this site too.

    gre­gor: I don't think so, but then again, I may be wrong on this one. You can how­ever cre­ate a new email account and import the addresses. A good I dea would be to seper­ate "Impor­tant" from "Non-important" addresses between the two emails, with­out the list get­ting too big.

  • Trevor

    Hmmm, cool trick! But when i change it back to nor­mal after doing this (to get my OWN adress and pass­word stored again) all the other adresses re-apear like they never where gone!

    while this is great to know, is there any other way to "really" delete the adresses that you want to delete?

    And thanks very much for the help you already given!

  • Bruce

    Can any­one give me some insight as to why I can't log INTO my MSN? It's kind of ironic, i know, but, I deleted it in an attempt to re-install and try again. Any help would be great!

  • Icy

    You're da best !!!!!!!!.. lol
    man the auto msn sign in was soo piss­ing me off and there was no way to stop it!!!!!
    man thanks
    i luv ya ! *mwah*

  • Lori

    thank you soooo much for the advise on how to remove msn mes­sen­ger. it was a pain in the @#$. i wish i had found you sooner. it is so out of here now. now i look for­ward to check­ing my mail on oulook express.

  • Neil

    For Win­dows 98 replace %windir%\inf\ with the path to wher­ever the file msmsgs.inf resides.

    On my com­puter:
    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection c:\windows\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    I got a mes­sage about not find­ing an OCX, but the removal worked.

  • Dan Z

    Hey every­one,

    Im on op Win ME & ive got the same prob­lem as posted before by Shubha, where msn mes­sen­ger 6.2 keeps automac­ti­cally sig­ing me off line & show­ing me as off line to my contacts.

    I have been to the links given by jkue ( & couldnt find any­thing to help. Ive con­tacted msn them selves to fix the prob­lem. I was just won­der­ing if any one could help me out & point me in the right direc­tion :( This does seem to be a prob­lem going round im not even sure if it has been caused by some kind of super virus, any way please could some­one help.

    All the best Dan

  • SBV

    I ran the above com­mand and it suc­cess­fully stopped/deleted MSN in OE — but now, because I've also got AIM on my com­puter some­how AIM has replaced MSN in OE and so it's still tak­ing for­ever for OE to start work­ing. I always get the 'OE is not respond­ing' report.

    Is there a dif­fer­ent com­mand to run to get AIM to stop in OE. I like using AIM sep­a­rately but don't want it to a part of OE and to make OE take for­ever to work every day. I've changed the options so AIM at least doesn't start up every time I open OE but it's the fact that OE takes for­ever to respond that bugs me.

  • carla

    okay i need help rite now!!
    Basi­cally i got sent mes­sen­ger 7.0, but i then unin­stalled it.
    But now weneva i go to down­load mes­sen­ger 6.2 back it says 'you already have a newer ver­sion of msn mes­sen­ger on your com­puter (mes­sen­ger 7.0)', BUT I UNINSTALLED MESSENGER 7.0!! Sum1 please help, its soo annoyin me!!!!

  • vanessa


  • Skye

    I unin­stalled MSM Mes­sen­ger and thanks.
    But when I went back to access Explorer on Dell­net by MSN, I had a pop us that said Mes­sen­ger is not installed on this com­puter. MSN Mes­sen­ger is a crit­i­cal part of MSN. You can­not access MSN with­out it We will help you repair it. Click below.
    There are 2 but­tons. One to REPAIR. One to CANCEL. Click­ing CANCEL closes every­thing down =C

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Skye, not sure why you use "Explorer by Dell­net"? Why not just use a reg­u­lar browser? Oth­er­wise, if for some rea­son you absolutely MUST use their soft­ware then you'd be bet­ter speak­ing with their tech­ni­cians about this quaint requirement!

  • Davide

    Hi shanx,
    I tried that magic for­mula u adviced.
    It seemed to work ok but then when I went on SEARCH to check if there where really no more com­po­nents lefts, I found lots and lots of files and fold­ers with msn names.
    Do u know why they didn't go??

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hi Davide, do you use some other MSN func­tion­al­ity such as MSN Explorer on your machine? Have you used it in the past? Also, where are these files located on your machine?

  • van­hart­ingsveldt

    Hi, I was won­der­ing if you could tell me why I can­not open link inside the messeges in my inbox. This only hap­pens on my com­puter, oth­ers I can click on any­thing and it opens. Mine just sits there and does noth­ing like I never tried to do any­thing. If I right click on the link and tell it to open in a new win­dow I get the error mes­sage say­ing "This screen can­not be dis­played". If you could help that would be great! Thanks Nicole

  • Chi­rag

    Thank you very much sir!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tao

    I'm using MSN Mes­sen­ger 6.2 on WinXP Pro. for a while. But just a few week before, I got a prob­lem that my MSN always shut­down auto­mat­i­cally (the icon in task bar is dis­ap­pear) if I don't use it, let says about 10 – 15 min­utes. I've try to unin­stall and rein­stall it many times, but the prob­lem still per­sist. Does any­body have some idea about solv­ing this prob­lem? Please give me your kind suggestion…Thanks in advance.

  • John

    I need help. I have unin­stalled MSN Mes­sen­ger 6.2 suc­cess­fully but when on the logon screen it still has my pass­port email address (say­ing there's # unread mails). How do I get rid of this? Thanks.


    I seem to have some prob­lems on how to delete MSN Messenger.My pc can­not find RunD1132.How do I unin­stall MSN Messenger?Thanks.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Aidan, it's RunDLL not RunD11. Note the let­ter "L" instead of the num­ber "1". Would be best for you to sim­ply copy the com­mand in the arti­cle above, instead of typ­ing it yourself.

