Reinstall Windows XP without product activation

You can rein­stall Win­dows XP with­out both­er­ing with reac­ti­va­tion, if you have acti­vated the prod­uct before.

A topic of fre­quent dis­cus­sion and con­cern in many online forums is Microsoft's Prod­uct Acti­va­tion, which is not lim­ited to Win­dows XP, it is now required for many Microsoft prod­ucts (on a per­sonal level, MS Office for instance).

P.S. This will not enable you to install your copy of Win­dows XP on a dif­fer­ent com­puter and bypass activation.

Isn't it galling that we need to con­tact Microsoft for "per­mis­sion" if we choose to rein­stall a prod­uct that we already legally own and use, and have "stamped" so before?! This method of copy­right pro­tec­tion has not exactly rol­licked among cus­tomers. Well, no wor­ries, there is a trick for get­ting around prod­uct acti­va­tion for Win­dows XP when reinstalling.

If you have suc­cess­fully acti­vated the OS already, and if you are rein­stalling it on the exist­ing hard­ware, this trick should do just fine. Here it is:

  1. Copy the file c:windowssystem32wpa.dbl to a floppy.
  2. Rein­stall Win­dows XP.
  3. Boot to a DOS disk if you are using FAT, or to the Recov­ery Con­sole if using NTFS.
  4. Copy the file from the first step above back to c:windowssystem32.
  5. That's it — because all of your hard­ware is the same as before, your copy of WinXP is still valid accord­ing to the pre­vi­ous activation.

That's it. That should do it! For some really cool instruc­tions while rein­stall Win­dows XP, read Mark's dandy but must-read instruc­tions "Install Win­dows XP in 5 hours or less."

  • Ajay Pandya

    I have a real badd prob­lem, My Win­dows Xp sys­tem has messed up and im a real Novice. All i want to do is take the sys­tem back to how it was when i first installed Win­dows Xp, How do i sort it out with­out hav­ing to com­pletely rein­stall everything??

  • snip­tools

    You could try Sys­tem Restore.


    Then, under the "Addi­tional Resources" sec­tion, click on sys­tem restore and click on restore my sys­tem to last best known con­fig­u­ra­tion, or some­thing like that.

    In gen­eral, It's good to backup your OS and data with a tool such as Nor­ton Ghost or Acro­nis TrueIm­age. Btw, this ques­tion was not nec­es­sar­ily on-topic here!

    Good luck,

  • Gib All­bach

    Im hav­ing a prob­lem with my win­dows XP Home Ed. Microsoft Cust. Serv. is use­less — they dont seem to grasp my prob­lem. How unusual. I went to the inter­net for help and found you. I have a ques­tion tho about rein­stalling my Win­dowes XP. I did as sug­gested, I found the file, c:windows\system32\wpa.dbl and put it on a floppy disk. I was then instructed to rein­stall Win­dows XP. How do I do that?

    Gib Allbach/ Chicago area

  • snip­tools

    Hi Gib,

    Do you have your Win­dows XP CD? Just install it as you usu­ally would (insert the CD, your com­puter will do the rest.) Btw, you are sup­posed to COPY the file, not MOVE it to a floppy.

    Let me know how it goes.


  • Gib All­bach

    Thanks for the info/ help but I guess Ill have to go to plan "B". It was late Sun­day evening when I came upon your web­site and thought Id found the "fix" for my Win­dows XP. I momen­tar­ily for­got that I have Win­dows XP Home Ed. If I under­stand things, I didnt get a real Win­dows XP Home Ed. disk sup­plied with my pur­chased eMa­chines com­puter. The Win­dows XP Home Ed. came pre­loaded. I got a two disk jewel case enti­tled
    "eMa­chines RESTORE CD/ T4480". Disk 1 refers me to use disk 2. Disk 2 has some restore items on it so Id bet­ter read all of my user's guides, etc. I hate to think that Id have to pur­chase a Win­dows XP Home Ed. disk for $90 and have to rein­stall the entire pro­gram. If you have any fur­ther advise/ com­ments, please feel free to give them to me.


  • Shaun

    Gib You Shouldnnt have to buy the disk if your com­puter came with a restore disk or sumthing similler you should be able to put that into your cd rom drive and it will rein­stall win­dows to how it was when you first got your computer!

  • Michael Walden

    I need a prod­uct key for xp

  • snip­tools

    Hi Michael.

    Yes, you do.

    Although you won't find it here I'm afraid.


  • Mike E

    I came accross this "prod­uct acti­va­tion" prob­lem or should I say, your solu­tion aparently after the fact!? I have xp home on main com­puter and recently added it to my laptop.For the past 25 days or so Ive been get­ting the acti­va­tion count­down but each time I said"yes" to acti­vate now, I got the mes­sage that it is all­ready acti­vated. Well guess what? yes,today I am appar­ently locked out and my entire life is in that com­puter. does the method of bypass work after the fact, and if so or if not, is there any way to retrieve my "life" inside my laptop?

  • Mike E

    P.S. oh yeah another piece of my puz­zle is that my lap­top doesn't have a floppy drive so how would I trans­fer the win. file?

  • diego

    how do i rein­stall win­dows xp if i lost the win­dows xp cd? do im going to have the prob­lem of activation?

  • snip­tools

    Hi Diego, you need the Win­dows XP CD (or the recov­ery CD, or any CD that your PC ven­dor may have given you dur­ing the pur­chase) to rein­stall your Win­dows OS. Hope this helps. –Shanx

  • Mike E.

    Hello, I dont mean to be a pest but I posted my ques­tions last week and I dont know where else to turn for help.All of my buis­ness info is in my lap­top being held cap­tive by the evil "acti­va­tion" scheme.I'm sure your busy, but I see that Diego got an answer after my ques­tions posted!? Is there any hope to bypass "acti­va­tion lock" after the fact? PLEASE HELP.

  • snip­tools

    Hello Mike,

    I didn't ignore your post inten­tion­ally, sorry to have missed it. Your predica­ment is a lit­tle tricky. Microsoft's EULA does not allow the acti­va­tion of the same OS on two dif­fer­ent machines, yeah I know it is pesky.

    I am sorry if this is not use­ful, but you could try a few things now to recover your data:

    (1) You can go to to and buy an OEM key for XP for around $50.00.

    (2) Or, if your files aren't too big, you can go to the NTFS Book Disk web­site and down­load a boot disk that will give you access to files on an NTFS par­ti­tion. You can then copy them to a floppy etc. (I am hop­ing you had an NTFS partition?)

    (3) Use Bart's PE to cre­ate bootable media and get the impor­tant bits out of your hard disk. (P.S. I have never tried this, but I guess you can ask Bart for direc­tions if you are stuck.)

    Hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out!


  • rap­mas­ter

    guys, if you have ille­gally installed the same copy of win­dows onto your lap­top, then that's why you are being locked out– you should read the license agree­ment. any­way, you can get a new key. you can call Microsoft and buy a new key and then use that one. the num­ber is in the article.

  • shakir

    i have a prob­lem with my floppy disk.the error msg appear when i'm try­ing to open my file in the floppy? "A:\ is not accessible.No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk." why is that hap­pen?? help me please.A.S.A.P.

  • snip­tools

    Shakir, see if this Microsoft KB arti­cle helps you. I guess you are quick for­mat­ting the floppy, all you need to do is do a nor­mal for­mat, and try again.

  • Mon­te­carlo

    XP Pro OEM license only, no CD: $86 USD


  • Megan

    My brother was mess­ing around on my com­puter and acci­dently deleted a Hotfx. I have Win­dows XP home ed. and now I don't have any sound. I'm guess­ing that the hotfx he deleted was my sound device. I tried to use sys­tem restore but for some rea­son it was turned off prior to this, so it won't restore my sys­tem to before he did that. I also do not have my restore CD (it's somwhere at home, and I'm away at school). Is there ANY way I can restore my sound device? Thank you for your help!

  • snip­tools

    Hi Megan,

    If its a hot­fix, you can sim­ply update your Win­dows again?

    Alter­na­tively, check up on what your sound card is, and then down­load the lat­est "dri­vers" from your man­u­fac­turer. For instance, mine is Cre­ative Labs.

  • Techno

    I'm sure you heard this one before…So what if there is cat­a­strophic fail­ure, such as a power surge or virus killing your bios and/or inter­nal hard­ware, or if you just peri­od­i­cally like to update your sys­tem with a new proc­ces­sor, RAM, video card etc… Do I have to buy a new OS each time? Does Microsoft have place on their site that can pro­vide a solu­tion to this? Any help regard­ing this ques­tion would be greatly appreciated.


  • stan

    here you go… a ditrect link on the file…
    less than 90k!


  • gator

    Ok, a copy of win­dows xp pro­fes­sional was pirated onto my com­puter. I then acci­den­tally acti­vated it on my com­puter when it is already acti­vated on another person's com­puter. What is going to hap­pen, and how can I fix this? Is the orig­i­nal com­puter with the xp going to be affected? Is mine? Help…

    Also, I pur­chased the xp upgrade for my com­puter to do things "legal", but it wouldn't work.

  • snip­tools

    Techno and gator, please take a look at this:

    Techno, just for the record, I have upgraded my RAM on a Dell lap­top with­out hav­ing to re-active Win­dows. You can try sav­ing all your stuff (with sys­tem restore and ide­ally also with Acronis/Norton-Ghost kind of tools) and upgrad­ing your hard­ware any­way. I won­der if you'll have any prob­lems. I have also added/changed all sorts of inter­nal hard­ware (a DVD R/W drive for instance) and never had any issues. The link above explains what parts of your OS are taken into account when you acti­vate the OS.

    Gator, it's not a reg­u­lar event that win­dows xp pro­fes­sional can be pirated on someone's machine with­out their knowl­edge. But I get your point. For instances like this, you can always con­tact MS sup­port if you do have at least one "proper" CD. Or, con­sider stan's suggestion!

    Stan, that sounds like a great idea, but just as a dis­claimer, I (the owner of this site) do not nec­es­sar­ily endorse this prod­uct. It sounds like a very cool app though. :yumyum:

    Hope this rant helps someone!


  • Danny K

    i was told my prob­lem is my xp os. the right key pad does not func­tion in the win­dow mode. works ok in dos mode. is there a fix with­out rein­stalling wid­ows xp.

  • snip­tools

    Danny, this is not related to prod­uct acti­va­tion, so it is off-topic. Please write to me per­son­ally if you are inter­ested but just FYI, Google is flooded with poten­tially use­ful links. If you write to me, please include some more detail about your OS etc. –Shanx

  • Pre­ston

    Installed a new moth­er­board and proces­sor into a new case

    don't have any cd's to rein­stalled win­dows
    I do have a cd-key on the side of my older case which came with win­dows xp pre­loaded, any­way to get the os back with­out pur­chas­ing any­thing?
    Can I just bor­row a cd?

  • Low­ell

    I installed a new hard drive on an xp sys­tem
    along with a dvd player. Now when the xp starts
    up the reminder notice appears, stat­ing I should
    acti­vate the sys­tem. When I click on the keys in the tast bar to acti­vate, the screen comes up that
    the sys­tem is acti­vated, how do I stop the acti­va­tion notice from pop­ping up?
    thanks for your help
    I called M$ and asked them the same ques­tion
    might as well as pissed up a rope

  • guyz
  • snip­tools

    Low­ell, as men­tioned in the main arti­cle, Win­dows XP acti­va­tion data is con­tained in a file called "wpa.dbl" that lives in the Windows\System32 folder. If you rename it to "wpa.old" or some­thing like that, then the next time you boot you really will be forced to reac­ti­vate, and hope­fully that'll fix things so that it stops nag­ging you. Rename it rather than delete it just in case, and you can always go into the Recov­ery Con­sole and name it back again if unex­pected dis­as­ter occurs.

  • chris Mead­ows

    my machine run­ning xp keeps reboot­ing and when it restarts there is a mes­sage say­ing that:

    win­dows has recov­ered from a seri­ous error. When I send the mes­sage it says that there is a prob­lem with a dri­ver but can't iden­tify which.

    Any ideas ??????

  • snip­tools

    Chris, pls let us know what you did recently that may have caused this behav­ior? Did you install some new hard­ware? I've seen this error even when a hard disk fails. Have you tried going to an old image of the sys­tem through Sys­tem Restore?

  • novice

    I used my old win-98 boot disk to refor­mat my drive, rebooted with the xp 6 disks installed xp using final acti­va­tion code number.

  • Swede

    I have an old install of XP on my machine. I am cur­rently try­ing to do a 2nd install on another drive before eras­ing the old install. Now the prob­lem starts…

    The 2nd instal­la­tion wont acti­vate because I am over my allowed num­ber of acti­va­tions. I found this site when look­ing for ways to get around it. I tried copy­ing the 'wpa.dbl' file into my new install. This does not work. I've tried to copy all three files named 'wpa' but still it doesnt work.

    The only thing that hap­pens after copy­ing the file/files is that when i try to log on it says that Win­dows has to be acti­vated in order for me to log on. Am I doing some­thing wrong?

    Any help would be of use.

  • Frank

    Hello, I have an E-Machine, Intel Pent 4 , 1 gig ram, 80 gig hard drive, ata all in won­der 9600 video card, run­ning xp home edi­tion. I made a mis­take and took out some shared files, and a bunch of pro­grams stopped work­ing. This is what I would like to know:
    1. Since I have added the ATI All in Won­der card after I bought the pc. do I have to remove it before using the recov­ery disk that came with the pc?
    2. The pc came with 256 Pc2700 ram, which I replaced with (2) 512 chips of pc2700 ram. Do I have to remove the (2) 512 chips and put the 256 chip back in, or does this make any dif­fer­ence?
    3. I have the pc hooked up on a router, with 2 other pcs. Should I
    dis­con­nect the router before doing the recov­ery?
    That is all that I upgraded as far as hard­ware is con­cerned. The rest is soft­ware which I have all the disk for. I have backed up all my files and pho­tos. Thanks in advance for your help. Frank
    PS: I tried to use Sys­tem Restore, but help and sup­port is one of the pro­grams that I lost. I went to search, files and fold­ers, and found, helpctr.exe, and it brought up help and sup­port, and clicked on sys­tem restore, and it tried to restore, but came back and told me it could not restore my settings.

  • Frank

    Sorry, for­got the most impor­tant thing, how do I acti­vate, xp again or will I have too. Thanks

  • Joshua

    I have a what seems like large prob­lem, my Mom threw away our MS Win­dows XP Office Prod­uct key so now I can't use Word, Excel, etc. How do I get a new one?

  • JEFF

    hi! i want to refor­mat my com­puter. I have win­dows xp home ed. installed right now. if i refor­mat will i have to reac­ti­vate? If i call to reac­ti­vate after refor­mat will it allow me to activate?

    plz help.…thanks

  • snip­tools

    Frank, I think you won't have to acti­vate Win­dows Xp again if you sim­ply upgrade your RAM. I have done it before. Let me know how it goes for you though…there are things one knows for sure, and then there is Microsoft :)

    Joshua, sorry buddy, can't help you with that one. Try con­vinc­ing MS with that lit­tle fact.

    Jeff, I think that unfor­tu­nately with a totl refor­mat, you'll have to con­tact Microsoft's acti­va­tion cen­ter again because the infor­ma­tion held on your PC (the num­ber pre­vi­ously writ­ten to your hard drive) will be wiped out. If your hard­ware is essen­tially the same though, this will be done by an auto­mated call with­out your need­ing to talk to any­one. Let me know how it goes!

  • snip­tools

    Jeff, in addi­tion to the above answer for your ques­tion, here's what I found at Microsoft's WPA faq web­site:

    If I refor­mat my hard disk, is reac­ti­va­tion required?

    If the hard disk is refor­mat­ted and the soft­ware is rein­stalled, reac­ti­va­tion will be required. The same grace peri­ods for acti­va­tion apply in this sit­u­a­tion. Reac­ti­va­tion on the same PC can be com­pleted as many times as required. The acti­va­tion can be com­pleted via tele­phone or Internet.



  • snip­tools

    Hi Miguel, if you have lost your pass­word, there are ways of recov­er­ing it with­out rein­stalling XP. HTH, Shanx

  • Monty

    Any­one have any sug­ges­tions for this one?

    Full retail install of XP Pro­fes­sional on a home-brew machine, run­ning great since it was built.

    Changed out the CD-R/W last year because I couldn't find com­pat­i­ble media locally (any­one know of a CD-R made today using cya­nine dye, let me know).

    Swapped out the 80 gig hard drive to a 160 using Par­ti­tion Magic 8.0 (copy­ing the for­mat ID???) some­where around mid-January.

    Then strike 3… moved the 1600+ to CPU1 and jammed the 2800+ into CPU0 (run­ning sin­gle since I built it).

    The acti­va­tion mes­sage comes up fol­low­ing login (run­ning a domain here at home… yeah, I know, I'm a freak :) and in the tray, but… the Acti­va­tion Wiz­ard does not come up by answer­ing yes to the login prompt, click­ing the tray icon, or even by pick­ing it out of the Start Menu. I've extracted replace­ment files per KB 289657, went even deeper by extract­ing the JavaScript files found in %Windows%\System32\oobe\, with no suc­cess. I'm not look­ing for­ward to the end results of the KB 315341 In-Place Upgrade, not with 1 1/2 years worth of tweaks hang­ing in the balance…

  • salty

    Found a nice lit­tle tool for all legal own­ers of XP that have to rein­stall but no longer have or for­got the cd acti­va­tion 25 digit key run a search on the net for Mag­i­cal Jelly Bean Keyfinder v1.41 down­load it and run it (gives you win­dows ver­sion and the cd key from your pre­vi­ous install) AND ITS FREE

  • LA Fred

    For some unknown rea­son, the "Microd­oft DV cam­era and VCR" con­troller dis­ap­peared from my Win­dows XPpro. The instruc­toions with Pin­na­cle said to rein­stall Win­dows to load it back in.

    When I tried the rein­stall, it wouldn't let me say­ing some­thing to the effect that I entered an invalid prod­uct num­ber. I tried sev­eral times. It's the cor­rect num­ber. Don't know what is going on.

    Found this site through Google. At what point dur­ing the rein­stall do you copy C:\windows\system32\wpa.dbl back to the C: drive?

    Can you offer any help? I surely would appre­ci­ate it.

  • snip­tools

    Hi LA Fred, as the instruc­tions in this arti­cle clearly indi­cate, you need to backup WPA.DBL before reinstalling.

  • Marc

    I tried to rein­stall XP pro and used an old key. The instal­la­tion gives an error when "reg­is­ter­ing installed com­po­nents; says it cant find a file named msgui2.exe or some­thing like that. So now i hav no oper­at­ing sys­tem :-(( and when i try rein­stal again or to instal other ver­sions it still con­tin­u­ous XP instal until i get that error again.
    Please advise!