  • Marieke

    thank you so much for the tip! I'm finaly free msn mes­sen­ger shit!! I've been search­ing for a way to get rid of that "thing" since I got winXP. YAY!

  • Jin Tem­pes­tad

    i did what says here, but the mes­sen­ger still works, and it works bad. each time it pops up it says it[s not respond­ing. help please

  • abhiyan

    i cant unin­stall msn mes­sen­ger in win­dows 98 even doing run and the foolow­ing instruction

    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    it says %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC. doesnt exist inf file

    pls help

  • ocean

    the msn today, msn alerts, and the games not apear in may msn mes­sen­ger 6.2, please any body help me what to do

  • Diego

    I would like to unin­stall the 4.2 ver­sion of MSN mes­sen­ger since I know have the 6.2 ver­sion. For some rea­son when I down­loaded the new ver­sion, it didn't update the old ver­sion and kept the new ver­sion. So now I have 2 msn mes­sen­gers!! And the 4.2 ver­sion is not in the ADD/REMOVE pro­grams sec­tion. What do i do?

  • ocean

    diego nov 7 mesage 104
    if you like to have the two mes­sen­ger, do not erase de 4.7, i have the two and used 2 mes­sen­ger with two accounts, some peo­ple erased with the com­mand is in the home of the page.

    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    if you like to erase is with this command

    if you have XP, with the update of SP2, update the win­dows mes­sen­ger, but still de same.

  • Richard Heo

    Your Tip is Just Good!

  • Ralph

    I have win­dows XP with MSN VERSION 6.2 when I logg on a MSN TODAY pop up appears is there any way of get­ting rid of it


  • Diego

    If I erase the msn mes­sen­ger 4.2 ver­sion through the com­mand line, could I still down­load ver­sion 6.2 and be ok?

  • sharon

    I have install MSN MESSENGER 7.0 and i can not
    unin­stall it. This pro­gram do not stay in mine soft­ware doc­u­ment. Now it do's not work.

    So i don't have msn :'(

    I've som­body knows how to unin­stall MSN MESSENGER
    7.0 send me youre mes­sage on this website

    (K)(K)(K) kisssssss sharon (K)(K)(K)

  • paulie

    Okay I've tried edit­ing sysoc.inf but that file doesn't exist on my sys­tem. I've also tried to run that line with msmsgs.inf but that file isn't on my sys­tem either. Any other suggestions?????

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Sharon, try down­load­ing MSN Mes­sen­ger 7 *Beta* from here: http://g.msn.com/1cl9partnerenus/710 (although this tuto­r­ial was about REMOVING the messenger)

    Paulie, are you try­ing to erase MSN mess­sen­ger? What OS are you on (Win­dows XP or Home)? Are you able to use MSN mes­sen­ger now, and if so, what ver­sion is it?

  • George

    Hi guyz.…i have unin­stalled the msn but still it keeps adding pop ups that say that i have adware or spy­ware on my pc and i have to go to cer­tain pages.….it says that every 5 secs…(i have spy­doc­tor and im sure that thereis no spy­ware on my pc)…PLZ HELP me get rid of this pop ups from msn messenger…i beg u

  • emma

    how can i unin­stall my msn email address for good

  • Brad

    I down­loaded msn 7 beta.. I want to rein­stall msn 6.2
    I have no prob­lems delet­ing msn7 but now when i try to rein­stall msn 6.2 its says "msnmsgs.msi" can not be found dur­ing the end of the install. I went to add remove pro­grams MSN 6.1 is still there but i cant get rid of it due to the same prob­lem… HELP ME

  • natalie

    How to delete all the email addresses (.Net pass­port accounts) stored in MSN mes­sen­ger login

    i tryed the com­mand but all it did was bring up my user accounts on the actual computer

    i need to remove my email adresses ( net pas­port accounts ) stored on my msn login

    please help !

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools


    Read the instruc­tions care­fully. Exe­cute the step (2) of the instruc­tions. If this doesn't work, please report your OS and MSN version.


  • cut

    Thx for giv­ing instruc­tions that were effe­ciently direct. And a use­ful run com­mand to know.
    Thank You

  • Dj Bass­mint

    Haha­haha! This code to remove MSN RULES!!!! I don't know how you get the code but it works per­fect, the lit­tle bug­ger is gone, thanx buddy.

  • Kirsa

    the code it works per­fect. I have msn emoti­cons plus 2.0 and i can not unin­stall it, if some­one has the answer, please, let me know. The code dose not unin­stal emoti­cons plus 2.0

    Thanks ^_^

  • Kalvin Drew

    I down­loaded msn 6.2 i deleted it to get msn. 7.0(beta) I didnt like it so i tried to delete it.It deleted but now i cant down­load 6.2 for sum reason

  • voon

    how to removw msn mes­sen­ger under my account(log in under my name) only?I can't unin­stall it coz my wife still want to use it.(log in under her name)

  • Amneet

    da fing is cool but i have one prob­lem please sort it out. when i get msn mes­sen­ger 6.2 my name comes up auto­mat­icly and it says u cant go in cos u cant get through and when i try to reload it, it says u can get it :S

  • Amneet

    i try to log onto msn mes­sen­ger and it says we cant log u on at the moment and i try after a week the same fing cums up on my com­puter :'( what shall u do!!

  • lisa

    i down­loaded msn mes­sen­ger a cou­ple days ago and sense then i havent been able to log into msn do i need to unin­stall it if so how do i

  • Patsy

    Hello Peo­ple,
    Is there any­one out there who can please tell me where I can get instruc­tions that some­one new to the inter­net world can under­stand to get msn off my com­puter? It seems about as dif­fi­cult to unin­stall any­thing as it is to shoot this darn thing with­out a gun,(which I haven't got one of).
    Any help would be greatly appre­ci­a­trd.
    thanks bunches, Patsy, (doxiefeivel).

  • Ali

    Ahh wicked!!! I have been want­ing to know how to do this for so long!!

  • Shawn

    When i sign in on this com­puter it dont wanna work it wrote invalid pass­word or invalid email. but when i go to another com­puter it work.

  • Doug

    I'm using MSN Mes­sen­ger 6.2 on Win­dows XP Home Edi­tion.
    I try to unin­stall MSN Mes­sen­ger 6.2 using the Add/Remove Pro­grams, but I get an error mes­sage from Win­dows Installer that says "the fea­ture you are try­ing to use is on a net­work resource that is unavail­able" as I down­loaded MSN Mes­sen­ger 6.2 from messenger.msn.com on the web.
    The error mes­sage requests me to "enter an alter­nate path to a folder con­tain­ing the instal­la­tion pack­age 'MsnMsgs.msi'" in an appro­pri­ate source box. Unfor­tu­nately, I have no idea how to find the source for 'MsnMsgs.msi'.

    I would really appre­ci­ate any help. Cheers,

  • suzie

    hey, try­ing to unin­stall msn mes­sen­ger 6.1 (some how had 6.2 & 6.1, rid 6.2-but 6.1 still here and insists on start­ing up and log­gin me in when­ever i use out­look express), im run­ning win98SE, i tried the above 'start/run/RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove, but it says error can­not find INF file '%windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf'
    i really want this off my pc & once its gone i wont be using it ever again!
    also if any­one knows how to add lit­tle sound clips to startup and shut down, id like to know.

  • Geoff Ryan

    Thank you, I pasted your avice in RUN and Hur­ray!! MSN has gone for­ever. Thankyou, I still have some hair left.

  • Jay

    Ive down­loaded msn 7 (BETA) but i wont msn 6.2 back and it wont let me install it even though i have done the lit­tle thing you paste into run can some­one please help me because i cant stand using the web based msn for much longer

  • Michael

    Jay, try using the run com­mand shown on this page, it'll unin­stall the stu­pid ver­sion of msn 6.1 that stops u installing every­thing msn related 😛 unin­stall mes­sen­ger 7 and install it again!
    Thanks for help­ing me unin­stall MSN 6.1 who­ever you are, i will now go on to install msn 6.2 again :)

  • dfor50

    It diesn't work for ver­sion 7.0 beta. Nei­ther does gpedit.msc. It's like a can­cer that keeps com­ing back.……AH! XP Pro SP2

  • nikki

    Thank you soooo much, MSN is gone :). You are the best!!!

  • Colei

    hey i have win 98 run­ning on my com­puter n i have dwn­loaded msn mes­sen­ger 7 BETA n i cant unin­stall it becuz i want to put msn mes­sen­ger 6.2 on. i down­load 6.2 but it wont let me run it bcuz i have the newer veir­sion 7 so it says 2 unistall it from the con­trol panel but its not on the list

    please help me


  • lucy Li

    why, thanks alot…
    I first got trou­bles down­load­ing Msn 7.0
    my cousin told me to unin­stall every­thing then down­load all over…
    I was frustrated,I could find a way… thanks alot

  • marv

    i installed msn emo­ti­o­cons plus and there s always this reg­is­ter alert say­ing ''regester'' or ''exit''. by clickin both there comes ''kernel32.dll error'' caused by msnapp.
    i ''think'' i unin­stalled msn and msn emoti­cons plus but the allert con­tin­ues– even after restart– and my com­puter doesnt prop­erly work.
    i dont know if the rea­son is win­dows or a virus( msn emoti­cons plus was an exe file down­loaded from download.com)

    can some­body help me? for win­dows ME

  • Steven Palmer

    Please can you help msn not let­ting us email or order stuff on internet,tried to unin­stall still the same,tried the mes­sage in run deleted 4.2. Explorer still going. Is there a way to just get rid of pro­gramme it keeps ask­ing for XP disc which we do not own Thanks

  • Chris­tine

    hey, does any­body know how to unin­stall msn mes­sen­ger from a hp pavil­ion f1503 com­puter? HELP

  • Dustin

    Hello, I ran your com­mand, and now when I restart my com­puter it goes into a RPC shut­down kinda like the blaster virus.. I booted into safemode, imported my reg­istry backup which says it cant import all the files because some are in use, and still doesnt help, I have an antivirus and all win­dows updates and had no prob­lems untill now.. any idea's? Thanks

  • Rich

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    i am a win­dows 98 user and installed msn 7.…..but i hate it and its play­ing up badly.….so i want my old ver­sion 6 back.….but i cant unin­stall 7!!! its like its bugged so it CANT BE uninstalled.…..HELP! SOMEBODY!

  • Cav_king

    trick to remove the entire MSN Messenger:

    1. Go to Con­trol Panel->Add/Remove Pro­grams and unin­stall MSN Mes­sen­ger.
    2. Click on Start->Run and type "%appdata%\Microsoft" (with­out the quotes). This will open a folder. Right click on the MSN Mes­sen­ger folder and delete it.
    3. Click on Start->Run and type "Regedit" you will be in the reg­istry. Find the fol­low­ing tag "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger" (No quotes). Remove the entire "MSN­Mes­sen­ger" and all its contents.