  • joe­barr

    This is why I highly rec­om­mend the switch to Linux. For prices like 90$ you can install on as many machines as you damn well please

  • dave

    Topic: Rein­stall Win­dows XP with­out prod­uct activation

    When you men­tioned doing a rein­stall of xp to fix prob­lems with the OS. Are you refer­ing to a soft install with­out refor­mat­ing the drive?

  • James

    U could ring the hot line they give u when u go to tele­phone acti­va­tion or sumfin like that and say that ur com­puter needed for­mat­ing or that u upgraded or hard­ware and give micor­soft the very long key and then they will give u another key to acti­va­tion the bingo iv dun it to like 15 comps and all off the legit cd

  • spencer

    can you tell me if 2 beeps from my moth­er­board on start up is nor­mal?
    also once win­dows has nearly loaded the screen refreshes at least 3 times,just before i can get under way.this has bugged me for a while now

  • Pete

    i need to rein­stall win­dows xp home but dont have the cd or a boot up disc but can i down­load xp and use the same prod­uct key that is used for my cur­rent xp

  • snip­tools

    Hi Pete,

    As far as I know this is not pos­si­ble. You need a legit CD to install Win­dows XP. If you do man­age to get another Win­dows XP on another disk or through some other phan­tom media, then your pre­vi­ous prod­uct key that came with your own (hope­fully orig­i­nal) Win­dows CD may not work for the new OS.


  • Leanne

    My boyfriend's lap­top crashed last night (pos­si­bly due to a virus), and after try­ing every­thing to get it back up includ­ing a sys­tem restore, has now reached the point where he thinks he might need to rein­stall Win­dows XP. He's in a panic about los­ing his data if he does that. How wor­ried should he be about that, and what can he do to recover the lost data? I do apol­o­gise if this is off-topic, but I don't know who to ask!

  • miriam

    as i am rein­stalling win xp i got this mes­sage before it fin­ishes: unregmp2.exe– entry point not found
    the pro­ce­dure entry point getIUMS could not be located in the dynamic link library MSDART.DDL

    what does that mean?
    how do i get rid of it?

    thanks for any help

  • jasser

    hey guyz i dont know what kind of prob­lem you are have­ing but i am sure that i can help you guyz just explan that prob­lem and i will give you all whati can do.

    thank you


  • Pro­fes­sor

    I have an edu­ca­tional ver­sion od office exp pro. This is an orig­i­nal that was pur­chased lea­gally.
    When I reg­is­ter with win­dows will that pre­vent me from putting it on my laptop ?

  • Var­sha


    My lap­top with win­dows XP on it has just crashed! :(( i dot care too much about XP, but i need to retrieve my data. If i use the restore CD that the lap­top came with, it threat­ens to delete the data.. which i dont want to do. I have an exter­nal USB CDRW drive. is there any hope for me to get my data???

  • Dim­itris


    I have Win­dows XP PRO legally installed on my lap­top (bought it with­ought any OS pre-installed). How­ever this lap­top turned out to be a com­plete dis­as­ter and I'm giv­ing it back to the place I bought from, to get a com­pletely dif­fer­ent machine. How can I install and re-activate my Win­dows XP PRO ver­sion into a dif­fer­ent machine?

  • Jo

    Bought a new medion mon­i­tor, and the first day had prob­lems with it freez­ing up, just for a few sec­onds but was every few min­utes. Thought it was my mouse play­ing up. My hus­band down­loaded new dri­vers for the mon­i­tor to see if that would work but was still on a go slow.
    Put my old mon­i­tor back on and now the cd drive won't work. Tried every­thing in the trou­bleshoot, I think. My hus­band wants to rein­stall winxp to see if this will solve the prob­lem. can it be done with­out los­ing files

  • snip­tools

    Hi Jo,

    Yes if you are installing on the same machine, it should gen­er­ally be fine. I say this based on the belief that only the mon­i­tor is new. The tech­nique described in the arti­cle above should work (it has worked for me, Win­dows XP Pro, added a View­sonic exter­nal monitor)

    Don't quote me on it though, this is just my edu­cated guess based on the facts you have told me. Let me know how it goes!


  • GuestEire

    Hiya, if I rein­stall winXP (I am get­ting SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error) will I lose all the data in my PC? Please help

  • snip­tools

    Hi GuestEire,

    To answer your direct ques­tion, no, usu­ally rein­stalling the OS should not delete your data unless you for­mat your hard dri­ves. How­ever, that error is not fun to have, I guess you may have a blue screen with it? Do you get the screen when you boot? I mean, can you use your machine at all?

    Boot your com­puter, press F8 right before win­dows begins to load. Once there, select "last known good con­fig­u­ra­tion" (or some­thing like it). If you get it, do the obvi­ous like scan­ning for viruses and get­ting all the microsoft updates.

    Then scan your com­puter for a pos­si­ble boot disk virus. Any decent anti-virus tool should do. Also, check your mem­ory for bad sec­tors, there's a free RAM checker at Memtest86. You may also want to check your disks (in MS DOS, "chkdsk /f")

    Have you tried the Recov­ery Con­sole that pos­si­bly came with your OS? It's usu­ally a sep­a­rate CD.

    Let me know how it goes,

  • Dirk


    I'm hav­ing a prob­lem with Win­dows Media Player. Every time when I open it, it says: The pro­ce­dure entry point GetIUMS could not be located in the dynamic link library MSDART.DDL. This comes six times, I just click OK for six times, and then I can put my music on, but it's very annoy­ing. Any suggestions?

  • snip­tools

    Dirk, what hap­pens if you update Win­dows Media Player to 9.0 ver­sion (from the Win­dows Update site)? Per­haps the DLL file will replace itself. If you already have ver 9.0 installed, then you may want to:

    1. Either unin­stall and then rein­stall Win­dows Media Player.
    2. Or, man­u­ally get the DLL file your error com­plains about and put it in the Win­dows sys­tem folder.

    Let me know how it goes..

  • Dirk

    Ok, I went to microsoft updates and I tried to install that new ver­sion of Win­dows Media PLayer. I don't need help any­more, I had find the prob­lem. I've got the new ver­sion, after I installed that update. Thanks, Dirk

  • Blair

    I have a ques­tion if any­one can answer it i would be very grat­ful. if i rein­stall win­dows xp over a copy that is bad can i keep all the doc­u­ments that where on it. Please i can't get in to the win­dows sfae mode or nor­mal and the last good con­fig­u­ra­tion doesn't work. can any one help me please i need help.

  • Tripp

    Will this work if i refor­mat the C drive? Also, can you post the MS hot­line to call to get another acti­va­tion key legally, in case it doesnt work. Thanks.

  • man­gle
  • kaitykaity

    I had the prod­uct key prob­lem also. I had a PK, but the com­puter wouldn't take it in SAFE mode,
    admin­is­tra­tor. I really needed to wipe the hard
    drive b/c my ex wants it back.

    I went to C: in DOS and killed the oper­at­ing
    sys­tem by remov­ing a cou­ple of essen­tial boot files, like boot.ini and a .dll file that
    I don't remem­ber. [RMDIR /S /Q C:]

    When I restarted the com­puter, it wanted these
    files, and since I couldn't get to them, when
    I rebooted again, the com­puter took the F2,
    F12 "boot from the CD-ROM drive" command.

    It was just like installing the soft­ware in
    the fac­tory. And it did not ask me for a prod­uct

    I switched the boot pri­or­ity back after I was

    Hope this helps.

  • Fahad

    hey. i have a small prob­lem. My win­dows XP just sud­denly decided to not work prop­erly and a lot of errors and ran­dom stuff has been com­ing up. i can't access most pro­grams or the inter­net. i can't log in prop­erly and when i do, there is a chance that it will reset the com­puter auto­mat­i­cally…
    my ques­tion is — could you please guide me through a re-install of XP?

  • snip­tools

    Fahad, that's unfor­tu­nately not the intent of this web page, but hope Mark's steps help you:


  • Abelardo

    Win­dows XP home edi­tion: Start Menu: Help and Sup­port is not work­ing. When I try and click on
    enter, noth­ing hap­pens. The Icon has a ? on it. It used to work at one time. I really don't want to rein­stall my WinXP but it I have to, so be it.
    Hope you can help.


  • snip­tools

    Hi Abelardo,

    Do you have a Win­dows XP recov­ery CD that you must have got when you pur­chased the OS? That would be the best and pre­ferred method to rein­stall "Help and Sup­port Cen­ter" again on your machine.

    Alter­na­tively (and this advice comes with no guar­an­tees or respon­si­bil­i­ties on my part), if you really want to rein­stall Help and Sup­port with­out using the online Microsoft Tech­ni­cal Data­base (Knowl­edge Base), then backup all your impor­tant data etc, Fdisk your com­puter and rein­stall your sys­tem as per your OEM Recov­ery CD.

    Bet­ter still, if you have a gen­uine qual­i­fy­ing Win­dows 98/ME/W2K CD, then you can invest in a gen­uine Win­dows XP upgrade CD and per­form a full 'clean install', which is the cor­rect way to install any OS, IMO.

    Just FYI,

    o Fdisk
    o Clean Install

    Let me know how it goes!


  • GFOS

    Thank you for the pre­vi­ous com­ments. It helped with my ques­tion of rein­stalling XP.

    In read­ing some of the com­ments, a dumb ques­tion came to my mind. A cou­ple of peo­ple dis­cussed buy­ing Win­dows XP keys either from Microsoft or a OEM ven­dor. Does this mean i could pur­chase a Win­dows XP disk (offi­cial copy of course), then buy prod­uct keys to install on mut­li­ple com­put­ers? IE use same disk with appro­pri­ate # of keys to LEGALLY install mul­ti­ple copies of XP?

  • Donna

    . Blair said on May 20, 2004 09:08 AM:
    I have a ques­tion if any­one can answer it i would be very grat­ful. if i rein­stall win­dows xp over a copy that is bad can i keep all the doc­u­ments that where on it. Please i can't get in to the win­dows sfae mode or nor­mal and the last good con­fig­u­ra­tion doesn't work. can any one help me please i need help.
    I believe so Blair. I actu­ally "wanted" to lose all my data, and refor­mat c:, which the stu­pid restore disk wouldn't help with, and when I rein­stalled win­dows, I had a re-installed win­dows, (sup­pos­edly) all else was still there, (ughhh)

  • Donna

    I am hav­ing prob­lems with for­mat­ting a:… I have changed dri­ves, but it does the same thing. I hav cleaned the drive. It will for­mat some disks, but not oth­ers. (about 50/50)I had a zip drive con­nected to the sec. ide with the CDR, and 2 HDD's on the pri. but only the one floppy on that port. When I disc. the zip drive, it seems to work bet­ter, but still has probs. Also, all my flop­pies I cre­ate, a lot of them can not re read on other com­put­ers with­out XP ver win­dows???? Any thoughts???

  • Bug911

    I am hav­ing a prob­lem with the win­dows prod­uct acti­va­tion. The WinXP Home is on the com­puter. I had to do a repair due to prob­lems. I now keep get­ting an error with the acti­va­tion. I acti­vate it and use the same cd key. Well, it works.. then when I reboot, I have to do it all over again. Is there a solu­tion to this prob­lem? This might be a fac­tor… I repaired the first time and cre­ated a new account and did an acti­va­tion… then I deleted this account… do not know if that is of any relevance.


  • Roland

    I am hav­ing the same prob­lem as Swede in #28 here. I keep get­ting this reminder in the task panel on bootup each time for acti­va­tion Win­dows XP, but when I right click on it or get out of it, it says your Win­dows is already acti­vated. I use my Cd that came with this com­puter and the sasser worm got into it so I rein­stalled WinXP Home Edi­tion and got a dual boot, but I cor­rected that but the reminder acti­va­tion keeps pop­pin up on startup..HELP

  • Chris W.

    Shanx, I am unable to delete, rename, or move any of my AVI files. Each time I try these actions I get an error mes­sage say­ing that "the fol­low­ing action can­not be per­formed because the file is being used by another per­son or pro­gram," or some­thing to that effect, this would hap­pen even if I do not have any pro­grams run­ning. I would like to know if rein­stalling XP would fix my problem.

  • Realest

    Will copy­ing over the wpa.dbl file also retain acti­va­tion info for other MS prod­ucts? such as Office and Visio?

  • Davor

    Can u advice me please

    I have XP pro and Easy cd cre­ator 5 Plat­inum… The prob­lem started when I can not read my cd’s saved before with easy cd. So I rein­stalled the easy cd cre­ator but now I have mes­sage that cdr4_2k.sys is old?! So I went to Roxio web site to update the cd cre­ator; I done the update but I have a few times a “blue screen” and now I can not even write cd’s reg­u­larly, I mean with win­dows. Please what to do, as most of my data is on the cd’s saved with easy cd cre­ator, but, unfor­tu­nately, I didn’t close cd’s with the option that I can read them in other cd’s.

    Is there any other way to read data from the cd’s as my cd/dvd rw drive don’t recog­nise any­thing on the cd’s saved as above mentioned


  • Omer

    I bought a refur­bished hp lap­top with win xp pre­loaded, but did not get any cd with it. Its time for me to rein­stall xp, because giv­ing me all kinds of prob­lem. What am i sup­pose to do with­out any cd. Please help!

  • Joe Ognibene


    I'm run­ning XP home edi­tion and want to re-install and re-format because of var­i­ous annoy­ing prob­lems. I bought this com­puter (from a rep­utable dealer) with XP pre-installed, but got nei­ther an instal­la­tion CD nor a re-boot disc. It has the legit key num­ber securely glued to the case, which I suc­cess­fully used to acti­vate way back then.

    My ques­tion is: hav­ing recently bor­rowed a legit XP home edi­tion instal­la­tion CD from a friend, can I use it with my valid 25-digit key num­ber?? The two com­put­ers were bought around the same time, early 2002.


  • John B

    Hi, I have a sim­i­lar ques­tion to Joe's, with an extra wrinkle.

    I have a PC that came with W98 pre-installed. I upgraded it to XP with an upgrade CD. I now want to clean up the sys­tem with a clean install of XP.

    I'm told the XP upgrade CD won't work with a fresh install unless I have a "full edi­tion" qual­i­fy­ing CD of an older OS to prove it's a legit­i­mate upgrade. I never got a W98 CD with the orig­i­nal machine, so I don't have a qual­i­fy­ing CD.

    A friend lent me his XP CD, but it's an OEM CD ("for dis­tri­b­u­tion only with a new computer").

    Will the OEM CD work with my key? For that mat­ter, if I could find a "full edi­tion" (i.e., not an upgrade or OEM) CD, would that work with my (upgrade) key?

    Thanks for any advice!

  • snip­tools

    Hi John,

    (1) Would an OEM CD from your friend work with your cur­rent key: Legit­i­mately, nope.

    (2) If you buy a new, "full edi­tion" of Win­dows XP , then you won't need your cur­rent key, you'll be given a new one.

    In gen­eral, in these cases, I'd rec­om­mend try­ing to get in touch with your PC ven­dor and ask­ing them for the best recourse — best to have them deal with Microsoft in your local city. I believe that at least the OS should be seri­ously clean, and it's worth spend­ing some extra bucks on to save you hours and hours of anguish later.

  • Jason

    I recently tried to rein­stall Win­dows XP Pro­fes­sional and to my dis­may when there is about 13 min­utes left an error mes­sage comes up that it cant find the "unregmp2.exe" file and the instal­la­tion just quits at that point. Now I am stuck with­out an Oper­at­ing Sys­tem and every­time I turn on the com­puter it tries to go right back to the instal­la­tion. I have tried the install a cou­ple more times all end­ing with the same fail­ure. PLEASE HELP!?!? Thank you for any advice!

  • Phil W

    I bought a new PC from a well known ven­dor that pre-installed Win­dows XP Pro­fes­sional on it. I went through the usual WPA and suc­cess­fully acti­vated the machine.

    About 6 or 7 weeks later I attempted to login and got an error:

    "A prob­lem is pre­vent­ing win­dows from accu­rately check­ing the license for this com­puter. Error code: 0x800700c1".

    I was imme­di­ately logged out when I pressed the OK but­ton. This error hap­pens on all accounts and all attempts to login.

    Thank­fully I even­tu­ally found out how to access the disk via Safe Mode so I've man­aged to back up my data at least! How­ever, I've got lots of apps installed that I really don't want to re-install and re-configure…

    Can any­one tell me a really sim­ple way of mak­ing Win­dows XP think that it hasn't been Acti­vated yet such that I can re-activate it?

  • Quazi

    I am hav­ing the same prob­lem as Phil hav­ing when am start­ing my machine:"A prob­lem is pre­vent­ing win­dows from accu­rately check­ing the license for this com­puter. Error code: 0x800700c1". I was also able to start it in safe mode. Can any­one tell me how I can get around this prob­lem with­out
    rein­satlling XP?

  • KB INC

    ide like to no if hav­ing my legal lis­cence and prod­uct key for win­dows xp home edi­tion does me any good if i have to rein­stall the OS on a for­mated drive but i dont have the orig­i­nal cd .…. i mean can if i have some­one elses cd can i still use my prod­uct code and liscence?

    Thanks for the time

  • Mike

    Hi, I down­loaded my Win­dows XP home edi­tion (dan­ish) ver­sion on my PC and i did acti­va­tion on it with suc­cess but when i tried to down­load on my lap­top it wont accept to do the acti­va­tion… do you think if i copy that file c:\windows\system32 from my PC to my Lap­top will solv the problem?

  • Huffy

    I recently bought a Gate­way lap­top M675 run­ning XP Home Edi­tion. I tried to load SBC/Yahoo DSL soft­ware on it and very early in the instal­la­tion a fatal errror pops up stat­ing that the "Work­FlowHar­nes­sEx­e­cutable has encoun­tered a prob­lem and must close." And boom, out it goes. So. I have taken the fol­low­ing steps:
    1) I got another install disk
    2) I've run all the diag­nos­tics that I can find on the com­puter. (Once the CMOS on the moth­er­board test failed. But didn't fail on a later test).
    3) I've called both SBC and Gate­way and they of course blame each other.
    4) I sent an error report to Microsoft but will get no reply to that.
    5) Oh and by the way, both the orig­i­nal and replace­ment DSL disks have suc­cess­fully loaded on 3 other machines run­ning XP.

    This just has to be an OS or hard­ware prob­lem, right?
    I have my XP disk. Can I suc­cess­fully re-load it with­out trash­ing all of my other soft­ware that's already on the machine?
    I have run the gamut of my knowl­edge. Do you have any sug­ges­tions?
    Thanks in advance

  • jorock

    how do i fix this:error code 0x800700c1.

  • snip­tools

    Hi jorock,

    You can boot into Safe mode (hit F8 as the sys­tem first begins to load and then from the
    boot menu that shows up, choose Safe Mode from the options) and logon as administrator.

    Start –> Run
    regsvr32 regwizc.dll

    Then, Run
    regsvr32 licdll.dll

    If this doesn't help try these steps:

    Restart the com­puter in Safe mode by hit­ting F8 at bootup. Start/run "regedit". Delete the fol­low­ing keys:

    HKEY_USERS\S-1 – 5-20\Software\Microsoft\Cryptography\Providers

    Exit the reg­istry edi­tor, restart nor­mally. Please note that regedit is not for novice users, so please backup accord­ingly and don't mess around with it unless you know what you're up to.

    Good luck,

  • Salman

    How to update win­dows online when it is ask­ing for invalid acti­va­tion Key. Is there any Solu­tion or trick ?

  • JimF

    I would like to make a backup disk for my note­book PC, so that if the pri­mary disk fails while I am trav­el­ling, I can just swap it out. Will this acti­va­tion method work for the backup disk (i.e., copy wpa.db1 to the backup)? All of the hard­ware would be the same, except of course for the disks themselves.

  • Guy

    Hi, I'm using XP Home on a Medion lap­top. In the last few days I've been pre­vented from installing any new pro­grams. As soon as instal­la­tion begins of a new pro­gram I get a box come up that is headed '16 Bit Win­dows Sub­sys­tem' The mes­sage reads: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT
    The sys­tem file is not suit­able for run­ning MSDOS and Microsoft Win­dows appli­ca­tions,. Chose close to ter­mi­nate application".

    There are then two boxes to click, either Close or Ignore. Whichever is clicked the result is the sam, the instal­la­tion ter­mi­nates. Please can you help? I've tried Sys­tem Restore but the prob­lem remains.

  • Greg


  • Mike N.

    Hi all,

    I had a cat­a­strophic fail­ure of my moth­er­board and power sup­ply and rather than replace them I ordered a brand new box (bare­bones) with pow­er­sup­ply moth­er­board, proces­sor and ram, now I want to stuff my hard drive in and a cou­ple of other things but I'm afraid that win­dows isn't going to like such a rad­i­cal hard­ware change.

    Any thoughts or sug­ges­tions on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Mike "Nuck­le­futs"

  • SkyShroud

    Greet­ings, salu­ta­tions, and all that jazz. Rel­a­tively quick ques­tion, with many pos­si­ble solu­tions, I imag­ine. I have a client who installed XP Pro upgrade on her pc, obvi­ously a pirated copy…intially, accorid­ing to her, every­thing worked well, her old docs/files/proggies were in place from 98se, etc… then, she attempted to run a generic acti­va­tion crack on the pc, result­ing in a sys­tem that now con­tin­u­ally reboots just prior to login. In look­ing at the ser­vices log, it appears that about 90% of the sys­tem ser­vices are not load­ing at startup. I am attempt­ing to resolve this mat­ter with a legit XP cd, how­ever, whether I expand the kernel32.dll file, try to man­u­ally search the reg­istry for invalid com­mands, includ­ing auto restart, etc… I still can­not resolve this auto reboot issue. I have installed XP Pro in a 2nd par­ti­tion, to gain access to the orig­i­nal install direc­tory from the GUI…that boots per­fectly well, so, I think I can rule out bad device dri­vers (Roxio, UDF, etc), but I am now stuck. I have a client's sys­tem with a work­ing copy of XP Pro, yet, no reg­istry entries for exist­ing soft­ware instal­la­tions, or, an upgrade that will not boot prop­erly. Sys­tem restore is a no go on that par­ti­tion, and, I am unable to even begin to import the keys from the reg­istry on par­ti­tion 1, into the work­ing copy on par­ti­tion 2..especially given that they are most likely whacked any­way, result­ing from some lil kiddie's inten­tional or inept pro­gram­ming. So…where next? Pls and thanks!

  • AJA

    I bought a com­puter at a yard sale for my son. It has win­dows xp pro­fes­sional loaded. I went to Wim­dows update to get sp1 update but it fails do to "prod­uct key invalid, con­tact retailer…" Is there any way I can get around this?

  • Rachel

    I did a XP Home Edi­tion re-install and have lost all the files in My Music and My Pic­tures (yeah, I know, I was GOING to make back ups) My hard drive space is the same as it was before the rein­stall, but I have no idea where all the files went. I've tried a search, using *.jpg etc but noth­ing turns up. I know XP hid these some­place dur­ing the re-install. Any ideas on where to start look­ing so I can restore them? Only about 10GB of music. :( Same for pix of the kids, my jeep etc… :(

    Please reply here as well as to my email address:


  • JimD

    My brother-in-law's com­puter is down again because it keeps los­ing its acti­va­tion code. Twice he has called MS for a new code, gets the sys­tem going for a day or so, then loses the code again. He gets a clean report from both Nor­ton and Trend Micro. Is there a way to stop this behavior?

  • sandy

    I have ema­chines XP and i have MCafee and it said i had some virues and it renamed 1 and cleaned the other 7 out but , how do i make sure it is all the way out of my pc my pc is reboot­ing all the time i cant get into any thing ? what can i do ??

  • jkue

    Try start­ing in the last known suc­cess­ful boot by press­ing F8 when load­ing, load this and dein­stall the crap, hon­estly. You can go the same route and get into to safety mode and do the same, and if you really need this piece of crap soft­ware, install it again.

  • Jason

    Hi, Im hop­ing you might be able to help me. I recently went to a com­puter show & pur­chased XP pro very cheaply. I then real­ized why it was cheap. There wasn't any OEM or prod­uct acti­vat­ing code inside or on the packet. My ques­tion is this. Since this seems to be a legal copy of WinXP, is there any­way to extract an oem code/product code of the cdrom itself or do I have to call MS & buy another one.
    Thanks for the feedback

  • Chris­t­ian


    I have a huge prob­lem. I'm pretty cer­tain I have a virus or some­thing, but I'm quite a novice. Every time I turn the com­puter on and check the Task Man­ager, my CPU usage is 100%. I try to end the tasks, but then yet another task jumps up to 97%. It's ridicu­lous. I want to know if there's any way to fix this with­out rein­stalling, for I've lost the instil­la­tion disc in the last move. Can I even repair some­thing like this? Please, some­one – help me.

    Thank you.

  • jkue

    Jason: Buy the soft­ware, but there's no need to call M$, find a reseller near you.

    Chris­t­ian: have you tried a Virus scan­ner? I detest them, but maybe you should give this a try at first.

  • Chris­t­ian


    Thank you for your sug­ges­tion. I have used a virus scan­ner and it did quar­an­tine and destroy a virus or two, but the prob­lem is still there. I really need to fix this, as the school year has begun. Thank you for your response.

  • jkue

    Chris­t­ian, I believe there is another pro­gram run­ning in the back­ground. Go to the ser­vices applet or task man­ager and turn of things like Web­server, VScan­ner etc., turn off all pro­grams run­ning in the tray one by one and check the results. I pre­sume it's a run­ning ser­vice, that is caus­ing this to happen.

  • Dar­ren

    Hi, I;m Won­der­ing if any­one can help. I need to ren­stall win­dows, the only thing is, i have no xp cd or recov­ery disk or anythung. We bought the com­puter 2nd hand. Is there any way of rein­stalling with­out the discs?

  • jkue

    No, you can not rein­stall with­out the discs.

  • Kyle

    Hey, I was lookin through my add/remove pro­grams and I keep find­ing alot of win­dows exp hot­fix (and then some num­bers). What the heck are they?

  • jkue

    these are installed when you do a win­dows update. They are from M$, to repair holes in the sys­tem, atleast we hope so.

  • rory

    Big Prob­lem. For ages i have been using a PIRATE win­dows xp onto my lap­top, and every­thing was fine. Any­way, my com­puter com­pletely crashed once and being a novice i ended up for­mat­ting both the hard dri­ves on the lap­top eras­ing every­thing. I then tried to rein­stall this pirate ver­sion of win­dows using bootup diskettes which worked fine, but when log­ging on i get a mes­sage say­ing "the prod­uct key is not valid for this media type. please rein­stalll win­dows. error code: 0×80040509" what do i do?

  • snip­tools

    Rory, sorry I won't sup­port a pirated ver­sion of any soft­ware on this site. Thanks.

    Jkue, thanks so much for being so active and use­ful on the site! I con­sid­ered a forum soft­ware, yes, but am work­ing on a threaded dis­cus­sion thing here itself. It's so dif­fi­cult to get most of the mod­ern bbs soft­ware to look sim­ple and usable.

  • Kendra

    I acce­dently rebooted my com­puter with my old reboot­ing disk from win­dows 95. i upgraded to xp pro­fes­sional. but wen i rebooted with da disk.…it went back to 95.…how do i get xp back on my com­puter. could u please email the results to me..ty

  • Doogle

    This (misguided)comment is directed to "Shanx"…I must say I loved the pious­ness of your put­down to Rory, "…sorry, I won't sup­port a pirated version…blah blah blah…". How­ever, before you begin your Heav­en­ward ascen­sion, read up on the HISTORY of MICROSOFT. The com­pany was COMPLETELY founded, con­structed and con­tin­ues to oper­ate on the pre­vi­ously COPYRIGHTED efforts of XEROX. 20+ years ago Mr.Bill was allowed at least 3(!) requested invites to begin con­struc­tion of a suit­able soft­ware pro­gram that would make the XEROX Hard­ware more flex­i­ble AMONG ITS OWN HARDWARE AND ITS OWN DEVICES!!!! A full YEAR later, the rain­locked, shower-less one (thats right, Mr.B)bought out those asso­ciates less-committed (?) for mere pen­nies and pro­ceded to rape XEROX (the only sole, true inven­tor of the pro­to­types of today's "desk­top", the "mouse", and the set-up of the view­ing "screen" (mon­i­tor?)). He then took advan­tage of a relax­ing of the "robber-baron" laws that were so instru­men­tal in keep­ing the Get­tys, Rock­er­fellers, et al from own­ing the west­ern half (among other things…)of the rail-lines that were help­ing the USA to begin on solid foot­ing. With "Win­dows" as the de facto oper­at­ing sys­tem on nearly every P.C. built in the first 20 years of the 'net rev­o­lu­tion… (com­par­i­son? Imag­ine if EVERY com­bustible engine within ALL auto­mo­biles built EVERYWHERE in the world was installed with "FORD" or "CHRYSLER"? stamped on it?…God Bless those early "Sci­en­tists" of the Military's ARPANET…), Mr.Gates has uti­lized piracy of another's sweat, toil, and genius while amass­ing a per­sonal for­tune that is stupi­fy­ing. Per­haps, the use of pirated soft­ware is a prob­lem among some less-diverse (& less Government-Blessed!)companies, but I'm afraid I find the cry­ing of "foul" by MSN laughable.(which I felt the "XP"- heavy sub­ject mat­ter most spurred my thoughts toward…)
    Keep the faith…
    Dou­glas Gautreaux
    Warner Robins, GA (USA)

    p.s. I use Win­dows, and am an I.T. major and aver­age joe-Not a con­spir­acy nut, but a lit­tle sus­pi­cious of the ori­gins of today's pop­u­lar "piracy" origins…

  • rob

    My com­puter was virus infested so I refor­mated (after copy­ing the wpa.dbl file to floppy) and rein­stalled my WinXP Pro and tried the acti­va­tion bypass exactly as instructed.
    1.Copy the file c:\windows\system32\wpa.dbl to a floppy.
    2.Reinstall Win­dows XP.
    3.Boot to a DOS disk if you are using FAT, or to the Recov­ery Con­sole if using NTFS.
    4.Copy the file from the first step above back to c:\windows\system32.

    BUT I'm still being prompted to acti­vate! What gives!!!???

  • snip­tools

    Doogle, thanks for that back­ground but I believe a proper gov­ern­ment body may be a bet­ter audi­ence for thoughts of that nature.

    If a com­pany like Microsoft has been allowed to func­tion as a busi­ness, then I am sure its tech­nolo­gies were licensed in ways that are accept­able by legal stan­dards. Cre­at­ing is one thing, but if Xerox did not have the good sense to com­mer­cial­ize it, then so be it. Our world is full of such exam­ples (e.g., DVD stan­dards, fash­ion items, etc).

    There is a good rea­son why Win­dows is the de facto stan­dard. Unix was for geeks, Linux now is bet­ter but still hor­ri­ble to install and main­tain for reg­u­lar folks (and it wasn't around when MS was climb­ing ranks), and Apple was and is expen­sive and closed. Things become pop­u­lar because there is a demand for them, please give con­sumers some credit for mak­ing the choice that suits their need best, not nec­es­sar­ily some sup­posed "best" choice that you determine.

    MS, for what it is worth, does do a sig­nif­i­cant amount of inno­va­tion. ASP for instance was an inno­va­tion of Microsoft when Perl CGI was the norm. Now Sun's JSP or a bunch of other new lan­guages like PHP and Ruby fol­low sim­i­lar con­cepts. MS also pro­vides a great deal of liveli­hood for peo­ple who code in Visual Stu­dio. Etc etc.

    I've indulged your off-topic post but please note that it's besides the point of this web­site, and this page in par­tic­u­lar. Whom I decide to help and whom I don't is my pre­rog­a­tive, and my rea­sons for not help­ing peo­ple with pirated ver­sions is very fair and rea­son­able. Pirat­ing soft­ware does harm someone's liveli­hood some­where, so I don't believe in it. What you believe is your choice.


  • snip­tools

    Rob, please let me know what you did. No point regur­gi­tat­ing the arti­cle above, it's more mean­ing­ful to know what YOU did. Is your WinXP a legally pur­chased ver­sion? What was the disk for­mat type before you for­mat­ted (FAT/NTFS) and what it is after? Did you change any hard­ware? Etc.

  • rob

    Thanks Shanks,
    I just regur­gi­tated because I did exactly what was writ­ten. Yes it's a legally pur­chased ver­sion. NTFS before and NTFS after. No hard­ware change imme­di­ately after but I have since installed a new firewire card. I can lig­iti­mately autho­rize this copy of xp again but I thought it would be eas­ier to bypass. Appar­ently not. Any ideas why it's not working?

  • Kris

    I just recently installed win­dows xp home edtion and acti­vated it. After acti­va­tion my com­puter crashed and I could not restart. I then for­mated the hardrive and rein­stalled xp on my com­puter but it will not allow me to reac­ti­vate the soft­ware. any help
    I only have 30 days on my com­puter so haste is appreciated.

  • snip­tools

    Kris, why not try call­ing up MS sup­port with that info? From your descrip­tion, they should and will help you for free.

    What do you mean by "it does not allow me to reac­ti­vate" — what mes­sage do you see? Are you rein­stalling WinXP from the same orig­i­nal CD as you had installed before?

    (P.S. As you prob­a­bly know now, for­mat­ting the entire hard drive for a rea­son as sim­ple as boot issues was not a clever idea.)

  • Kris

    I under­stand that for­mat­ing the hardrive for boot prob­lems was not a good I dea but the com­puter became unre­spon­sive after bios would load and would not even act as though win­dows was installed. When I say reac­ti­vate I mean that win­dos prompts me to acti­vate my copy of win­dows after I have installed it. Because I had acti­vated it once pre­viosly I say reac­ti­vate even thouth the comm­puter clearly states to acti­vate as though it is the first activation.

    also if you have a phone num­ber for ms sup­port that would be help­full
    thanks Kris

  • ERIK

    hello, hows every­one doing today?

    I have a full legal win­dows xp install­tion cd that I bought from a retail store. I loaded it on one of my older com­put­ers, and just got done installing on my newer one that I just built. Then I relized that I could not use the same num­ber to acta­vate it, as every­one here already knows, but I just dis­cov­ered this prob­lem myself. I have read what everone else has tryed and asked.

    But I was just won­der­ing can I copy wpa.dbl from older com­puter and paste it in the new com­put­ers folder C:windows/system32 ?

    Will I be all­right or will I have to do try to reboot with the file all ready on the win­dows xp cd?

  • Matt

    A friend sud­denly had a WinXP sys­tem ini file miss­ing from their com­puter (Dell) and XP wouldn't reboot. They called (Dell) tech sup­port, who had her re-install WinXP using the re-installation disk. See­ing in a prompt that if she "re-installed" in the C:\WINDOWS direc­tory, she'd lose every­thing, so she installed this new ver­sion in C:\WINDOWS2. The old instal­la­tion is still in C:\WINDOWS, and all her files on her hard drive are where they are sup­posed to be, BUT none of her appli­ca­tions work now. Since it's using a reg­istry, I'm sure, from the sec­ond instal­la­tion. I know this wasn't the right way to fix the Win­dows prob­lem, but it's her fault she didn't call me before she called Dell tech sup­port. Now, the ques­tion is, is there any­thing I can do to update the new ver­sion of win­dows with the OLD reg­istry, OR is there any way to go back to boot­ing to the OLD win­dows direc­tory.… This is XP HOME, not Professional.

  • Sal

    For­mat­ted HD, have XP CD, but the last 5 dig­its of key code I can­not read. Can­not re-install XP until I have those last dig­its. Any suggestions?

  • rob

    No, using the wpa.dbl from older com­puter will not work in the new com­puter because — Acti­va­tion, based on the ser­ial num­ber of the hard­ware components(harddisk, moth­er­board, net­work card), a code is gen­er­ated. Based
    on this code, a "Con­fir­ma­tion ID" is cre­ated for your sys­tem.
    The pur­pose of Acti­va­tion is to pre­vent a copy of Win­dows XP to be installed on mul­ti­ple sys­tems (and Microsoft only get­ting paid for
    one license).

  • rob

    Instead of doing a re-installation she should have tried a repair instal­la­tion. Have her unin­stall the sec­ond instal­la­tion using add/remove pro­grams and then do the repair instal­la­tion from the cd.

  • rob

    Go see an eye doc­tor? Just kid­ding. You can try call­ing Microsoft. If they can't pro­vide you with the miss­ing dig­its they should send you a new key code.

  • Erik

    Thanks Rob, but one more Question.

    If I call m$ and talk to them to get another acti­va­tion num­ber will M$ know that the other com­puter is still acti­vated? I'm probally going to trash it sooner then later, but for the time being it is still run­ning. Does M$ really care that much?

    Thanks for the help!

  • rob

    The ques­tion is do *I* really care that much? Just kid­ding. If *you* owned a busi­ness and some­one was try­ing to seal $200 from you would you care? Then again *you're* prob­a­bly NOT a bazil­lionare. Any­who, If you ask me this whole acti­va­tion crap is just a bunch of crap­pity crap made just to annoy peo­ple like you and I (the non-bazillionares). I hon­estly don't know how M$ is going to know if you've removed the soft­ware or not. Maybe they've incor­po­rated some new code in their new beta email track­ing soft­ware pro­gram that can see? I say give them a call and give them Hell!!! …and post back your expe­ri­ence for all our benifit.