    As a side­note, the actual chached in email address that pops up auto­mat­i­cally is located inside this MSN­Mes­sen­ger with the key "User.NET Mes­sen­ger Ser­vice", if you would only like to just erase that info and keep the messenger.

  • Suzi

    A friend of mine told me about this place. I love it. I will rec­om­mend you to all my friends.
    See you again next time I surf around.

  • shawn

    why my win­dows Xp can­not rein­stall msn mes­sen­ger after unin­stalled?
    win­dows xp show error 1603

  • Dave

    I am hav­ing a prob­lem with remov­ing MSN Mes­sen­ger — any help would be greatly appre­ci­ated!
    Recently, I tried down­load­ing the MSN 6.2 veri­sion and decided I didn't want it. I espe­cially didn't like the fact when the select account user page opened for win­dows XP, it had text say­ing how many mes­sages I had at one of my old email addresses. After unin­stalling MSN, delet­ing the NET pass­port, and EVEN delet­ing the old hot­mail account, when­ever I log on, it still says this email address has unread mes­sages.
    How can I remove the "unread mes­sages" text from the account user page? Thanks!

  • michelle


    i was hav­ing the same prob­lem of attempt­ing to unin­stall 7.0 on a "98 machine, and rein­stall 6.2. Finally I got fed up with not being able to rein­stall (it said that 7.0 was still there no mat­ter how many times i "removed" it or tried to rein­stall 6.2), so i thought that i'd see if i could rein­stall 7.0 fully. well, when i went to down­load it again, and msn wiz­ard popped up ask­ing me if i wanted to unin­stall Msgr 7.0 fully! I clicked on it, and tada! i was able to rein­stall 6.2, and now i'm home free!
    hope this helps!

  • Lau­ren

    I have a sis­ter and are inter­net is always on.
    We like to stay con­nected to our msn so we don't have to sign off and on…
    Is there a way to have two msn mes­sen­gers on one com­puter. That are of up to date qual­ity (mean­ing not a really old msn)
    If so, how can i do this? I recently had msn mesen­ger Beta 7 but we unin­stalled it and went back to one of the 6. ver­sions. I don't know if the beta is totally unin­stalled. Help would be grately appreciated!

  • John

    I've tried the RunDll32.…..program but Win can't find the file. I'm stymied. Am I enter­ing it the wrong place? At 70 years I derive much plea­sure and use­full knowl­edge from the computer/internet but­lack diag­nos­tic skills(dumber than a stump sometimes)

    Help appre­ci­ated.

  • Ash­ley

    does any­one know if any msn mes­sen­ger works if your com­puter is on safe mode? the error codes 1601 and 1084 keep show­ing up.

  • amber

    i need some help! i have win­dows xp home edi­tion and i have the old msn. i am try­ing to get an updated ver­sion and it wont let me delete the old one and down­load the new one. what can i do . please help me..thanks bunches;)

  • m. wal­lace

    could use some help. we have a shared com­puter in our office and one of the res­i­dent "experts" some how man­aged to knock off net­pass­port.… so need­less to say, we can't log on to retrieve e-mails. we can't fig­ure out how to re-install pass­port and could use some advise on how to go about doing it. we're run­ning win­dows xp.… please help before we boil him in oil. thanx

  • Andy

    hi…is there a way to delete msn emoti­cons plus?.…everytime i go to Add/Remove pro­grams and i press remove msn emoti­cons plus.…it actu­ally INSTALLS the pro­grams again!…on top of that i have the reg­is­ter alert thing that reap­pears every 15 sec when i close it now…can some­one help?

  • ANN

    have windows98 sec­ond addi­tion. cant unin­stall msn mes­sen­ger 6.2 can you help

  • yvette

    how do i remove msn beta when it does not appear in unistall prog list and i've tried your sug­ges­tion but it says error can­not locate inf file %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

  • Charz

    Right! This is goin to b really con­fusin! N very long to explain! I fink!
    Well..! I had msn 6.2 to begin with! it worked fine, then all this, error x bla bla bla stuff cum up! loads ppl had the same prob­lem! Once that was all sorted, msn was workin fine, until i had this pop up sayin i cudnt sign in unles i down­loaded the newest msn 6.2.0205 or somef­ing like that! Since then, id b on msn, and il b chatin away, but then my screen will make a flash, n my com­puter will make this clik noise! n then my hole com­puter is frozen! So i have to restart it! N this prob­lem went on 4 ages! So i unin­stalled 6.2 and fort that if i down­laoded msn7 it wud b all fine! and it was! Till a lit­tle while ago! When it started doin the same freezin stuff as with 6.2!!! so i fort.. il unin­stall it n rein­stall a older ver­sion like msn5!! to c if that worked! But.. i went to unin­stall msn7 from the 'add/remove'' fing! But then it pops up with a messge sayin.. ''this action is only valid for prod­ucts that r cur­rently installed'' i was like proper con­fused!! :S! So i fort id just man­u­ally delte it! From dat reg­istry fingy! i dun that, delted it from my pro­gram files! n then went back to my add remove pro­grams to c if it was stil there, n it was! so i cliked it again! but it stil said d sme mes­sage!! So then i just dwn­loaded msn 7 again!! n it just kept freezin again!! I hav bin getin really angry about this bcoz now i hav to use web mes­sen­ger which to b hon­est.. is SH*T..
    My com­puter will b on 4 ages n not freeze, its just wen i sign into msn, it freezes! not like a nor­mal freeze, but flashes black n then goes back to wat was on my screen! it dus it really quikly! but then makes this clik noise as it dus it! So its sumthing to do with msn! ive emailed then but they havnt answered!! n this was sum time last week!! i really need help!!!! how can i get rid of this msn 7 thats in my add remove prgrams?! Its not on my com­puter no where else xcept in there!!