  • Erik

    Now I know why every­body really don't like MS. I just don't under­stand with the way tech­nol­ogy is grow­ing they still need to get $200 for every copy. Don't they see this is the biggest rea­son for peo­ple to try to crack and hack them. Come on even if they charge $200 we as the own­ers should have the right to aleast install it on three to four com­put­ers with out them say­ing no. I will try to give them hell but I think I have a bet­ter chance of see­ing my red sox win a world series.
    Also does any­one know if MS can lock you out of your com­puter for any rea­son, do they have that right if they think your run­ning a duplicate?

    thanks for all the help

  • rob

    Win­dows XP will stop respond­ing if you do not acti­vate it.

  • Mike

    I've got a prob­lem you may not have come across. I'm try­ing to install XP Pro over an older Japan­ese Win­dows 2000. I don't want 2000, and since it's a dif­fer­ent lan­guage ver­sion, I can't seem to get rid of it through the XP setup. Any­body know a way to get rid of it and then install XP?

  • cat

    i had to refor­mate and im won­der­ing if there is any­way to some­how retrieve fold­ers that were not able to be retrieved before refor­mate hap­pened i had unmount­able boot error and couldnt get into safe ode to save any­thing from my doc­u­ments is there a way to retrieve these lost files

  • Faraaz Damji (Frazzydee)

    For the future, you can boot into knop­pix and save those files to a floppy disk or some­thing. You may or may not be able to retrieve those files depend­ing on whether they have been over­writ­ten or not. I know of one tool for retriev­ing lost files (Spin­Rite), but I can't per­son­ally vouch for it, since I've never used it.

    You could also try doing a search on or (bet­ter yet)– maybe there's some free utilities?

  • Aubrey

    I recenlty bought my self a new PC with a 3.0 Ghz Proces­sor and 120 Gig HDD, now it didn't come with soft­ware I love my Win­dows XP but i can't deal with the inter­net acti­va­tion and 30 day count out I am still the same per­son on;y dif­fer­ent machine so I am not hack­ing or bypass­ing reg­is­tra­tion but I legally bought the copy for my old PC now I can't use it…does any one have a proven and work­ing method to actu­ally bypass this XP inter­net acti­va­tion process please help.

  • rob

    There is only one way to bypass the acti­va­tion but it only works if rein­stalling on the same com­puter. You need to call microsoft. They should be able to get you going. Please post your results.

  • James

    I can't seem to find the answer I am look­ing for here. I have a Dell desk­top PC and it crashed, I had to refro­mat last night. I started look­ing for my Prod­uct key and I could not find it. In have the Dell recov­ery Win­dows XP Pro disk. SO I go to Dell and they say it is on a sticker on the machine. Okay I am sure it was but I think one of my kids pealed if off. SO I have a valid Win­dows XP Pro Cd and no key. Is there any way to get the key off the CD? If not how can I install XP with out spend­ing any money?
    Thank you for any help.

  • rob

    James, James, James… There is a list of things you need before you can install your OS and one of them is the prod­uct key!!! If you hadn't already refor­mat­ted you could find the prod­uct in the regestry but now you're SOL. What did Dell say when you told them your kid took the prod­uct key sticker?

  • Scott


    I had win­dows mil­le­nium installed on my lap­top and i have win­dows xp installed on my pc. I have just for­mat­ted my lap­top hard drive to get rid of all the junk on it and was plan­ning on installing win­dows xp instead. i have put in my win­dows xp cd but when i type in setup at the dos prompt now, it just says this pro­gram can­not be run in dos mode.

    What should i do?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide

  • rob

    Reboot with the WinXP CD in the drive.

  • Pam

    OK — Here is the prob­lem.
    1. Had a Note­book.
    2. Gave it to my daugh­ter.
    3. She took it to col­lege.
    4. She got a boyfriend!
    5. She got a virus on her com­puter.
    6. She tried to let boyfriend fix it!
    7. Boyfriend over­wrote legit­i­mate copy of XP.
    8. Now asks for Acti­va­tion.
    9. Acti­va­tion does not work by phone or com­puter.
    10. Can­not find orig­i­nal "restore" CD from com­puter
    11. Can­not find name of com­puter to get another.
    Have orig­i­nal XP Prod­uct Key.
    12. Have some new num­ber that appears on acti­va­tion Screen.
    13. Can't get help from Microsoft because dont have PID key — because stu­pid com­puter doesn't boot

    Is there help for me?

  • Janet

    I just tried to upgrade my eMa­chine t3085 from Xp Home edi­tion to Xp Pro­fes­sional edi­tion. It didn't come with a "ser­vice pack," but it's ask­ing for the cd with that on it. My com­puter is stuck in a loop of want­ing to install an "asms" file and when it can't get it, it gives an error mes­sage and reboots, and the cycle starts all over again.
    My ques­tion is, if I use the "Restore CDs," will I lose all of my Word doc­u­ments and such? Don't care so much about the pro­grams, but I have a half-finished novel on the com­puter I can't afford to lose… any ideas would be wel­comed… I am extremely frustrated…

  • PhilipKG

    Hard­disk 6.4 Mega on lap­top crashed (Bought the lap­top from pre­vi­ous employer 3 years ago. No restore disc avail­able ) Rein­stalled new hard disk 20 Giga.
    Have an old W98 licence (not in use) and a W-XP Home licence on desk­top.
    What is best advice to become oper­a­tional again with W-XP Home on laptop ?

  • Amanda

    I am get­ing the error of \system32\hal.dll. Please rein­stall this file. I called Dell sup­port and they told me that I need to rein­stall my Win­dows XP, how­ever I do not have the disk… is there any­thing else I can do?

  • snip­tools

    Hi Amanda,

    Just a ques­tion: do you have a dou­ble boot sys­tem where you boot Win­dows XP along with another OS? Your prob­lem may be eas­ily solved by fix­ing the boot.ini as instructed here:

    Let us know how it goes!

  • joey

    I dunno what hap­pened, I must of dl some­thing that fked my comp all up…I got a lap­top R32. Well, I bought it off my friend and the shitty part of the deal was it didn't come with a floppy disk/ "A Drive" which ever you pre­fer! Nor, did I get an XP start up disk so I could rein­stall or refor­mat.. So here's the problem.…If I dou­ble click "Inter­net Explorer" it doesn't open. I can't open "My com­puter" My Doc­u­ments" or any other pro­gram that may need Explorer to view mate­r­ial. Some how Explorer got cor­rupted and now I am locked out of all my files. So what should I do?

  • snip­tools

    Joey, I have a silly ques­tion: what hap­pens when you go to Win­dow­sup­date and try to update your XP? That should usu­ally take care of stuff for you.

    If this doesn't work, try stop­ping by to see a list of Inter­net Explor­ers, get whichever ver­sion you wish and install it. Hope­fully, that'll take care of any miss­ing files etc.

    As for hav­ing down­loaded some­thing that's foul­ing things up on your machine, why not try get­ting some cleaner tools like Spy­bot or Ad-Aware etc?

    You can also try going to a snap­shot of your sys­tem before you have down­loaded all this stuff. Try tak­ing a look at SYSTEM RETORE in the START –> HELP AND SUPPORT thingie in XP and see if you have a sat­is­fac­tory snap­shot of the sys­tem from the past that you won't mind going back to.

    As for your files, can you see them in DOS? If so, you can get your­self a decent browser replace­ment for IE, like Fire­fox or Opera, and a decent file explorer replace­ment like File Commander.

    Ideal sit­u­a­tion would be to repair your OS though, so ask­ing your ven­dor for the CD would be a good idea. Hope­fully one of the above works for you though, let us know!

  • Joey

    Silly ques­tions require silly com­ments Sash, but stu­pid mis­takes will make peo­ple post ques­tions. 😀
    Ok, I tried "ad aware" and it detects cook­ies, unwanted reg keys and fold­ers, yet this didn't take care of the prob­lem oth­er­wise I wouldn't be ask­ing how to fix this prob­lem. I also just got done doing a sys­tem restore but this didn't fix the prob­lem either. I tried dl "Inter­net Explorer" Which I got from the microsoft web­site. Dur­ing the dl process it had came up with a pop up that says, "Setup was unable to down­load required com­po­nents" Basi­cally try again later…In other words it's most likely not gonna work later. I don't know if what I have a virus or what, but I get the feel­ing that I am run­ning out of options and think­ing about run­ning to Frys to buy a new Drive.
    Basi­cally win­dows explorer is com­pletely dis­abled. Explorer is the only way to get into any kind of pro­gram, such as "Con­trol Pan­nel" "Search Files and Fold­ers" "My Com­puter" "My doc­u­ments" Ect. And I know about Dos, but I have school papers I need to get and print out, which are in "My Doc­u­ments" Well any­ways, thanks for the help I really appre­ci­ate it. Take care for now

  • Amanda

    Nope, no 2nd OS. I cant even boot into Win­dows to check any­thing.. I get the error as soon as I turn my com­puter on. I also cant do any kind of sys­tem restore or load under safemode.. I have the cd's for XP that rein­stall your dri­vers.. but not the actual Instal­la­tion CD for XP. Can I get the rein­stall CD from some­one else? or is that a big no no?

  • Guy Ben­ner


    I tried sift­ing through the ear­lier mes­sages to see if some­one had already answered my question/problem, but I didn't see it mentioned.

    When I started up my com­puter the other day (Com­paq Pre­sario 7000z pur­chased July 2001; Win­dows XP) first the XP screen comes up, then the blue screen say­ing, "Check­ing file sys­tem on c: The type of file sys­tem is FAT32. One of your disks needs to be checked for non­con­sis­tency. You may can­cel the disk check but it is strongly rec­om­mended that you con­tinue. Win­dows will now check the disk. Vol­ume ser­ial # is 2356-11E6. Win­dows is ver­i­fy­ing files & folders…"

    Then it shows the % com­pleted. After it gets to 100% com­plete, a screen flashes for about a tenth of a sec­ond, and I was only able to read some­thing about "Begin­ning dump of phys­i­cal mem­ory" or some­thing like that.

    The com­puter then auto­mat­i­cally reboots and con­tin­ues this process over and over and over…

    What can/should be done here? I'd like to sal­vage documents/pictures on my hard drive if possible.


  • snip­tools

    Guy, just start your machine with the Win­dows XP CD in your CD drive and fol­low the options. Please read about the Recov­ery Con­sole before doing this:

  • Val

    I have a seri­ous, urgent ques­tion. I need to down­load MS Office. I have win­dows xp pro­fes­sional installed on my com­puter with a 'false' cd key, and ser­vice pack 2 has been both­er­ing me to down­load it for a while, but since it detects my faulty acti­va­tion key, it won't let me com­pletely down­load the pack.

    When I try to install MSOFFICE, it says it won't down­load until I com­plete the down­load of ser­vice pack two! Is there any way to find where the par­tially down­loaded ser­vice pack is and delete it so msof­fice may still down­load? I'd really like to get ms office abd couldn't care less about ser­vice pack 2. I hope you under­stand my story, my writ­ing is in ram­bling style right now.

  • snip­tools

    Val, not sure if you can down­load and sat­is­fac­to­rily install MS Office, espe­cially over a false key, but you won't be find­ing much help on this site for this kind of stuff. Sorry, but good luck for your quest! –Shanx

  • Jack

    Ok, for most peo­ple who are using the net, I think the prob­lem is hav­ing an "Itchy trig­ger fin­ger." I admit I use to have one too… It's when you go on a site which requires you to dl plug ins In order to view flash or some other kind of unnec­es­sary pro­gram. Open­ing "Fwd" emails could cause your comp to mes­sup, or you could get a virus by doing some­thing as inno­cent as down­load­ing "AIM." An exam­ple of this is, "Wild Tan­gent" and "Weather Bug." Any­one with AIM has those pro­grams which I con­sider a virus because it's hard to delete, unnec­es­sary, and installed with­out your knowl­edge Basi­cally it's Spy­ware… In order to get rid of it you have to delete the fold­ers which were installed into your pro­gram files. The twist is, even after you delete this folder, it's still in the reg­istry key! Now, if you go into the Reg­istry, you're in dan­ger­ous ter­ri­tory if you dont know what you're doing. I'd sug­gest to use ad aware. I am sure it would get rid of it for you. I've came across the prob­lem which ad aware didn't work on get­ting rid of it so i had to man­u­ally delete it from the reg key myself.
    I think the best way to pro­tect your comp from a virus is by burn­ing impor­tant doc­u­ments which you need onto some CDs or diskettes. When you're fin­ished doing that, Refor­mat your com­puter. BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR FILES BACKED UP ONTO CDS BEFORE YOU CONTINUE. You'll lose every­thing, of course. So make sure to back your files onto cds or disks!!Do this every 6 months. In other words Twice a years. And stop click­ing on pop ups, spam, down­load­ing to much.
    One more thing, NEVER use "Inter­net Explorer" if pos­si­ble Down­load Mozilla, it's faster and a bet­ter win­dow to use. Well good luck to you all.

  • Jack

    I wrote the fol­low­ing on Oct. 25th.… NEVER use "Inter­net Explorer"
    I just want to add, on Inter­net Explorer when first installed it comes with spy­ware. This Regkey is a tracker which microsoft added on just to be cute. The pro­gram is called, "Alexa." To best sum it up, Lava­soft had said this about "Alexa".….
    "Tracks the user's surf­ing habits, Per­sonal infor­ma­tion present in URLs may be tracked"
    I am not sure if it causes your browser to run slower, but I am sure it might have some­thing to do with it. I think it only comes with xp not with sp1 2 and 3. Run Adware see what comes up. Good luck

  • Marti

    Hi.. What a won­der­ful site and so infor­ma­tive. I read thru most of the post­ings and could not find an answer. Prob­lem.. I am try­ing to fix a com­puter for a friend. When they boot up the desk­top does not show icons or bars. I tried the win­dow key and the only valid one if rec­og­nizes is win­dow l to switch users. Only one user. Win­dows XP btw. Either way, searched the inter­net and found out I could do a restore thru dos but the prob­lem is the win­dow comes up blank. Next think i read is to do a clean install. This com­puter was given to them by a friend with xp installed and no CD at all. The owner was able to get a sealed win­dows xp home edi­tion CD from work. I never had to do a rein­stall of any OS so this is new to me. I did read here about how to copy the wpa.dbl file to a floppy to bypass enter­ing the code if u don't have one. My ques­tion is, can I use this CD she brought to me to rein­stall Win­dows XP? I have a feel­ing I got myself involved into some­thing I shouldn't have. I have fixed com­put­ers hardware/ soft­ware, but never had to do a rein­stall. If you know a way to get the desk­top back with­out rein­stalling XP, please let me know. Thanks! Marti

  • jack

    Sounds like a nasty virus. If you have a lap­top, win­dows shouldn't come with a CD, all you do is press "F11" once you turn on your com­puter.
    This will lead you to…
    1. "diag­nos­tics check"
    2. "PC Rapid Restore"
    3. "Refor­mat­ting Win­dows"
    Try the PC Rapid Restore first, it takes about 2 hours till the process is done. The down side of Rapid Restore is it might not work and will be a waste of 2 hours.
    Refor­mat­ting "OS" or as I like to call it, "Win­dows" is always the best option.It's basi­cally self explan­i­tory. Once you choose it, it goes leads you step by step, till it starts doing it's thing. Just keep click­ing next, till it starts it's progress. If you do decide to pick this option you will lose any impor­tant doc­u­ment you might want and it will be erased. So if you want to do this, just select which ever num­ber this option is.
    Now If you have a lap­top here's how it works. This works for win­dows xp pro­fes­sional, not sure about what you have, but try it since your comp is messed up any­way.
    Win­dows xp has a hid­den file in the hard disk which is basi­cally like a WINDOWS CD. Mean­ing you don't need to run out to the store and buy an over priced WINDOWS XP CD. It's only for peo­ple with a Desk Top unfor­tu­nately. Well any­ways I hope this helps you solve your problem.

  • Jack

    Ok I re read your post Marti, I was in a rush ear­lier bc I had to get to school and I posted my com­ment with out going over it.

    First you said your friend has a desk top — Have your friend go to Wal­mart buy a copy of Win­dows xp home edi­tion. I know most peo­ple hate to do it, but it comes with the ter­ri­torry of own­ing a com­puter. Then go ahead and pop the sucker in and rein­stall xp onto your friends comp.

    Sec­ond — If a prob­lem does hap­pen that is just as bad or worse, you might have no other choice other than buy­ing a new hard drive.

    Third — make a "Bootup" Disk.
    As for the Cd you have. I wouldn't try it. It'll prob­a­bly be risky. This is were the "Boot Disk comes in.…
    IF it so hap­pens not to work the only way you'll be able to access any­thing on the comp is through a boot up disk and it'll go to DOS and give you acou­ple of options. Other wise you're gonna go through the whole. Abort, Retry, Fail, Option.
    In "Edi­tion" alit­tle geeky humor there.…
    I think mir­crosoft requires you to reg­is­ter for win­dows, and I heard they were not like­ing pirated copies of xp float­ing around. You said it was sealed? Did it come in a big blue box with the win­dows logo on it? Well any­ways, if you wanna take the chance, go for it. I hope things work out. Keep me posted.

  • Marti

    Good morn­ing Jack and thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I do have a desk­top. The CD she got for me was the pack­age that is "For dis­tri­b­u­tion only with a new pc (a new DELL PC only). She has a HP Pavil­ion. The CD was sealed in a sleeve wrapped in plas­tic. (No box but close enough). With your third option "Make a bootup disk" — I have another com­puter that I am work­ing on — just clean­ing off — doing spring clean­ing to (same HP Pavil­ion) that works fine — is it pos­si­ble to make a boot disk from that one to USE on the one that is hav­ing the desk­top prob­lem? Right now with this prob­lem com­puter, I am able to access ever­thing when I do a F8 upon startup and get­ting to the com­mand prompt. It I select startup in Safemode I do not get any fur­ther — not able to get to win­dows. If I am unable to use the "boot disk" from this other com­puter, is there a way to cre­ate a boot disk from this prob­lem com­puter thru the com­mand prompt. Are there files I am able to copy from a direc­tory on this com­puter that can restore with­out using the restore com­mand since that doesn't work?? I will check back. Thanks again!

  • jack

    Hello Marti,
    So we can elim­i­nate the lap­top part of the equa­tion. IF it was a lap­top win­dows XP pro­fes­sional comp, you wouldn't need a "Bootup disk" Nor a Win­dows XP Cd.
    Unfor­tu­nately, your friend has a desk­top which most likely requires a Win­dows CD to rein­stall. Now like I said before; DONT RISK IT! Go by your local Wal­mart or Tar­get and pick up a copy of Win­dows. Every­one with a com­puter should have one. Besides I don't know if the CD your friend has will work on his/her com­puter.
    About your ques­tion on the boot disk. Yes, it will work if you need to make one from your comp for your friend. I am assum­ing you're using Win­dows Home Edi­tion too. Go ahead and make a boot disk for your friend it will work, it shouldn't take more than a fews minute to make. lol, and I never heard of mak­ing a "boot disk" from the com­mand prompt, or as I like to call it, "Dos."
    The direc­tory is just a list of pro­grams which your friend or the comp installed up to the time of the PCs' fail­ure. You can try to open these files, but most likely you wont get any­thing and it would just be a waste of time.
    So, try to make this prob­lem eas­ier on your­self. Like you had men­tioned before; "You never rein­stalled win­dows on a comp and said you got your­self into some­thing, you shouldn't have."
    Don't make the prob­lem harder by tin­ker­ing around with dos pro­grams. It might seem nerve rack­ing mess­ing with some­one elses comp, but it is eas­ier than you might think…

    First: Make a boot disk.
    Sec­ond: You and your friend take a field trip to Wal­mart or Tar­get and buy a new Copy of Win­dows XP Home Edi­tion, to elim­i­nate all prob­lems and has­s­tle that MIGHT come with the Cd your friend has in his/her presents.
    Third: Stick in the boot disk then turn on the comp. Fol­low the instruc­tions. and pick an option.
    Fourth, Pop in the Cd and let the com­puter do it's magic.
    Hope this helped you out somewhat.

  • Marti

    Boy Jack you are quite fast with replies.. I love it! Okay, I am going to sug­gest that my friend buy win­dows xp to avoid any prob­lems. Some­thing I was think­ing about around 3am this morn­ing was: what about all the other files she has on her com­puter for her hard­ware (printer CD she has, I can rein­stall), but for the HP sys­tem itself.. won't i need the appro­pri­ate dri­vers for the video card, sound cards etc..???) Hope­fully you are still online and will be able to answer. That might of been a really stu­pid ques­tion. i guess what i am say­ing is other than her per­sonal files is there any­thing else I need to back up prior to doing the rein­stal­la­tion of win­dows? Or once I get the new win­dows XP from good ole' wal­mart, do i just install and then hon­key dorey she is on her way?? Thanks.. I was always told one learns some­thing new every­day — the past few days i learned not to stick my foot in my mouth.. lol. Thanks again for all your sup­port. Marti

  • Marti

    Another ques­tion i was just think­ing of: Since this prob­lem com­puter seems to be in order thru DOS, and the desk­top icons are the prob­lems here to get­ting win­dows xp to start right, is there any file or file(s), i can take from this other com­puter that is run­ning fine and copy to the prob­lem com­puter so boot up will work with­out hav­ing to rein­stall all again?

  • jack

    When you rein­stall the OS it just slaps on the dri­vers back on your comp that are miss­ing. Almost like blan­ket­ing. Your files wont be deleted.
    Deleted files only comes when you're re for­mat­ting a comp. The other prob­lem is: If your friend does have a virus, there might be deleted files. Rein­stalling Win­dows will also not take away a virus that might be on the comp. How ever, If you do rein­stall win­dows go ahead tell you friend to burn his/her doc­u­ments or any other IMPORTANT files onto CDs. when this process is done, go to "" and down­load, Ad aware. See what it comes up with.
    Sorry I am rush­ing this, but I have to bolt for now. Sorry for the late response.

  • Marti

    No prob­lem Jack.. You have been won­der­ful.. She already has Adaware, and i ran it again thru the NEW TASK option when select­ing ctrl, alt del and it only found a few. No big deal. Now her nor­ton I was unable to run get­ting an error say­ing this file is not asso­ci­ated with … what­ever else it says. I plan once I rein­stall the win­dows, to rein­stall her nor­ton and run a com­plete scan prior to giv­ing her com­puter back.. Wish me luck.. Have a good nite

  • jack

    Yeah some­times adaware doesn't catch every­thing. There are new viruses which come out every­day as I am sure you already know.
    So she can get to her files in a round about way I take it since she did it through NEW TASK, cor­rect? I had this same prob­lem, except I could still see my Icons, I just couldn't access any­thing within the files. I had to do some­thing sim­i­lar to what you explained. I had to Click, "Start" and click "Run" then, "Browse. And that is how I was able to get to what­ever I needed.
    I had a feel­ing I had a bad virus, so I burned all my doc­u­ments onto CDs, and refor­mated my com­puter. I just wanted to play it safe. Now my comp is up and run­ning and things are alot eas­ier.
    Well Good luck, keep me posted.

  • Marti

    Jack.. so far so good.. i was able rein­stall win­dows xp for her. just hav­ing a prob­lem with NAV and Adaware work­ing together.. try­ing to fix that now. from research, i see alot of peo­ple seem to have that prob­lem. Either way, all is okay. I did use the dell XP CD to install Win­dows XP but used her prod­uct ID key which I found using that d/l pro­gram. Either way, so far so good. Thanks again for all your help! Marti

  • Peter

    I have XP Pro and XP home run­ning on my PC. I have to choose at the startup mode which one I wish to run, they both work fine. How­ever I wish to remove the XP Pro, with­out mess­ing up the rest of my sys­tem. Can any­one advise me on how to do this. I have just installed an addi­tional 80GB HD as a slave. The mas­ter is only 20GB and is run­ning out fast.

  • Chris

    every time i turn on my comp. i get lit­tle win­dow say­ing Microsoft Visual C++ Run­time Library. Program:\C:\Windows\System32\SQuerycontrol32.exe
    Abnor­mal Pro­gram Ter­mi­na­tion
    after that i can't access any links except new win­dow links…for exemple…i can't lauch any news video..i can't get any link if is not full windows…plz…Help! :(

  • Jack

    So you have two Ver­sions of XP run­ning on your PC, huh? How'd that hap­pen?
    Well I havent heard of that before, but it could be bc I have a lap­top and you are run­ning it on a pc, so fea­tures might be alit­tle dif­fer­ent than with mine. I dunno how to help you out buddy, hope­fully you find out.
    Do you down­load alot of mpegs and mp3? Sounds like you down­loaded a cor­rupted file which you installed on your comp.

  • Chris

    Is there a way to find out which file is that Jack? :(

  • Peter

    Jack — here's the epla­na­tion on how I got 2 XP ver­sions run­ning on my PC. My orig­i­nal HD nose dived, los­ing every­thing, so I got my IT dept (at Work) to instal a new 20GB HD they kindly installed XP pro for me as well, how­ever it's not very user­freindly run­ning as a home PC sys­tem, so I pur­chased the XP home ver­sion and installed that. Hence, now hav­ing 2 sys­tems run­ning and an option to choose between the two. The prob­lem being is it uses up a lot of HD plus is slow at start­ing up due to the count­down process. What I would like to do is the fol­low­ing: Keep­ing or sav­ing the con­fig­u­ra­tion set­tings & pro­grammes etc and move the whole lot over onto my new 80GB HD but, with­out the XP pro. Once com­plete, Refor­mat the old 20GB HD. Then trans­fer the files now on the 80GB HD back onto the refor­mated 20GB HD. Any ideas on how this can be done?

  • jack

    I had done this prob­lem once and had about 300 songs and there were alot of cor­rupted files. Some of which could make your comp crash com­pletely.
    There is a round about way to find it. If I am cor­rect burn all your mp3s by mak­ing a "Data CD." Make a CD strictly for MP3s. When you're done mak­ing the cd, put it in the CD ROM. Open it with "Win­dows Media Player." The bitch of it is find­ing which file is cor­rupt. When the cor­rupted file is open, the title of the MP3 should turn red and say some­thing along the lines of; "Cor­rupted File" or "Win­dows Media Player was Unable to Read this track."
    I am not sure if a virus scan could catch a cor­rupted file, but you could try if you do. I will go ahead and pull out my old mp3 and try to fig­ure it out for you. Hope this helps you.

    The most beau­ti­ful thing about com­put­ers, are cd burn­ers. This way you can burn ANYTHING you want onto a Blank CD. If you don't have one I'd sug­gest you get one. It's more than just burn­ing Mp3s and Movies, they are a good source of back­ing up any files you don't want to lose. If you have impor­tant doc­u­ments, such as essays, and reports you can burn them onto CDs and use it for back up. Due to the size of the Essays and reports you wouldn't need to many cds to back them up. So for exam­ple:
    Burn all your essays, MP3s, Mpegs, pic­tures, and what­ever else you have onto CDs. This way you wouldn't need to worry about trans­fer­ing one thing to another till you're com­pletely done refor­mat­ting your comp. Which brings us to your XP Pro­fes­sional Edi­tion. Once you refor­mat your comp as you already know; every­thing will be com­pletely erased from you comp. BUT since XP is an OS, this might not be valid. Then again since you have Home Edi­tion this will be your pri­mary OS and XP pro shouldn't give you any prob­lems since you don't have the CD to install it. If this doesn't work, I'd sug­gest you go to the co-workers who had put this on your comp and tell them to take it off. Since they put it on. I hope this answered your ques­tion. If not then I can try to explain it dif­fer­ently at a later time. Well Good luck I hope you guys keep me posted.

  • Chris

    well~ since im not that good in comp.…i prob­a­bly can't find it…so i would like to ask..if i would rein­stall win­dow xp…do i have 2 wipe out this one first? and re install win­dow? if u could can u explain step by step how to do it :( thank,s

  • Jack

    You don't know how to lis­ten to your mp3 on the comp.

  • Jack

    You don't know how to lis­ten to your mp3 on the comp???

  • Chris

    I don't think is ma mp3 cuz i dont down­load music :(
    so..since now i dont have any impor­tant thing on ma notebbok..i was think­ing rein­stalling win­dow xp…but i dont know if i have to wipe this win­dow out first or can I just put the cd and install on top of this??? sorry for ask­ing to many dumm ques­tion :( … but i really need help! :(

  • Jack

    Let's start over.….You said you had videos. Did you down­load them off a server such as "Winmx" or "Kazaa"?? You also had said you can't launch any Links. What do you mean by this?
    C++ is a pro­gram lan­guage and the query is a .dll file. I tried to trace your squery32 on my comp and I have a query.dll files as does every­one else. Some­thing got cor­rupted in your sys­tem. Two of the things on a comp I would be extemely care­ful with is, the regkey and the "System32" folder, which con­tains the prob­lem you're cur­rently hav­ing trou­ble with.
    Well Chris tell me which Win­dows sys­tem you have, such as…Windows 98, win­dows 95, XP pro­fes­sional, XP home edi­tion, win­dows 2000, or win­dows millinium so I can fur­ther help you.

  • Chris

    Jack i have win­dows XP, i dont down­load mpgs.…but i watch lot of for­eign videos (vod), and my wife watch lot of fore­gin drama on inter­net and lis­ten lot of inter­net radios, plus i read all my news on comp.…what i was try­ing to say was, now i can't launch any video from for exem­ple msn news they have linck for videos, and any thing is not full win­dow don't works, for exem­ple yes­ter­day i went to to look around and when i clinck for view large image didn't work.….the inter­net site radio that i used to lis­ten dont work to, cuz it used to give this small radio look­ing win­dow, but now dont work, the tv drama that my wife used to watch dont work either , because it used to give ittle tv window.…etc,,,etc,,:'(

  • chris

    Opps…sorrie win­dows XP home edition :)

  • jack


    Look for the query32.exe and on this site and down­load it.. you shouldn't have any prob­lems after that…Keep me posted…I gotta bolt for now, hope this works for you buddy.

  • jack

    Sorry i was sloppy with that ear­lier mes­sage, but I am kinda in a rush.. Dis­re­gard my last mes­sage.. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!!

    Then Scroll down and find the pro­gram you are run­ning and start down­load­ing .. This should fix your prob­lem.

  • Spikey Shell (Joshua Axe)

    When I try to install "Hot Wheels Micro Rac­ers on
    my Win­dows XP, it says:C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXCE.NT. The file is not suit­able for run­ning MS-DOS and Microsoft Win­dows appli­ca­tions. Choose 'Close' to ter­mi­nate the
    appli­ca­tions. Choos­ing that or 'ignore' gets me a mes­sage that says Hot Wheels Micro Rac­ers™
    setup failed. Re-insertthe game CD to install it.
    Deja vu! When I loaded 'Hot Wheels Stunt Track dri­ver 2, Getn' Dirty' It work on Xp. Then I get it to work, then its unin­stalled. Next time,
    badda bang! The mes­sage pops up. Why can't they
    load Please help me!

  • jack

    I tried to install Chess Mas­ter 2000 onto my lap­top and it didn't work. Then I installed an older video game, "Red Neck Ram­page" and it works. Some­times it just depends on the pro­gram, such as a Video Game. Unin­stall the Game then try to re install it and see what hap­pens. If it doesn't work, find another video game to pur­chase. Well keep me posted

  • Corey

    hey i was just won­der­ing if u could help me. i was try­ing to hookup my inter­net and it requires me to load a disk. my inter­net provideris sbc yahoo. and when i put in my disk and run it i cant get any far­ther than like the sec­ond step. i know im doing every­thing right beca­sue i have loaded it on a com­puter prior to this. so if u could help me please email me. and o yeah i seen tht u will need a floppy and mine doesnt have one. well if you could help me i would deeply appre­ci­ate it thanks.

  • Jotrek

    Well I have a prob­lem. I installed Win­dows XP Home Edi­tion and it did the thing where it just kept say­ing, "would you like to activi­ate your copy of XP?", I would click "ok" but then it would just say "your copy if win­dows xp has already been activated!1one1!". So now my 30 days are up and it won't let me log into XP. I can still click "ok" to acti­vate it though, but then it still does the same thing.

    I have no idea what to do or where to start… help please

  • jack

    Make sure to unin­stall your sbc yahoo provider and all of it's com­po­nents, then go ahead and try to re install the disk, see if that works. If not, get another copy of the cd and then try that. If that doesn't work then call tech­niquel sup­port. I am sure they have a phone num­ber and will walk you through it.

    Go ahead and acti­vate it. Sounds like it's the only way you're gonna be able to use it with out being has­tled.
    Well fel­las, good luck keep me posted

  • Jotrek

    Jack, thanks for the response. I can't activi­ate it, though. See my prob­lem now is that I can­not acti­vate Win­dows. It asks me if I would like to acti­vate it and if I click yes, it just sais that Win­dows has already been acti­vated. But it isn't, so I have no idea why it sais this.

  • travis

    hey, i recentl installed win­dows xp. i cant get the acti­vate prod­uct to work, it says unatho­rized prod­uct key and i retype it in and it said inncor­rect prod­uct key.

  • Jack

    I haven't heard of this prob­lem before, but if I were you I would try to go ahead and re install win­dows xp onto your sys­tem. Start fresh and see were it goes from there. If it still gives you the prob­lem you should con­tact Microsoft and see what the prob­lem is because it sounds like some­thing hap­pen­ing from their end. I hope this works. But First go ahead and try rein­stalling and tell me what happens.

    Is your copy of XP a pirated copy of win­dows? It shouldn't be giv­ing you trou­ble when enter­ing code. Per­haps if it is a pirated copy it wont let you in bc you don't have the right num­bers. The other pos­si­b­lity is, You're typ­ing in the wrong numbers/letters in the space pro­vided for you.
    Well guys keep me posted.

  • Andrew

    I need to rein­stall Win­dows XP pro­fes­sional onto my lap­top I'm read­ing your stuff and I under­stand every­ht­ing but step 3. Boot to a DOS disk if you are using FAT, or to the Recov­ery Con­sole if using NTFS.
    How is this done? I am wait­ing to rein­stall XP till I hear back onthis prob­lem. Thanks

  • Jack

    1. Turn off your com­puter
    2. Turn your com­puter back on.
    3. Hold down the, "F11" key when you turn on the comp.
    4. There should be options which you can choose from. One of them should be "Rein­stall."
    5. Press the num­ber option for "Re Install" on your key board and fol­low the instruc­tions. It should be self explana­tory after that.
    Well buddy, hope it works out for you, keep me posted.

  • Jeremy

    This may already have been cov­ered but could some­one help me out?
    I just found the tip for copy­ing the .dbl file to rein­stall win­dows xp and avoid the reac­ti­va­tion thing. Prob­lem is i found it after the fact. i installed xp then was down­load­ing and updat­ing my other soft­ware pro­grams and xp didn't like some­thing i installed and dumped on me. i tried repair­ing it and recov­ery and all that. ended up clear­ing out the hard drive and start­ing over. well i acti­vated already so when i rein­stalled and tried to acti­vate it obvi­ously said its already been acti­vated. What can i do? i paid for it and acti­vated it so to them its acti­vated but it really is not.

  • Jack

    Dude, Jeremy
    What did you update? What kinda soft­ware? Any­ways if your hard drive is already wiped just try to refor­mat it.
    Did you go to Rapid Repare pc? It sounds like you did when you men­tioned recovery…Well any­ways I did that once and that crap didn't work, I kept get­ting some­thing that basi­cally said, "Rapid Repair failed"
    Well all that crap went out the win­dow when i refor­mat­ted my comp. Dunno if you wanna do it, but it wouldnt be a bad idea if you don't have cru­cial work that needs to be saved.
    keep me up dated man!

  • Jeremy


    Thanks for the input. Yeah I did try the rapid repair, recov­ery con­sole. I didn't have alot on the new hard drive yet so it wasn't a big deal to refor­mat it and start over. It had got­ten a virus or more while win­dows was updat­ing to XP sp2 any­way, which was another prob­lem I got a new virus soft­ware and it messed up a much of win­dows file so it had a hard time when I down­loaded other soft­ware which lead to its crash­ing. So I did refor­mat. But now its ask­ing to acti­vate win­dows again and I already did the first time so it won't let me again. That's my dilema now.

  • Jack

    Which Virus pro­gram did you pur­chase? I myself don't care for virus pro­grams. Because new viruses come out every­day and you have to keep updat­ing it.. IF you really want to use one, go to "" and Down­load "Ad-aware"
    I per­son­ally keep myself safe, by not open­ing FWD Emails, I use Mozilla Instead of Inter­net Explorer. Use pop up stop­per, and avoid going to porn sites. I usu­ally Refor­mat my comp every six months which is twice a year.
    Well just go ahead and refor­matt your comp and just down­load the things I told you. Know every­thing about the prod­uct before you pur­chase it and install it onto your comp. Once you refor­mat I am sure you wont have any­more prob­lems. I didn't have to reg­is­ter my comp, so just click skip reg­is­tra­tion, Is that the prob­lem with acti­vat­ing win­dows? Anways keep me updated.

  • Spikey Shell (Joshua Axe)

    Thank you Jack. The game doesn't work on xp, but
    the only rea­son I got Xp was that my old com­puter
    is out of com­mi­sion. If the mem­ory to boot is restored, and I get new parts, maybe the game will work! ME is the final work­ing sys­tem for the game. Once it is fixed, I can go rac­ing.
    Now I can wait a lit­tle bit. I just wish Grandpa
    had looked harder into the com­puter. He could
    have saved more money by hav­ing it inspected.
    I'll notify you more.