  • Jody

    Have same prob­lem as Ash­ley (post 149) Does error code 1601 mean you can't run Mes­sanger in safe mode as I hav­ing fin­ished fix­ing prob­lems with my sys­tem but still wanna keep in touch with mates on-line. Any­way past error code 1601 ???

  • ike ostrove

    spent hours on the phone with dell tech sup­port try­ing to get rid of "mes­sen­ger"
    your "run" line at top of page did it.
    this bleary eyed old man way up in Maine thanks you from my DOS 1.0 old heart

  • empresso

    Can some­one help me how to remove msn emoti­cons plus?? I have unin­stalled it long time ago. But there's still a reg­is­ter alert that keeps pop­ping up every now and then. When­ever I exit from that pop up, my msn closes down! Is there a way to stop the pop up? Please help…I'm desperate…

  • nabi­hah

    hi ther
    i tried upgrad­ing my msn already 7.0 to the lat­est ver­sion. evry­time i sign it, it starts n then froze. it ends by say­ing not respond­ing. is ther a par­tic­u­lar solu­tion to this. wuld some­body plzzz help me.thnx

  • chad

    i used to have msn mes­sen­ger 4.2 until the comp. admin­is­tra­tor took it off. and now im not able to down­load it back on b/c it says i dont have sug­nif­i­cant priv­i­leges… and to con­sult the admin­is­tra­tor.. and i know he's not going to let me so is there any pos­si­ble way of get­ting around it and down­load­ing msn mes­sen­ger.. i would greatly appre­ci­ate it if any­one knew how. thanks

  • Gillian

    It says it cant find this and that the net­work is unavailable


    So I can't unin­stall msn 6.1 nor can I install 7.0 … I dont know what to do … Im not good with computers


  • Betty Bo

    Just be surf­ing around in net. I def­i­nitely found a very infor­mal place with a lot of good stuff for every­body. I will cer­tainly visit your site again some­time. Really good work.

  • iamsuck

    How can i erase my login history?

    I used Account A to login MSN mes­sen­ger, then logout; then I used Account B to login again, and logout, next time when I open the MSN mes­sen­ger, both Account A and Account B will be shown, i won­der if any­one know how to erase this login history

  • Lynzie

    sorry, we are unable to sign in please try later. we see error 80072ee7 with MSN login. just keeps com­ing up wen i try to sign in on msn 7, so plz can some one help, me so i can get on msn.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hi Lynzie,

    Try reduc­ing the length of your pass­word to 8 char­ac­ters. Ver­sion 7.0 of Mes­sen­ger is dri­ving peo­ple nuts because of this, it's undoc­u­mented by Microsoft but it has been known to work.

    Mean­while, I rec­om­mend you use Tril­lian, it imports all your MSN users with­out any trou­ble and it a bit less painful to use and upgrade.


  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Also take a look at this MSN trou­bleshooter, the same error could also be due to firewall.

  • saromi

    i would like to know how to log the con­ver­sa­tions i have with my friends online, but i dont know how to do this, can some­one help me please. i have msn mes­sen­ger 4.7 and i havewin­dows xp which for a mat­ter of inter­est i dont like very much

  • Melissa

    I am hav­ing trou­ble retriev­ing emails.my ex deleted out my pass­words (I have 3 accounts), and now i can only remem­ber 1 of them. I went into the msn page, but cant remem­ber my secret ques­tion answer either. can some one please help me, i know that i am miss­ing emails due to one per­sons jealousy.

  • insane emoti­cons

    I have the same issue regardin the MSN EMOTICON PLUS REGISTER ALERT
    how do i get rid of the pop ups! they are dri­ving me insane!
    if gives the mes­sage
    there is no option and it does not unin­stall! what can i do? please please please some one try and work this out…going mad!

  • tam­mam

    im hav­ing a some­hwat sim­i­lar prob­lem
    my msn has unin­stalled itself (just like my printer.. :s, but i wont get into that.…just yet)
    so i tried to rein­stall it but the instal­la­tion for 7.0.0777 or somtin, needs the file "msnmsgs.msi" (instal­la­tion for 6.2, no other ones work) i have looked for­ever for that on the itner­net so if u hav it for win­dows 98/me, please send it to me at


    In order to solve the unin­stall prob­lem with emoti­cons plus sw you have to do:
    1.- Unin­stall sw using the remove exec of the emoti­cons plus site
    2.- reboot in safe mode and delete 2 pro­grams:
    3.- Run Ad Adware SE plus to detect crit­i­cal and neg­li­gi­ble file and delete all.
    I think with that the prob­lem is solved. If not you have to do the same but also edit the win­dows reg­istry:
    and delete all the microidea folder you find under win­dows or soft­ware folders.

  • insane emoti­cons

    cheers for that il try it i hope this works! stu­pid thing its so annoying

  • Ellen

    Does any­one know where to find this "remove exec" on the crappy site of emoti­cons plus, cuz I can't seem to find it …
    Ps: I'm pray­ing for a quick solu­tion, cuz I'm about to throw my com­puter out of the win­dow…
    SOS!!!! ;o)

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hi Ellen,

    Just go to the MSN Con­tent Plus site, scroll to the bot­tom and look for the "remove.exe". Direct link: http://www.msncontentplus.com/remove.exe


  • Ellen

    Hihi… Got the wrong site…
    But thanx for the quick answer! Ur the best! ;o)

  • mano­lis

    i cant get into the msn mes­sen­ger but when i had mes­sen­ger 6.2 every­thing was ok now
    says to me
    i cant get into msn mes­sen­ger try later .80072ee7

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Mano­lis, is the exact error mes­sage this one:

    Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to the .NET Mes­sen­ger Ser­vice at this time. Please try again later. 80072ee7

    I guess this is mostly because your fire­wall does not allow MSN Mes­sen­ger to access the Inter­net. If you have installed a new ver­sion of MSN Mes­sen­ger, then make sure MSN Mes­sen­ger is allowed access in your fire­wall rules.

    Alter­na­tively, check up if their a "proxy server" enabled in MSN Mes­sen­ger and you do not use one. To remove the proxy set­tings, click the "Tools" menu and then "Options…" at your MSN Mes­sen­ger main win­dow. Then in the options screen click "Con­nec­tion" in the list to the left. Next, click the "Advanced Set­tings…" but­ton. You can try and uncheck all check­boxes in this screen to let MSN Mes­sen­ger con­nect through a direct con­nec­tion. If that does not work you can restore the set­tings again by check­ing the boxes you unchecked before.


  • Her­man Scheele

    How­ever, this page should be deleted since it doesn't deal with MSN Mes­sen­ger, I wanted to delete MSN, I REPEAT: MSN Mes­sen­ger, and now I deleted Win­dows, I REPEAT: Win­dows Messenger.

    Is there any way of delet­ing MSN Mes­sen­ger 7?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Her­man, the entire page, if you read care­fully, talks about MSN mes­sen­ger. Start­ing from the very unequiv­o­cal title.

  • Ankur

    The above com­mand worked for me. It removed my MSN messenger.

    A user should eas­ily be able to unin­stall an appli­ca­tion pro­gram with­out hav­ing to rely solely on inter­net mes­sage boards. This makes me HATE Microsoft.

  • Court­ney

    ive down­loaded msn mes­sen­ger 7.0 but my comp wont let me use it, keeps say­ing error 8007012e ser­vice is unavail­able blah blah blah.There is noth­ing wrong with my inter­net con­nec­tion. I think it may be because my comp is to old (ive got win­dows 98 and a Dell Lat­i­tude laptop…thats all i know!)ive tried get­ting msn 6.0 back but every­time i install it then go to sign in, it says i MUST upgrade to the newest ver­sion and gives me no option but to down­load msn 7.0. Does any­body know how to fix this, 6.0 was work­ing fine before and i just want it back.
    Please if any­one can help me out, it would be awesome

  • Jes­sica

    I have been try­ing to delete my msn explorer because msn mes­sen­ger will not longer work and nei­ther will msn explorer.. so I thought I would delete both and re-load the msn mes­sen­ger only. They both used to work, but not they dont for some odd rea­son. When I try to "remove" msn explorer it doesnt show up when I go to add/remover pro­grams.. what do I do?

  • May­hem

    Go to ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS in CONTROL PANEL, then on the left hand side click on ADD REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS. That should have MSN Explorer and MSN Mes­sen­ger listed, you can unin­stall both.

  • Jes­sica

    okay… so I deleted both msn mes­sen­ger and msn explorer and I re-installed it.. I'm get­ting an error that says "sign­ing into MSN mes­sen­ger failed because the ser­vice is tem­porar­ily unavail­able. Please try again later 800b0001" Its been like this for a while and I thought it was only tem­porar­ily unavail­able, but I guess not. My inter­net is also work­ing so it cant be my inter­net con­nec­tion. heeellpppp!

  • Jes­sica

    sorry for crowd­ing up this mes­sage board with my mes­sages but after much research I finally got my msn to work!!!! so I will share it with every­one who has the same "sign­ing into MSN mes­sen­ger failed because the ser­vice is tem­porar­ily unavail­able. Please try again later 800b0001" error mes­sage

    open start menu and click RUN. Then indi­vid­u­ally type in the codes below

    regsvr32 Softpub.dll

    regsvr32 Mssip32.dl

    regsvr32 Initpki.dll (this one took about 30 sec­onds so dont worry)

    After enter­ing those indi­vid­u­ally it will work!!!

  • den­nis

    i am using win­dows xp pro­fes­sional. how can i remove auto­mat­i­cally sign in option from win­dows messenger?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools


    Try this. Unin­stall MSN 7.0 or 6.0 *entirely* from ADD REMOVE Pro­grams –> Add Remove Win­dows Com­po­nents. Remove any fold­ers your MSN may have cre­ated where your mes­sage logs are stored.

    Run RegSeeker (http://snipurl.com/registry2 — this is a zip file of a VERY use­ful pro­gram) to clean up your reg­istry. It's fairly intu­itive but let me know if you need help. PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION before doing any­thing with the registry.

    Once you are cer­tain that there's no trace of MSN Mes­sen­ger on your machine, try installing the 6.0 again.

    My sug­ges­tion: for­get about MSN Mes­sen­ger alto­gether and use Tril­lian: http://www.trillian.cc/ — it also sup­ports other mes­sen­ger clients like Yahoo, AOL, ICQ in the same interface.


    Please read other mes­sages on this page before clut­ter­ing up with addi­tional ques­tions that have already been asked before. You may want to look at your MSN's Tools –> Options, or wher­ever the con­fig­u­ra­tion is, there's a very self-evident option for dis­abling auto sign in at startup.

  • scott

    hey i cant sign into my msn. it tells me on one that i am not con­nected to the inter­net but i know i am and the other says error 80072ee7. any help would be nice.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Scott, I'm guess­ing you're using a fire­wall and MSN is not allowed to pass through. Please enable MSN to con­nect to the net and it should work. Also take a look at com­ment 166 above.