  • Nathan User2

    Pam! Lis­ten. Run a virus check if you can get
    a small boot up. You can exhaust a com­put­ers mem­ory faster then you know. If you find the
    pro­gram cleaner, wipe out the infected files
    Do you have Nor­ton or any virus checker?
    The more erased, the more mem­ory is recov­ered.
    Viruses cap­ture files from an entrance to
    a computer's Inter­net reach­ing tube. if noth­ing
    works do one of four things or all of them:

    1.Have the com­puter inspected.

    2.Look at the man­ual. Find it if it's lost.

    3.Get a new com­puter with a spam pro­tec­tion
    an virus pro­tec­tion Cd.

    4.Just down­grade to 2000. 2000 has a few
    prob­lems but NEVER get a Mac!!!

    Reme­ber, over­copies can infect com­put­ers.
    Next time, have your friends look at the com­puter. The longer you leave them like that,
    the worse things get. Call them!

    And don't insult me if it doesn't work.

  • ernesto

    My win­dows xp is say­ing Oper­at­ing Sys­tem Not Found I dont have the disc as it came already pre-loaded how can I get my win­dows back

  • jack

    Who is that post directed towards? There is no Pam on this forum.

    What kinda answer are you look­ing for? Do you want a new comp? Or do you just want to fig­ure out how to put that game onto your comp?

    Ernesto…Do you have win­dows, XP Pro, or home edi­tion?
    Try this…

    1. Turn off your com­puter
    2. Turn your com­puter back on.
    3. Hold down the, "F11" key when you turn on the comp.
    4. There should be options which you can choose from. One of them should be "Rein­stall."
    5. Press the num­ber option for "Re Install" on your key board and fol­low the instruc­tions. It should be self explana­tory after that.
    Well buddy, hope it works out for you, keep me posted.

    If this doesn't work, Go to wal­mart and buy an XP cd box and load it onto your comp

  • ernesto

    Hi there thanks for answer­ing I will try what you said I went and bought xp upgrade at wal­mart and it started to run then said error detected win­dows will not load it said because it didnt want to cause fur­ther dam­age it said turn of the com­puter and press f8 but I did that and noth­ing hap­pened so not to sure where to go from here I will try the above thanks

  • ernesto

    Hi just a update I tried the f11 it didnt work I guess its a new com­puter for me =( does any­one know where I can down­load a xp pro­gram I bought a upgrade and some­one told me that might be the rea­son but they dont carry the full ver­sion any­where in my area

  • Jack

    How old is your comp? It could be your hard drive has been infected and you might need a new one. Try to Refor­mat your comp.
    1. Go to dos.
    2. type in: cd C:\
    3. type in for­mat
    4. fol­low the directions.

    Before you do that make sure of acou­ple things,

    if you really want a new comp.

    If you absolutely think that your comp is messed up.

    If you absolutely think that your Hard Drive has been infected by a Virus.

    All you need is a new Hard drive, but if you want a whole new sys­tem, you should go for it. But it would be cheaper for hard drive.
    Unless you want to start com­pletely fresh get a new system.

  • Ivis

    when­ever I attempt to logon to ANY user account, at the XP logon screen,it doesn't work.It won't even logon in safemode.(that hap­pen after intall sp2 ) (this is a lapto and I have win­dows xp pro cd)

    ""Win­dows prod­uct activation;A prob­lem is pre­vent­ing Win­dows from accu­ratly check­ing the license for this com­puter. Error Code:0x800405aa.""

    I boot up from XP CD and did a repair instal­la­tion, doesn't fix it, same problems

    also give me a nor­ton pro­tec­tion error

    I can't loose the data,

    Please help!


  • Jack

    Wow, sounds like you got some­thing really nasty on your comp. You can try to rein­stall win­dows xp try doing that…What else does it say? Any more errors?
    I'll try to fig­ure it out. Keep me posted

  • computerhelpdesk12

    Oh yeah, at the beg­gin­ing of the arti­cle theres a catch. You have to type in the admin­is­tra­tors pass­word for the instal­li­tion to copy the file. Is there a way u can bypass it??

  • Ivis

    Hi Jack,

    I can't rein­tall win­dows xp, I can't loose the users data there.

    No more errors.



  • jr

    is there any way to rein­stall win. xp search engine or .I tried to unin­stall win media player to no avail and some how I delete some­thing impor­tant .I do not have the xp disks(bought lap top cheap from a friend) .but are not things like search engine (also lost the vol­ume con­trol file some how,cant go to record vol­umes) com­mon place on all win platforms?

  • Yosia

    - Bought a new com­puter: 1 (one) 120 GB HD.
     – Bought XP Pro SP 2 from inter­net
    (orig­i­nal but prob­a­bly OEM)
     – Installed XP Pro, Par­ti­tioned the HD into 2
    Par­ti­tion: 14 GB (Pri­mary C:)
    and 90 some­thing GB
     – Acti­vated XP

    Is there a way to bypass XP acti­va­tion
    If I want to refor­mat, and expand the first par­ti­tion (C:) ?

  • john

    I bought a com­puter from a friend that was mov­ing away from col­lege.
    and i installed Linux Suze on it the other day and wehn i did and went back to Win­dows Xp pro it asked me to activate????????

    I don't have that!

    My friend is back in Japan now and since he and i were not that close i didn't get his email.

    I have Win­dows Home version.

    and when i went to acti­vate it it asked for a 7 set code that i didn't have.

    all i want to do is UNINSTALL win­dows xp pro so i can put my Xp home on it.

    How the Heck do you acti­vate this thing to get it off????????

  • john

    Please help with above post the win­dows xp is taken up to much space on hard drive not to be used.

  • snip­tools

    Jr, what do you mean by the XP search engine?

    Yosia, how do you plan to extend the par­ti­tion? I don't see why acti­va­tion should be an issue there.

    John, SuSE is a good choice. If you're com­fort­able installing it, why not refor­mat the whole drive and start afresh? (After you backup all your data of course)


  • jack

    You wont lose any info if you rein­stall win­dows. So go ahead and try it if pos­si­ble. If not your HD could be wiped so you might have to get a new one. You can try to retrieve your files by putting into a HD zip con­verter. Pull out every­thing you need and presto. Hope this works for you.

    If you're talk­ing about Inter­net explorer, then go ahead and try to dl Mozilla at "" if pos­si­ble. It works much bet­ter and wont crash on you ever min. Hope this is the answer you're look­ing for.
    If you're talk­ing about not hav­ing to reg­is­ter, just go ahead and skip reg­is­tra­tion, which will give you the option to do so.

    If you don't want winmx on your comp just re for­mat your comp. Once you do, you'll have noth­ing on your comp. It will be totally wiped..
    Once that's done pop in the cd you want to install. And well, install. Make sure you have a boot disk before you pro­ceed with this.
    Well peo­ple, keep me posted

  • Tammy

    My hus­band recently for­mat­ted his XP before he backed up any­thing or made a boot disk. Now he has noth­ing. It tells him he has no para­me­ters. Any ideas on how to get things going so he can rein­stall XP? He did a quick format.

  • snip­tools

    Tammy, do you have a Win XP CD to re-install it from? I hope you (or your hus­band) are famil­iar with for­mat­ting and rein­stalling an OS, but see if this helps:

  • Andrew

    Ok after I have rein­stalled Win­dows XP onto my com­puter and I have the reg­is­tra­tion files saved on a disk what is the next thing i need to do to get the reg­is­tra­tion files fromthe disk onto my xp? break it down for me because I have no idea what I'm doing. I can rein­stall win­dows fine its the part of get­ting the reg­is­tra­tion files back onto my com­puter that con­fuses me.

  • Andrew

    I need to know what to do after i rein­stall xp. I saved the files to a disk and need to know what to do with them now how to trans­fer them. please break it down for me because I don't know waht I'm doing after rein­stalling xp pro.

  • griff

    it is pos­si­ble to run the os on two pc,s because im doing it.…..all the infor­ma­tion on pc1 ie com­puter name users name etc must be dupli­cated onto pc2 with­out error as well as the inter­net infor­ma­tion once com­plete shut­down pc1 then boot up pc2 con­nect to the inter­net and acti­vate os youll then find that it is recog­nised as reg­is­tered to that pc

  • Guillermo

    Hello Shanx,

    You may have a good solu­tion for this prob­lem other than restor­ing hopefully.

    What hap­pened was that I repaired win­dows, but after done that it prompted me for the acti­va­tion key, so I did that I entered the prod­uct key and then I spoke to Microsoft over the phone, they gave a bunch of num­bers wich they worked.

    Then after click next and Thank you your Win­dows has been acti­vated. I Restart the unit and after that it says that Win­dows needs to be acti­vated, if I click yes it says that Win­dows has been acti­vated but does not log­gin and it keep loop­ing always same ques­tion. How­ever I was allowed to go on Safe Mode.

    Is there any­thing that I can do in order to log­gin on Nor­mal Mode with­out restor­ing the OS?

    Thank a bunch. Guillermo.

  • Tammy

    Shanx,thanks for the info. Yes we have the cd but only expe­ri­ence with 95 rein­stall. New to xp. Will prob­a­bly end up tak­ing it to the shop.
    thanks again.

  • wai

    hi i hav installed an ille­gal copy of win xp, and i have been tryin to acti­vate win­dows but it says my code is incor­rect. what should i do? what hap­pens if i dont activate?

  • Uriel

    When i open my pc and log in a mes­sage shows up and says that I need 2 acti­vate win­dows. So i press ok and then a blue screen apears and says that my com­puter is already acti­vated. After that it just logs off!!! why does it log off?? what can i do to fix this prob­lem???
    Plz help me

  • jkue

    Uriel try these links (no promises):

    Were you logged in as Admin? or a user with the appropi­ate rights to con­duct such oper­a­tions? What about sys­tem clock set­ting? Sorry can't help much more.

  • Jeff Darch

    We are expe­ri­enc­ing enor­mous prob­lems with xp home upgrade.
    We recently installed Nor­ton Inter­net Secu­rity 2004 and it was attacked and sub­se­quently disabled/eaten/digested by the lovely worm bagel virus. Obvi­ously, it then trawled through the OS and appears to have done the same. The reg­istry has now cor­rupted. Sys­tem restore does not work –Just a blank screen– The search facil­ity does not work and both ie amd out­look are not oper­at­ing correctly.…cannot read javascript enabled sites even though it is enabled in the Inter­net options. When we go onto Yahoo and run a search, we recieve the bad request notice " your browser sent a request that this server could not under­stand" .
    Tried to rein­stall the upgrade but get the mes­sage that it can­not con­tinue as the ver­sion on the com­puter is newer than the ver­sion on the PC. It all seems to be a com­plete mess and we need help desparately.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope you can help.
    In advance, thanks.

  • jkue

    1. for­mat C:
    2. REBOOT
    3. install using cdrom.
    4. surf in peace again.
    5. Stop read­ing spam.

    There's not much more I can say here.

  • sty­lus

    I bought a used com­puter with win­dows xp on it
    (also used)and a while ago my com­puter crashed.
    The store owner didn't give me a sys­tem restore disc or any­thing so I went and bought a new copy of win­dows xp. How­ever it didnt come in a box, it was just in a cd paper case adhered to a quick start guide. my prob­lem is that I didn't get a cd-key for it and for secu­rity pur­poses the sales­man wont take it back. Is there any way I can find the cd-key on the disc? Or is there any other options that doesn't involve spend­ing more money?

  • Joe­bru

    I need to rein­stall Win xp, but seem to have lost the CD dur­ing mov­ing. I have the acti­va­tion key, I have Office xp disk, but not the Win­dows xp disk. Is there any way I can for­mat and rein­stall with­out it, or get another one sent?


  • Mike

    If you need help install or rein­stall Win­dowsXP, or need to resolve acti­va­tion issue. I can quickly help you. Please just email me at

    I will reply your email within 24 hours.

  • brdr17

    I recently rebuilt my com­puter, for­mat­ted the hard drive and started fresh with win­dows XP home and installed SP2, i also installed Nor­ton Antivirus 2005 with Zone Alarm Pro 4. I had XP and Zone Alrm before i refor­mat­ted. For about a week after i refor­mat­ted every­thing worked great but now when i'm online using MSN of IE i cant access, i get "Server Not Found– The page can­not be dis­played" But i can visit any other web site that i've tried. I've tried access­ing Ebay on other com­put­ers at the same and other times. My prob­lem has been going on for about 5 days now. If you have any sug­ges­tions i would greatly appre­ci­ate them, Thank You.

  • Ron

    Sty­lus– you bought XP but it came in a paper wrap­per, and with­out a key? My first thought is that your ven­dor is sell­ing ille­gal copies. I hope you didnt pay too much for it.

  • Ron

    This is cool; it can retrieve the prod­uct acti­va­tion from your cur­rent winXP load on your PC. Make sure you write it down.

  • rob

    First thing I would do is get rid of NAV and get Grisoft AVG which is free BTW. Oh and good luck unin­stalling NAV, it's not easy.

  • allen

    hello, how do i boot to the recov­ery con­sole in win­dows xp home. i am using the ntfs file sys­tem. thx, i will be anx­iously await­ing a response.

  • snip­tools

    Hi Allen,

    Please read this:


  • AD

    Does the wpa.dbl file update itself? I installed XP on my lap­top but it did not rec­og­nize the built in nic. I installed a pcm­cia card which xp detected and installed the dri­vers for it. Next I got online with a broad­band con­nec­tion, reg­is­tered xp and then installed the dri­vers for the built in nic and unin­stalled the pcm­cia nic. So, if I have to rein­stall xp and copy the wpa file back, will xp reg­is­ter or will it fail because the hard­ware is dif­fer­ent from when it was registered?


  • JOY


  • dale

    Hi, i just got the inter­net after a cou­ple of months. Whe i try to go on some web pages, a thing pops up and says "your cur­rant secu­rity set­tinig pro­hibit active x con­trols on this page, as a result the page might not disply cor­rectly". please tell me what to change. i tried deleat­ing active x but it says it might be write proof or some­thing. i cant get any pic or wat­ever. please write back on this web­site and to my email address Fully appre­ci­ate it, dael.

  • Curt

    Hi, bought XP Home (Upgade) to install on my old PC sev­eral months ago after spy­ware ren­dered Win98 unus­able. Worked long enough that I had to acti­vate my XP and then stopped work­ing again. I just bought a new lap­top think­ing I could use my legally pur­chased XP license, but just read on Microsoft's sup­port page that "OEM soft­ware licenses can­not be trans­ferred from one com­puter sys­tem to another, even if the com­puter sys­tem on which it was orig­i­nally installed is no longer in use."

    Is my copy of XP now worth­less? I have a feel­ing that call­ing Microsoft will be a waste of time.

    Thanks, Curt M.

  • Jim

    I have a com­puter that was pur­chased with Win­dows XP pre-installed. It is in such bad shape that I want to refor­mat and rein­stall. I don't have the orig­i­nal install CD or any recov­ery disks. How­ever, I do have another legit OEM XP CD that I bought last year. If have the prod­uct key for the pre-installed com­puter can I use it with my other XP CD when I do a clean install and still get reac­ti­vated OK or is the key linked to the actual CD?

    Thanks, Jim S.

  • Nathan

    Jack, check mes­sage 145! Sorry about the mishap.

  • Spikey (again!)

    Jack, I first dis­cov­ered the game on a demo.
    But my Win­dows 98 was in severe trou­ble.
    It was upgraded to Me but my luck took a turn
    for the worse. Later, I couldn't get it to boot!
    This time we couldn't fix the prob­lem, and some­thing broke. The main con­nec­tion prongs
    were dam­a­gaed! Now with an XP at hand, my com­puter shows the "error" in mes­sage 186.
    All I want is for the ME to get repaired.
    How can I over­ride the sub­sys­tem error?

  • Mary Cris

    Can some­body please help me??? I hardly use my com­puter because every­time I turn it on, it takes me half a hour to do what­ever I have to do. I lost the win­dows ser­vice packet cd 1 when we moved out. I want to know where can I get it again or can I still have it? My com­puter is so slow…please if you know some­thing that could help me, I would appre­ci­ate it! I've been suf­fer­ing for almost a year now. please…please…please…??????

  • Andrew

    I guess I shouldnt be look­ing for help here…but any­way. I had Win2k on my desk­top com­puter and decided to update it to Win­dows XP Pro. My step-dad has the disk and ser­ial from the one he bought.…so I installed it. But, when I tried to acti­vate it it said that it was already used on the max­i­mum num­ber of machines. And, today as we sit, my grace period is over for XP, so i can­not even sign on any of my accounts. After this I ughh'ed for while then decided to put Win2k back on it. But, lo and behold, when i try to install that there are many things the disk can­not install from "I386", such files are ini910u.sys (SCSI mini­port) and many oth­ers. Uh, whats going on here?

  • moh

    ineed to rein­stal win­dows xp home but dont have the cd . can idown­load the xp if ihave the prod­uct key only

  • Brian

    My old, orig­i­nal WinXP disk is not any good any­more because when I attempt to use it, it often "hangs up" or relates mul­ti­ple error mes­sages. Well, I've just decided to pur­chase a new one. My Prob­lem: Should I pur­chase a Retail Ver­sion, or an OEM Ver­sion. I've heard that OEM ver­sions will not allow you do repair installs, etc.…and, that each time you use it, it will install okay, it will just refor­mat your entire drive thus delet­ing all of your pro­grams and prior infor­ma­tion. Is this true, and what should I do ?
    Many thanks, and have a safe and happy new year,

  • Joba

    I am try­ing to rein­stall WinXP home and con­tinue to get a Winlogon.exe-Unable to locate com­po­nent (failed to start because shell32.dll not found.) So I am stuck in this restart­ing the re-install loop at the same point.

    Is there any way to get out and start from scrach??

    Thanks in advance for any assistance


  • Melanie

    I really need help.… i know alot about com­put­erz.. i mean i'm not a pc whiz or any­thing,, but i know… a lot.… n-wayz

    i need helkp
    i re-installed my win­dows XP Home edi­tion on my pc.….. beca­sue i just wan­nted a fresh ver­sion.. anways.… when i finally fin­ished doing that… i noticed i had no sound soft­ware on my pc… i pretty muched tryed every­thing i could think of… so can u help me please!!!!????


  • Adm

    hello, I seem to have the same prob­lem as sty­lus, how­ever I bought a copy in a box with the cd-key but lost it. I'm curi­ous as to wether it is pos­si­ble and legal to change the prod­uct ID through the odbe timer in the reg­istry. Would that change the cd-key as well? and if it did could I use the pre-existing cd-key on my new copy that I lost the cd-key to?

  • Tyrone

    Win­dows XP Pro

    came home one day to find that my mon­i­tor was fubared, and so i replaced it. how­ever, my com­puter will no longer load in nor­mal mode. i can only load the sys­tem in "safe modes". it'll get to the black win­dows logo screen with the scrolling boxes. once that loads up, i get the "blue screen" then the sys­tem auto­mat­i­cally reboots. what's the deal? what do i need to do to fix the prob­lem? thanks in advance for any help.