  • Amy

    Actu­ally, Den­nis asked a good ques­tion, cuz I went into the options and turned off auto signon, and the signon but­ton with the email is still there, I don't want just ANYONE to click it and get on my name… but it won't go away no mat­ter what options I disable.…

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Amy, Den­nis, per­haps you can use intruc­tions above to dis­able pass­word stor­age alto­gether and see if that helps? Other than that, I rec­om­mend using Tril­lian or some such com­mon inter­face to con­nect to MSN though I won­der if this is a use­ful suggestion.

  • rocky

    well I have the same prob­lem and trevor (a big way up) has. But I didn't hear the solu­tion for it. I fol­low the intruc­tions to go to the MANAGE PASSWORDS. And I see all the e-mails, but when I click on the DELETE but­ton, noth­ing hap­pens, they just don't get away. How can I delete them?? PLEASE!

  • lora

    i seem to have a prob­lem loging in my msn. it mostly says "sorry we can not log u in at this time please try again later"(and then some num­bers) i don't really know what to do can u help me?? well just e-mail me at: lorabalaag2@hotmail.com, thank you!! lora

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Lora, did you see "Adden­dum 3" in the arti­cle above? Please read before you post a comment.

  • han­nah

    hey…i dont have a clue how to unin­stall msn to get back to msn 7.0.. how do you use this com­mand doadvpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    were do you have to put it for it to unin­stal? please help

  • han­nah

    i tried to run the thing to unin­stall msn and it says the rea­son is bea­caues : access is denied… please help..i upgraded from msn 7.0 but it went to msn 4.7 so can you tell me what to do please

  • Fiona

    Thank you for your tool to remove msnmsgs.msi, I have found a whole new world!

  • andrew

    Hi every­body,

    I have a prob­lem.,
    I use win­dows XP
    i would like to delete MSN Mes­sen­ger user log on list. (Remove users that have at one time or an other used my com­puter to log on to MSN mes­sen­ger.
    I have tried what jojje said on 5 july 2004:

    click the Start but­ton -> click Run… -> type con­trol userpasswords2 -> hit Enter or click OK -> click Advanced tab -> select Man­age Pass­words -> delete all Pass­port entries -> click OK/Apply.

    But i can only high­light one pass­word entry at a time ,and when i try to delete it ,it doesn,t do it!!!!!!
    And there is no option to delete all pass­port entries.
    has any­body got an answer to my prob­lem as it is dri­ving me nuts!!!

    kind­est regards,andrew

  • Jelle

    There are some peo­ple here who tried to hit the 'remove' but­ton, but none of the pass­words were removed. Here is the Win­dows XP Pro solu­tion (it might also work on XP Home, not sure about that)

    Go to C:\Documents and Settings\****\Application Data\Microsoft\Credentials (**** = the name of the admin­is­tra­tor, or the user­name which you want to delete the .NET/MSN pass­words from)

    And delete the Cre­den­tials folder. After you delete this direc­tory, reboot your com­puter, and away they are.

    This will NOT delete win­dows (log-in)passwords, only the .NET/MSN passwords.

    If you do not want to do this every time after you logged in on msn for exam­ple. Go to

    –> start
    –> con­trol panel
    –> per­for­mance and main­te­nance
    –> admin­is­tra­tive tools
    –> local secu­rity pol­icy
    –> local pol­icy
    –> secu­rity options

    In the list to your right, find the Net­work Acces: Do not allow stor­age of cre­den­tials or .NET pass­ports for net­work authentication

    Rightclick it, go to the options/settings of it. and click enable.
    Now Win­dows will not store your .NET/MSN pass­words again.

    I don't have the eng­lish ver­sion of Win­dows, but some­one with the eng­lish ver­sion helped me with it. So things might be named slightly dif­fer­ent, but i gues it won't be hard to find.

    Good Luck

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Thanks Jelle, have added your com­ment to the article.

  • me

    The solution.…..I'm so happy!!

    Delete msnapps.exe and msnappm.exe in the Save Modus (F8) and then…the Alerts are gone.……I'm Sooooo Happyy!!

  • me

    these 2 can you find (by us) at C:WINDOWS

  • Annon

    I am pos­i­tive that this solu­tion has been writ­ten sev­eral times, but not as detailed, this is a step, by step highly detailed ver­sion for every1 who needs it troughly explained.

    If you want to MSN Mes­sen­ger once and for all, just do the fol­low­ing reg­istry edit: Click on Start and select Run; Type Regedit in the text box and click OK or press the Enter key. Next, click on the Plus Sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

    Now click on the plus next to Soft­ware, then Poli­cies, and finally on Microsoft. With Microsoft Folder high­lighted, click on Edit on the menu bar at the top of the Reg­istry Edi­tor win­dow and select New, then Key. Type "Mes­sen­ger" (with­out the quotes) and press the Enter key.

    With Mes­sen­ger selected (high­lighted) click Edit again, and click New and then Key. Type "Client" (again with­out quotes) and click OK. The Client key should nest below the Mes­sen­ger key. With the Client key high­lighted, click Edit again and this time click DWORD value. Fol­low­ing that, type "Pre­ven­tRun" (no quotes) for this value and press the Enter key. A new item will appear on the right side of the screen with the name Pre­ven­tRun and the type REG_WORD. Right-click Pre­ven­tRun and select Mod­ify from the con­text menu.

    In the Value Data field in the box that opens, change the exist­ing "0" to a "1' (again, no quotes) and click OK. Now close the Reg­istry Edi­tor by click­ing on the X in the upper right cor­ner of the Reg­istry Edi­tor win­dow. Restart the com­puter for the changes to take effect. PS: This solu­tion came from the ?Lessons? sec­tion of http://www.jefflevy.com. "

  • Annon

    My instruc­tions above of course are to delete MSN entirely from your com­puter. The first scen­tence of my para­graph seems as if it is to install it, which isnt the case, my apologies…

  • Jen

    My MSN keeps sign­ing me out, and it all of a sud­den deleted all my dis­play pic­tures which I dont have saved on my com­puter. What do I do to get them back and how do I stop msn from sign­ing me out?

  • tamara

    IS THERE ANY WAY THAT MY SISTER AND I CAN BE ON MSN AT THE SAME TIME??? can we install a dif­fer­ent ver­sion that allows two accounts to be logged on at the same time…because it is frus­trat­ing hav­ing the two of us want­ing to use msn at the same time… any HELP here would be VERY much APPRECIATED!!!

  • Mat

    yeah you both can be on…except one of you have to be on MSN Mes­sen­ger and one will have to be on win­dows base ver­sion called Win­dows Mes­sen­ger. search the net for it. if you cant find it, you can get on a web site that has a web ver­sion of MSN called E-messenger. the site for it is http://www.e-messenger.net.

  • Sarvi

    I have installed msn mes­sen­ger ver­sion 7, when i try to sign in, my sys­tem gets hangged up and after some time it gives not reponding.

    kindly get me some sug­ges­tions to rec­tify it.

  • Sarvi

    It is very urgent kindly get me some solu­tions for the prob­lem immediately

  • Simon

    I have the ''emoti­cons plus reg­is­ter'' prob­lem too, but my sis­ter used msn emoti­cons plus under Win­dows Xp and reboot in safe mode… this is what I can­not do… or i dunno how.

  • Sheila

    I am cur­rently run­ning Win­dows 98 and on dial up …11.4 GB free and 256 MB…Version 7 on msn…QUESTION…does any one know why MSN is freez­ing when more than once per­son talks to me at a time and how to solve the problem?

  • char­maine

    I have lost my win­dows xp pass­word and it is not let­ting me login I have the admin pass­word, but when I log in as admin for my user id the pass­word says incorrect

  • JTB

    A good pro­gram to get into your win­dows xp machine is ERD com­man­der, it has a lock smith pro­gram that will allow you to change the pass­word of the account so you can log in. It's just a bootable cd, there's no real chal­lenge with it.. hope it helps you.

  • J Witt

    With­out delet­ing MSN Instant Mes­sanger com­pletely, how do you delete MSN Instant Mes­sanger Log Files for­ever from the com­puter and if nec­es­sary your MSN files?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Shiela, Win­dows 98's time is up. I am sur­prised it is only giv­ing you one prob­lem. I would think about upgrad­ing to XP.

    Char­maine, this arti­cle is about MSN mes­sen­ger. You seem to be talk­ing about admin­is­tra­tor pass­word for Win­dows XP itself. You'll find more help else­where on this site.

    JTB, thanks for the info.

    J Witt, you can delete the log files from what­ever loca­tion you are sav­ing your chat logs. Check in "Options" where you store them.

  • JTB

    I've been hav­ing issues with my msn. Some­times it seems to auto scroll down to the bot­tom on me when I'm try­ing to scroll back through the convo to see what has been said. espi­cally if I'm send­ing a file and I'd like to check the progress of it. it's just a pain.

    Thanks again

  • eimear

    i cant get rid of msn con­tent plus.i have tried everything.a pop up keeps ask­ing me to regester.help

  • ketch

    HI…I installed MSN Mes­sen­ger 7.0 recently and thought that it would update my older ver­sion, 4.7. Well, now I have both ver­sions on my sys­tem, and I only want to use one. When I go to Add or Remove Pro­grams only Ver­sion 7.0 is show­ing up.

    How do I unin­stall the older ver­sion but keep Ver­sion 7.0 on my system?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.…thanks

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Ketch, if you can, unin­stall both MSN ver­sions, and use some­thing like Tril­lian to access all your instant mes­sen­ger accounts like msn, yahoo, icq, aol, irc — all in one inter­face. It's a non-intrusive soft­ware, and very decent looking.

  • ketch

    Shashank.……thanks for the advice.…..didn't know about Tril­lian. I'll down­load and go throught that. Thanks so much! I appre­ci­ate it.

  • Keith

    I keep get­ting Error Startin Pro­gram
    The MSNAPPAU.EXE file is linked to miss­ing export ADVAP32.DLL. Con­verted Sting Secu­rity Descrip­tor to Secu­rity DescriptorW

    Can you Help

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Keith, shut down your Out­look Express before you try to delete MSN. Let us know if that works.

  • Des­per­ate BJ

    I have installed the trial ver­sion of msn con­tent plus and then I deleted every­thing but the pop reg­istry keeps com­ing up say­ing the trail period is over so I need to remove every­thing or pay..I thought I had removed every­thing. This pop up comes up con­tin­u­ally and dri­ves a per­son nuts as well as it is affect­ing msn mes­sen­ger as I can't open it even though I am signed in. Please help!

    By the way Shas­shank, I down­load the remove exe from one of your postings..the one for msncon­tent plus emo­tions but it didn't work for this par­tic­u­lar prob­lem so I am hop­ing that you have another solu­tion and can help me out of this maddness. By the way, I don't know my way around my com­puter very well but hope­fully you have an easy solu­tions. Thank you in advance for your help! Please, do help!

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