  • somguy

    From what I've heard you can't trans­fer the wpa.dbl file to a dif­fer­ent com­puter because of hard­ware sig­na­tures, but what if its the same com­puter but dif­fer­ent copy of xp? The rea­son I ask this is because I have xp on my com­puter right now but it's get­ting a lit­tle unsta­ble and I want to rein­stall. How­ever I don't have the orig­i­nal disc for the copy thats on here now or a sys­tem restore disc, but I do have a dif­fer­ent copy of xp but no key. Can I rein­stall with this disc and use the wpa file? And if I can, what will that do? Will it just give me the same prod­uct ID or more? Thanks in advance.

  • Madelin

    I have a com­puter that is ema­chines win­dows xp.My comp lately slow i usu­ally just rein­stall the 3 cds it came with and it works like the way i bought.but the prob­lem is i was look­ing for my cd of ema­chines restor cd win­dows xp and i only have num1 and wnt work if i dont have all three of course.Where can i find the cd or some­thing thanks?

  • keith breck­en­ridge

    what all do I need to rein­stall win xp?

  • RicK S

    I rein­stalled Win­dows XP Home ED. and got to the point of Win­dows Acti­va­tion.. The screen went blue and locked up .. The Win­dows Acti­va­tion ban­ner is at the top of the blue screen and two checked boxes at top con­ners… Any ideas what I should do to cor­rect the killer blue screen…

  • Joe

    I pur­chased a lap­top com­puter from the inter­net a few months ago and it came with Win­dows XP for Home installed. It came with a 6 Gig HD. It didn't come with any CD's for re-installation. I recently bought a 20 Gig HD and wanted to install Win­dows XP and a friend copied his XP for Home disk for me. I tried to install it on the new drive and the instal­la­tion key worked to install, but won't acti­vate. I don't want to have to fork over more that $90 for a disk. All I want to do is install xp on my new drive and use the old one for backup and to keep files I rarely need. Actu­ally, I also want to install it on my old drive just-in-case. I called the 800 num­ber but it was a record­ing and no chance to talk to an oper­a­tor or tech.

    I have put a bid on a "new" disk on ebay, but who knows if it will get here in enough time, that is, if I win. How many times can I acti­vate it? Or how can I cause it to say it's acti­vated? Who can I contact?

  • mark brown

    can some­one please tell meif i can install win­dow xp onto my win­dows 98 sec­ond edi­tion lap­top, ifso how ps i am dis­abled and do not quite under­stand these thins. thank you, mark brown

  • abhishek solanki

    Every time I switch on my PC(Windows XP with ser­vice pack 2), i get an error as"C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32\AUTOEXEC.NT:The sys­tem file is not suit­able for run­ning MS DOS and microsoft win­dows appli­ca­tions. Choose close to ter­mi­nate the appli­ca­tion." I logged onto microsofts web­site which instructed me to run the CD (i dont know which CD they are talk­ing about but i tried the XP CD-ROM as well as the software's)from the start menu using the cmd prompt. Then i entered the fol­low­ing commands:expand CD-ROM Drive Letter:\i386\config.nt_ c:\windows\system32\config.nt
    expand CD-ROM Drive Letter:\i386\autoexec.nt_ c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt
    expand CD-ROM Drive Letter:\i386\command.co_ c:\windows\system32\
    .i restarted the PC but prob­lem didnt get resolved.i pro­ceeded with fur­ther instruc­tions men­tioned there like typ­ing some com­mands in notepad, explor­ing win­dows, copy­ing selected files like autoexec.nt, config.nt,, past­ing them in system32 folder. noth­ing worked out. i even copied these files from the Win­dows XP CD-Rom and pasted the minto the system32 folder, restarted the pc; still the prob­lem persisted

  • 1buckeye

    I bought a medion lap­top from my work and appar­ently they for­mat­ted the hard drive with XP. That isn't the prob­lem. The XP starts up in the setup, but the key­board doesn't work. The mouse does. I can't get into the win­dows desk­top to update dri­vers or any­thing because it tries to make you go through the setup of win­dows XP. What can i do to get the key­board installed on the com­puter now?

  • Drilldog17

    For any­one over their limit on installs after refor­mat­ting or unin­stalling, etc, you can call Microsoft's sup­port line and tell them your prob­lem. My friend has had to do this a num­ber of times as his brother could not seem to keep his hands off the fire­wall con­trols. They will gen­er­ally give you a few more installs at a time, but you will have to pro­vide proof of pur­chase somehow.

  • Eric

    How can I get office cd key from the net. Want to install office xp to my pc online. How can I go about that.

  • phillip

    The microsoft win­dows xp home edi­tion will allow you to acta­vate it twice but to pre­form this task you must have only used the ser­ial num­ber once if exceded twice you a stuffed it says in the acter­vate win­dows via inter­net that you can put it on 2 com­put­ers only the acta­va­tion is to reduce piracy in mak­ing duple­cet copies of the the best way is to find some­one with xp and hope the have not exceded the limit

  • jkwin­ters

    HELP! I have a legit­i­mate copy of XP Home Upgrade. I recently decided to aban­don Win­dows and tried Linux. AAAAARRRGGGHHHH! After 2 weeks of this I'm ready to go back to Win­dows. Prob­lem is though I still have my Upgrade CD and my prod­uct key, I no longer have the Win­dows ME CD that I upgraded from a cou­ple of years ago. Is there some way to do this with­out spend­ing $200 on a full version?

  • Hans

    I have a very weird prob­lem, though it has hap­pened only like 3 times, the screen goes blue, and then it says: "Begin­ning Dump of Phys­i­cal Mem­ory…" I got wor­ried and flicked the main pow­er­switch which put my room into total dark­ness.

    Then, after this whole cir­cus, i couldnt install some things: An error (-5006: 0×80070002) Has occurred while run­ning the setup.
    Please make sure you have fin­ished any pre­vi­ous setup and closed other appli­ca­tions.
    If the error still occurs, please con­tact your pro­gram ven­dor: (In this case) Lucas Arts
    Error Infor­ma­tion:
    >SetupDLL\SeutpDLL.cpp (1281)
    pAPP:Star Wars Bat­tle­front
    PGUID:C79CB9C7-10A4-4814 – 8402-F574672C2192
    @Windows 2000 Ser­vice Pack 2 (2195) IE 6.0.2800.1106

    This error appears with some other appli­ca­tions too, not only SW Bat­tle­front, and of course the only dif­fer­ence is the PVENDOR and the pAPP.

    Later on, (after this hap­pen­ing about 3 times) i noticed that if the com­puter was idle for about 5
    mins, an error would appear: 16-Bit Win­dows Sub­sys­tem;
    C:WINNT\System32\autoexec.nt. The sys­tem file is not suit­able for run­ning MS-DOS and Microsoft Win­dows appli­ca­tions.
    Choose "Close" to ter­mi­nate the appli­ca­tion.
    The thing is, even if i ter­mi­nate, the error reap­pears if the com­puter is idle.

    If some­one has any idea of what to do, (apart from rein­stalling Win­dows), please mail me.

    BTW, IF i now would rein­stall Win­dows (cur­rently run­ning 2000, think­ing of XP), would i loose what i have on my C: drive? My friend told me that i would only loose My Doc­u­ments and other Windows-related fold­ers, is this ture?
    Thanx, Hans

  • Glo­ria

    my win­dows xp did not load right i have no sound There`s alot miss­ing can u help me?

  • Mark Guelmo

    My PC cur­rently had a prob­lem after i had shut­down one evening and i could not get around it. So using Microsofts' "help­ful" startup options, after press­ing f8 quickly at startup,i came across the com­mand to start the Pc up on the last good con­fig­u­ra­tion set­tings. After accept­ing it pre­sum­ably started to set up good but at the logon screen the acti­va­tion code screen appeared lock­ing me out of the sys­tem. Can you pos­si­bly help me out? P.s. I am cur­rently offline,right now i am using a school desktop.

  • Alvin

    I reciently pur­chaced two HP com­put­ers with XP Home installed on them, I do have the prod­uct keys and I have used restore more than once. My prob­lem is I dont want all that garbage thats installed on the com­puter and the back up disk is one of those HP disks with every­thing on it. Can I do a full restore and install XP with­out all the other pro­grams that come on the disk.

  • Numzz


    I have Microsoft Plus Dig­i­tal Media edi­tion, and I was won­der­ing how to bypass the acti­va­tion of the prod­uct key part????

  • Les­ley

    My friend & I bought iden­ti­cal lap­tops in Dec using WIn­dows XP Home. We both have instal­la­tion disks, even though the soft­ware was pre-loaded. I think we had to carry out prod­uct acti­va­tion at the time but as we had quite a lot of soft­ware to load, reg­is­ter and acti­vate I may be mis­taken and it may have been done before pur­chase. I have reg­u­larly used my lap­top since and had no prob­lems but my friend has not used hers very much as yet. She now gets her user name appear and when she logs on it asks if she wants to acti­vate. When she answers yes it tells her it's already acti­vated and takes her back to the logon screen. Select­ing no for acti­va­tion does the same. How can we get past this screen? Even if she rings microsoft she wont be able to insert an acti­va­tion code as there is no place to do so. Do we need to rein­stall (hope­fully by sim­ply insert­ing the disk), She has no files worth wor­ry­ing about at the moment. Any help is much appre­ci­ated. Thanks

  • DRT

    I am hav­ing trou­ble in my efforts to restore a 3 year old Com­paq DT to its orig­i­nal state. I pur­chased 3 QUICK recov­ery discs from HP and like the recov­ery disc, that came with the computer…the discs will not load. Have fol­lowed instruc­tions to the process, but can't get past the blink­ing screen. :-(
    I must have deleted nec­ces­sary files some­where that are needed to "load" the discs???.
    Has any­one had this problem…and any sug­gested solu­tions??

  • Rob­bie

    I am hav­ing dif­fi­culty with my XP. Some­one here rein­stalled XP on our PC and now I need to acti­vate the prod­uct, I cant. The prod­uct key has already been used it says.

    Microsoft's CSRs said that I should refor­mat my hard drive and rein­stall XP or buy a new prod­uct acti­va­tion key. Can I use this method of installing XP or should I do some­thing else? My patience is run­ning thin with those people.

  • Gene

    I added a exter­nal hard drive last year think­ing this was a way to back up my files if I ever lost them or had to rein­stall win­dows xp. Well it hap­pen and now after I rein­stalled I can­not get my exter­nal hard drive to work and it says it has to be refor­mated and that I will loose all my infor­ma­tion on it. Can any­one help? Please email me as soon as pos­si­ble. Thanks

  • dean

    I had this pc built for me oct/2003 told the guy i could not afford xp pro so he installed an eval­u­a­tion copy to be acti­vated in 30 days and gen­er­ated a key for activation,got sp1,got sp2 and all updates.Then last night the fun started at 22.00 UK i was told i had to reac­ti­vate in 3 days cos of H/Ware changes.I havent changed any­thing i have never installed an os but i do have a disk with a copy of pro[pre sp1].Help! can any­thing be done?

  • Aubrey


    I recieved a com­puter with win­dows xp pro­fes­sional. It had a pass­word on it, which i have now for­got­ten. I believe I may have messed around with secu­rity set­tings and now am not sure what the pass­word might be at all.So i am locked out. I believe I can get the xp pro­fes­sional disk from the guy who gave me the machine, but when i boot up with the disk in the com­puter, do i need to have the pass­word, Or will the rein­stall disk auto­mat­i­cally bipass the pass­word secu­rity screen and allow me to rein­stall with­out know­ing the pass­word? Also If i can't get the win­dows pro­fes­sional disk, is there a way (or soft­ware) that you know of that would allow me to find the lost pass­word or get past the secu­rity and to the main OS win­dow? Any advice would be great, thanks

  • Denny

    You guys, all you have to do is call Microsoft and ram­ble off the num­bers they ask you too and there you go, you can re-activate your copy of XP (pro­vided it's legit). This also applies if you changed to much hard­ware and XP is nag­ging you to re-activate.

    It's sim­ple, legal, and easy. My friend has done it 20+ times.

  • the snake

    I had buy an win­dows xp pro and for­mat my com­puter to install this cd when i was installing the cd an error come out to me fatal error, I cant

  • Bobby P

    I bought my com­puter 2 1/2 years ago with win­dows xp prof. I had it ser­viced last year at gate­way and they refor­mat­ted hard drive and re-installed xp-sp1.
    now I am hav­ing prob­lems. I tried to repair win­dows xp using my orig­i­nal CD that came with com­puter. I keep get­ting a mes­sage say­ing to install the CD. It does not seem to rec­og­nize the cd. Is this because gate­way installed a new xp sp1?
    What do I do? My com­puter is out of war­ranty now, and the gate­way stores are closed.
    Thanks, Bob

  • sonam

    Dear exparts,
    I have a dell lap­top whcih has Intel pen­tium II pro­ce­sor. It has a hdd caoac­ity of 6GB and 63 MB of RAM. Pre­vi­ously the OS was win 98. But with 98 I could not use ny net­work card. So I tried to replaced the win 98 OS by Win XP with legal key cord. Dur­ing the insta­la­tion process the lap­top just went off. Agter that I could do not get even the power to my lap­top. Is it that my power box gone or any other rrea­son can also pre­vent me from get­ting power in my lap­top.
    Please help,
    many thanks


  • Rose­mary

    Hi– I tried read­ing all of the posts but my eyes hurt. Any­way– I have a prob­lem. I've had my lap­top for about a year already and every­thing was fine. I had some guy install some Nor­ton 2003 thing so that I would have a virus pro­tec­tor thing. Well sud­denly today I was using my lap­top and it said that some­thing needed to update, it did some scan and said it cor­rected some errors, and needed to reboot. so i did. Much to my sur­prise when it came back on, a mes­sage stat­ing that i needed to acti­vate win­dows popped up so I clicked yes and then i got that mes­sage that says win­dows is already acti­vated. then it goes in that end­less cycle oth­ers have described. So here's the prob­lem– I don't have an XP CD, but i do have the P.Key and I don't know any­thing about com­put­ers. Any suggestions??

  • Mike

    Hey Guys,when I try to run the defrag pro­gram on my c drive, after the sys­tem is anal­ized it stops at 1(one)per cent and I receive the mes­sage to run chkdsk /f. I do so and I still get the same result. The pro­gram runs com­pletely on D drive. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • zaidi

    Hello, I have a prob­lem, I didn't know the backup, restore com­monds in Microsoft Win­dows Millinnium, pls tell me what to do.

  • Jadito

    i need help,i have lap­top i recently installed win­dows XP on it,after i fin­ished instal­la­tion i shut­down it,when i startup,it sees new hard­ware and rein­stall them auto­mat­i­cally like cd-rom hard­disk ide controller,etc.. this hap­pens only when i per­form shutdown,not when i restart is it the cmos bat­tery or some­thing else,plz help me.thank you

  • Kelly

    Denny — it's only sim­ple if you don't get into the death spi­ral my machine cur­rently is in. It had been telling me for sev­eral days that I needed to acti­vate Win­dows. I already had and had been run­ning for months. But each time it said that, I said sure go acti­vate it. I would then get the acti­va­tion wiz­ard box with a mes­sage say­ing that Win­dows was already acti­vated. Same thing every day of the count­down. On day 0 and on, I now can't login with­out acti­vat­ing. But when I tell it to acti­vate, I get the same "Win­dows is already acti­vate" mes­sage with OK as the only choice. Click­ing that returns me to the login and after I login I am greeted with the mes­sage again say­ing that I must acti­vate win­dows before log­ging in. It's an end­less loop. I have rolled the date back in CMOS. That helped me login in at least once and I even was able to do the regedit hack to inval­i­date my key which did force the actual acti­va­tion pro­ce­dure which I then fol­lowed. I read my num­bers into the auto­mated sys­tem, she read some back, I entered them and life was good. Until I returned my date to the cur­rent date and restarted the sys­tem. Then I was right back to the same issue all over again and am still there. I tell you this story only to make you real­ize that it's not always as easy to fix this prob­lem as you think. The key that I am using is from an MSDN sub­scrip­tion that allows 10 PCs to use the same key. I've only installed this on 3 PCs because that's all I own. I've given the key to no one else. Win­dows obvi­u­osly "thinks" it's both acti­vated and needs to be acti­vated. I can't get into my machine. Noth­ing sim­ple about it for those of us who are in that boat friend.

  • Peter


    My disc drive is not respond­ing and ive been told to reload my pc com­pletely and now since my disc drive is bro­ken i would like to ask if there is any way of com­pletely reset­ting every­thing and im not both­ered about sav­ing soft­ware so is there a way to do it?

    Thanks Peter

  • Peter

    Is there a way to reset my pc com­pletely (delet­ing every­thing and put it back to fac­tory set­tings WITHOUT THE DISC?)

  • Faye

    My com­puter crashed in Oct 04. It now has Win­dows XP and the repair­man gave me the disk too.

    My Paint pro­gram, Cal­cu­la­tor and Sound Recorder van­ished. I don't know if it is because of some­thing deleted when I ran AdAware or Win­dow Washer, but regard­less, since I got my com­puter back from the repairs, I have not been able to record at all on the Sound Recorder or the recorder in my Incred­i­mail. I have checked and with some friends help, rechecked all of the set­tings in the con­trol panel for sound, the right and left click on vol­ume on the task bar.

    I man­aged to drag Pain and Cal­cu­la­tor from Sys­tem 32 folder but I would really like to be able to record wav files again. So I thought that I would just use Sys­tem Restore in Sys­tem Tools. But it won't restore it no mat­ter what date I set for it to go back to.

    So then I decided that I would just rein­stall Win­dows XP which should then give me all of these things back. But I put the Win­dows XP disk in the drive and it says it can't install Win­dows XP because the ver­sion I have on my com­puter is newer. Well I don't know how that could be! But can you tell me how to get this ver­sion of Win­dows XP off, regard­less if it is newer so that I can just rein­stall Win­dows XP?? And please tell me what this Acti­va­tion thing is that I have read about in other posts. Is that some­thing like I am going to have to prove that I own this CD or some­thing? Well I have the folder it came in with the prod­uct key num­ber and I have a bill of sale from the repair­man who is not by the way, in the least will­ing to answer any ques­tions or be of any help.
    thanks for any help at all


  • Priyanka

    I upgraded my com­puter to Win­dows XP professional.But i have already used the prod­uct key i had, on another com­puter and now i can­not use it again.I read on of the com­ments posted and tried to restore my sys­tem to a pre­vi­ous date but they have locked up all the dates and cre­ated a restora­tion point right after i have installed pro­fes­sional version.So in short i can­not restore my sys­tem. I do have XP home edition.Is there any way i can go back to home edi­tion or do some­thing?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Jim

    I have XP Pro installed on my other com­puter. It worked fine for the last year and was Acti­vated. Tonight I restarted it and when the Wel­come screen came on I got a pop up say­ing I needed to acti­vate win­dows to con­tinue. "Click Yes to acti­vate" I did. The acti­va­tion screen comes up and states "Win­dows has already been acti­vated click OK to exit." I click OK and It logs me off back to the wel­come screen. Im stuck in this loop and can not get back onto my com­puter. Any ideas about what I can do to get this fixed with­out a full restore…?

  • Cav_king

    Prikyanka– Unfor­tu­natly, Prod­uct Keys have been cre­ated so that if you buy one Xp license/Disk you can only install it on one com­puter.. It looks as though you will have to buy a new copy of xp since yyou have already used the prod­uct key for a dif­fer­ent computer.

    Faye– RE_INSTALL..If you change your cmos set­tings to 'first boot — cdrom' then restart the com­puter with the xp disk in the cd drive it should run and give you the option to wipe and re-install the OS. you shouldnt run into any prob­lems using this method. Let me know how it goes

  • Cav_king

    Peter — U need a disk to peform that par­tic­u­lar task, be it an XP disk, o a fac­tory set­tings disk, Which should be easy to find on google.

  • Cav_king

    Jim — Was there any changes made prior to this occur­ing? For exam­ple.. Any hard­ware or soft­ware installed or adjusted recently ?
    (This is usu­ally the rea­son for re-activation)

  • Cav_king

    Kelly — if you have noth­ing on there youu want to save.. try For­mat­ing the drive then installing XP again. this should release you of all ties to the acti­va­tion.
    If you change your cmos set­tings to 'first boot — cdrom' then restart the com­puter with the xp disk in the cd drive it should run and give you the option to wipe and re-install the OS. you shouldnt run into any prob­lems using this method. Let me know how it goes

  • Jowell135

    Just rein­stalled Win­dows XP Pro after a prob­lem. It took a few tries but I've finally got it reloaded. Now I'm being asked for a user pass­word or Admin­is­tra­tor pass­word to get in. My old pass­words don't work, I had to for­mat my drive to install new copy of OS.
    Is there a pass­word here some­where that came with my recov­ery disk? I can't seem to find one.

  • June

    Each time I turn on my com­puter "microsoft" does not allow me to use win­dows with­out first acti­vat­ing. I do this by phone each time I turn on the com­puter. If I don't acti­vate first, the com­puter logs off.

    I started leav­ing my com­puter on all the time and that works, but cer­tain down­loads ask for a restart, so I have to reac­ti­vate yet again. Each day, when I turn on my com­puter I have to activate.

    What can I do to stop this. My win­dows disk is shop purchased.

    "Patient to a cer­tain limit."

  • robert

    i am try­ing to re-install win­dows xp with a new moth­er­board. since i have a new moth­er­board, when it asks me to acti­vate win­dows before i login (the 30 days has expired), it tells me that win­dows has already been acti­vated (on what it thinks is my old computer).

    my files from before were backed up and i was able to replace the new wpa.dbl file with the orig­i­nal one. i was not able to find the orig­i­nal wpa.bak file and i am not sure how impor­tant that is. those were the two files nec­es­sary to replace for win­dows to rec­og­nize the license.

    even after doing that and rela­bel­ing them as the new wpa.dbl files, i was either asked to acti­vate win­dows again (in the same way) or was told that there was a prob­lem with the activation.

    as far as i know the only legit­i­mate way to get through the acti­va­tion was to replace those files.

    i do not have access to the 42? digit acti­va­tion code. the only num­ber avail­able to me is the 25-character prod­uct cer­ti­fi­ca­tion code.

    i've tried call­ing microsoft and they are of no help. they ask for the 42-digit acti­va­tion code that i do now have access to because it says that win­dows is already acti­vated. even if i did have it there is no prompt to enter it into to.

    if any­one could offer any fur­ther advice, i would be immensely grate­ful. thank you for your time.

  • Gun­tuka Ravindra

    Hello Friends,

    I want to know some­thing which is related with the Win­dows XP.

    If WinXP crash and we want to recover the sys­tem with out reinstallation.

    Pls helo me on this.


  • Rico

    Hey Gun­tuka,

    can you get into safe mode? by press­ing F8 at start up,if you can — head towards your sys­tem restore and go back a day or two, dont go back to far as most of the time it will fail to repro­duce what was on your sys­tem 3 weeks ago.

    give it a go, it has a easy step guide for you to follow.

    let me know how you get on!

  • robert


    so this is a response to the ques­tion i posted ear­lier. (see above)

    i was able to solve the prob­lem (i think/hope) in the most ridicu­lous way.

    to begin with, i backed up all the info on my hard drive and rein­stalled win­dows. (as stated before, i was stuck in the win­dows acti­va­tion loop where win­dows keeps telling you that it's "already acti­vated" and makes you log in again, and again, and again)

    any­ways, i did this think­ing i could just wipe my hard drive clean and replace the wpa.dbl files (win­dows license keys) with the orig­i­nal wpa.dbl files in order to trick the acti­va­tion process into think­ing the hard­ware setup was the same as before. (this is what is com­monly sug­gested on many websites…)

    this did not work. ("nooooooo, win­dows is too pow­er­ful" i thought.)and again, i was prompted with the "win­dows must be acti­vated within 30 days prompt". so i thought that i at least had 30 days…

    but, know­ing that the prompt is gen­er­ated by the wpabaln.exe file (the acti­va­tion program,)i tried in vein to delete it.
    unfor­tu­nately what i noticed was that it kept regen­er­at­ing itself no mat­ter how many times i deleted it.

    so… in a last ditch attempt (which i didn't think was going to work) i deleted it, and very quickly (imme­di­ately) before it could regen­er­ate itself i turned my com­puter off. i prac­ti­cally had the power but­ton pressed down while i was delet­ing it. (note: i didn't shut it down, i phys­i­cally turned it off.)

    so, when i turned it back on, the wpabaln.exe file was gone, and so was the mes­sage. (that lit­tle bas­tard of a pro­gram didn't know what was coming)

    so i assume (and pray) that this made it go away for good. it's been a cou­ple days and i haven't seen it. so i think the coast is clear.

    good luck to all those stuck in the acti­va­tion loop. you might as well try this.

    wpabaln.exe = pure cor­po­rate evil.

    thank you and good night.

    (also, if any­one who is hav­ing this prob­lem tries this method please post a mes­sage say­ing whether it worked or not… i can't help but won­der if it was just an anomaly)

  • Joe

    hi guys, i was just won­der­ing how many times you can acti­vate win­dows before it says you've done it too many times?

  • robert

    sorry– just one more thing.

    if any­one is caught in the 'acti­va­tion loop', try boot­ing up into safe mode and doing the 'file delete and then turn off com­puter' trick. (see above)

    i'm curi­ous to know if that will work with­out hav­ing to wipe your hard drive clean and rein­stalling windows.

  • josh

    i wanna re-install win­dows, i dont have a restore disk or the win­dows xp cd, i do have my prod­uct key thoug, i was won­der­ing if it was pos­si­ble to use my friends copy of xp and use my acti­va­tion key

  • blue

    hi guy! i have a prob­lem with my lap­top. i think a have to rein­stall my win­dows xp but i don't have the cd. All i have is the "prod­uct recov­ery cd-rom" but i don't know what to do with it.pls help

  • agaon

    hey robert im gonna try ur method, i did a search for the file and came up with file) and wpabaln(application).
    do i get rid of both or just the application

  • Dan

    I recently bought a used com­puter with Win­dows XP Pro­fes­sional installed. Unfor­tu­nately, the gal that sold it to me had recently moved and didn't have the sys­tem disk. I took the com­puter any­way, fig­ur­ing it had every­thing I want on it.

    EXCEPT: I need to install a lan­guage pack­age. I didn't think this would be a prob­lem, because I often per­form this func­tion from ter­mi­nals at my uni­ver­sity library. What I didn't real­ize, is that those ter­mi­nals are access­ing the sys­tem disk on-line. When I try to down­load the lan­guage pack I need, win­dows asks me to put in the sys­tem CD, which, of course, I don't have.

    Is there any way I can get my lan­guage pack with­out hav­ing to buy a brand new win­dows disk? The com­puter I bought has a legit­i­mate ver­sion of XP Pro­fes­sional on it, which was fac­tored into the price…

  • Gena

    I have a ques­tion, and I hope this is where I'm sup­posed to post it. If not I appologize.

    Any­way, my Uncle found a com­puter that he thought was alright and decided he was going to put an already acti­vated copy of XP on it to update it for her. Unfor­tu­nately, he was unaware of the new way Microsoft is deal­ing with things nowadays.

    When he first copied XP to the com­puter it was work­ing fine, except every­day it would tell them they had only so many days left to acti­vate it. Once those days were up the com­puter became unus­able. Now when you turn it on a box pops up that says it needs acti­vated, would you like to acti­vate it now? If you click yes another screen shows stat­ing that this ver­sion of win­dows has already been acti­vated… I can­not get past this for anything.

    I am not bril­liant when it comes to com­put­ers. My Aunt is ready to throw this thing away and I thought maybe there was a way to at least put an older ver­sion of win­dows on it.. like 98, so that her kids can at least use it to goof around on. I have a win­dows 98 cd here, but it won't read it.. it won't do any­thing. Is there a way that any of you know of that this might be possible?


  • Chris

    Need someone's help! Not sure why, but when­ever I try to open Excel, it begins try­ing to use the instal­la­tion disk, and asks me to insert my CD ROM. Well, it came prepack­aged and I did not get a disk of any type to put in. I'm using XP. Also, my Out­look is com­pletely bez­erk. When I try to cre­ate a new apoint­ment or task, it says "The mes­sag­ing inter­face has returned an unknown error. If prob­lem per­sists, please restart Out­look." Well, restart­ing doesn't help. In addi­tion, any­thing already on the cal­en­dar gets an error of "can­not open this item." Every­thing is messed up, email accounts, etc.
    How do I rein­stal Excel, Out­look, etc with­out the CD ROM? It's quite frustrating.

    Thank you!

  • Paul

    Can you be more spe­cific on how to use the recov­ery con­sole to replace that wpa.dbl file in the sys­tem 32 folder so i dont have to acti­vate over and over when I fry my 'puter.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • Andy

    I have done a rein­stall of XP home but I can't acti­vate it. I want to, and I click on Acti­vate Win­dows, but the win­dow opens up and all I see is 4 scat­tered boxes with lit­tle white squares in them with red x's on the white squares– like when you're on a web page and the photo won't down­load. I've updated all the way through sp2 and still it does this. I've Rein­stalled sev­eral times and still it does this.

    Please help

  • Chris

    Hi, I acci­den­tally rein­stalled XP on my desk­top with the CD that came with my lap­top. Now I need to reac­ti­vate it. Will I have to rein­stall XP again with the cor­rect CD or can I just give MS the prod­uct code for the cor­rect one in order to acti­vate it? Thanks

  • robert

    hey agaon–

    i would rec­om­mend delet­ing both.

    the 'pf' file is a prefetch file which i think (i'm not sure) is what allows the sys­tem to recover the deleted file. i deleted both and it seemed to work.

    and Gena. i'm not sure if you looked at what i wrote a few posts ear­lier, but it really works. you should try it.

    good luck.

  • Andrew

    Hi i have recently put win­dows xp pro on my pc it works fine but when i start my com­puter there seems to be two oper­a­tors on the black start up screen one works fine the other one says the win­dows root)\32\hal.dll is miss­ing or cor­rup and win­dows can not open how can i delete this oper­at­ing sys­tem with out dis­turb­ing the other one regards.

  • Paul

    Is it just me or is this just bogus. Ive tried it. Did not work. Direc­tions are ter­ri­ble for new­bie. Every forum Ive been to has said this was not real and Im inclined to believe them.

  • snip­tools

    Thanks for the thoughts Paul. I doubt I would want a "new­bie" (defined per­haps as somone who doesn't know how to copy a file from "c:\windows\.." etc) to dab­ble in rein­stal­la­tions of OSes. But this has worked for me on sev­eral setups, as it has for sev­eral hun­dred peo­ple. Let me know more specif­i­cally what your gripes with the rein­stall are and let's see if we can shoo them away.

  • john­ny­drill


    I was get­ting: Win­dows could not start because the fol­low­ing file is miss­ing or cor­rupt: \WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM

    I rebooted, did PF8, and selected last good con­fig­u­ra­tion. After that and every­time I boot now I get a "Win­dows Prod­uct Acti­va­tion" box stat­ing "This copy of Winows must be acti­vated with Microsoft before you can long on. Do you want to acti­vate Win­odws now?" yes or no I do yes while con­nected to the inter­net, goes to my back­ground screen for a few min­utes, then comes back to the wel­come screen with owner. Same process repeats. I have a valid XP license sticker on top of my PC, XP was pre-installed and I have no CD. Please help!

  • kunal

    hey dude… i got all sorts of virus on my hard disc… wud rein­stalling win­dows b a good deci­sion in order to get rid of these viruses

  • Louis

    Nice arti­cel!

    I have to rein­stall my sys­tem on a hard­ware which has some changes (Raid 0 boot device). The orig­i­nal HD broke down yesterday.

    I have a true image backup of my sys­tem, but want a clean instal­la­tion on the new raid system.

    My ques­tion is, if there it is pos­si­ble to get my old Prod­uct Key back from the image for the new installation?

    Is the pro­duc­tkey stored in the wba.dbl — file?



  • Ryu_ookami

    Hio i have win­dows xp home edi­tion and its demand­ing to be acti­vated thing is the ring­ing microsoft is'nt an option and the pc in ques­tion (not this one) does'nt have an inter­net con­nec­tion no where does it say when i brought it that it had to be acti­vated is they any way around this prob­lem i have a orginal disk and an orig­i­nal licence

  • Don

    i have seen alot of peo­ple prais­ing adaware well for a per­sonal note sure it dumps alot of garbage from your sys­tem but be aware that it is also loaded with track­ing soft­ware lava­soft is a 2 faced com­pany that wants to elim­i­nate theyre spy­ware coun­ter­parts and put theyre own mali­cious crap on your sys­tem try using win­dow washer and spy sweeper much more effec­tive people

  • Eric

    I'm hav­ing a prob­lem with my old com­puter, its so messed up that i cant even do any­thing with­out it hav­ing to load for 15 min­utes. I wish to com­pletely wipe the com­puter of every­thing as start it over as if i havent used it before, but i dont have the xp pro or any other os cd (lost long time ago). how can i do this?

  • gomtesh

    hi my names is gomtesh and i have worked for microsoft tec­ni­cal sup­port for out­look and office setup for a i know in and out of if any­one needs assis­tance for out­look, feel free.Thanks.


  • AH

    I recently bought a Dell Dimen­sion run­ning XP Pro. I tried to load SBC/Yahoo DSL soft­ware on it and very early in the instal­la­tion a fatal errror pops up stat­ing that the "Work­FlowHar­nes­sEx­e­cutable has encoun­tered a prob­lem and must close." So I got another install disk and had the same prob­lem. I've called both SBC and Dell and got no help.

    Do you have any sug­ges­tions?
    Thanks in advance

  • Levon

    Will this process work when rein­stalling XP
    on a larger disk in the same com­puter? In
    other words, all the hard­ware is the same except
    for the disk drive. Or more specif­i­cally, what
    hard­ware does it exam­ine when ver­i­fy­ing the
    acti­va­tion key?

    (Yes, I know about Ghost, and that I don't need
    to do a full rein­stall, but I want to use this
    as an oppor­tu­nity to clean out a lot of cruft
    in one swell foop.)

  • Zak

    (This topic has been briefly touched on, but I still don't have any anwers)
    I recently pur­chased sev­eral lap­tops for $100 a piece. They were all run­ning 95, so I decided to press my luck and install XP Prof. on one just to see what hap­pened. I booted the com­puter from the D drive and the setup went with­out a hitch, but it never asked me for a prod­uct key or any­thing along those lines, so from day one, I start get­ting this prod­uct acti­va­tion notice, but as men­tioned in pre­vi­ous com­ments, every­time I click on it, it says that the prod­uct is already acti­vated. I have never con­nected the com­puter to the inter­net, and I had to take the XP CD out of the wrap­per before installing, so I'm assum­ing that it's never been used before as well. But never the less, the 30 days are up, and I'm locked out of my com­puter. Any ideas about why it's doing this, and if there's any­thing I can do to get it back to normal?

  • Diane

    my son did a sys­tem restore because our com­puter was slow and now I do not seem to have my win­dows xp home edi­tion I do not have a cd to rein­tall it came all ready installed when pur­chased, is there any­thing I can do to get win­dows xp home edi­tion rein­stall with­out hav­ing to take it back to the store I bought it from.

    any­one who can help


  • Sub­tain Bacha

    Recently I have upgraded my Win­dow XP Pro­fes­sional into Ser­vice Pack 2. After Instal­la­tion suc­cess­fully when I login on it give me the fol­low­ing Error:

    ‘Windows Prod­uct Acti­va­tion’
    “A prob­lem is pre­vent­ing win­dows from accu­rately check­ing the license for this com­puter. Error Code: 0x80070002”

    Deal Sir, please guide me how my com­puter will be login? Because there are many software’s and data in my com­puter, I didn’t want to for­mat and fresh instal­la­tion. In the Safe Mode it is login correctly.

    with regards

    Sub­tain Bacha

  • yama

    how can i instal win xp if i don;t have a cd-rom or folppy drive?
    can it work that ik copy(setup) the cd on hard­drive en then instal it???

  • Rakno

    Hi i have a prob­lem with my computer.When i go online and when i go onto a web page,leaving my homepage,it always crashes for 10 sec­onds and then comes up with the page. how­ever, when the page loads up, a pop up comes with it too. i have not been on any dodgy sites or down­loaded any­thing dodgy either. plz help me out because i need the inter­net run­ning prop­er­ley asap because i need to revise for My GCSE's. Rakno!

  • Rakno

    i need help fix­ing my com­puter. my com­puter freezes every time i go onto a web page. it also brings a pop up with it too. plz help because i need the com­puter to revise for my Examz. Rakno!

  • heather

    hi i have a com­puter i got from my brother,nothing fancy but it worked.i played around with it at his house,brought it to mine i was going to put some kids games on it and give it to my boyfriends cousin,i had it hooked up at my house and the plug fell out of the wall so i just got every­thing together because it didnt have the eth­er­net con­nect so i didnt bother with the ganes,i took it to her house and hooked it all up and it didnt work. well to be more spe­cific it loads the com­puter info and then win­dows xp home and after that the screen goes blank/black all i can see is the mouse arrow and it moves and every­thing so i dont know what the prob­lem is.
    ive been told it could have been the screen,but i tried a dif­fer­ent screen and it does the same thing.i pushed f8 to see what i could acom­plish and choos­ing debugging(just to see what happened)it first showed windows/system32 something,before i could write it down it i pushed the but­ton and turned it off and on again and did the same thing to see if i could get the error again and it didnt do it again in went to the same black screen.CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! this lit­tle girl prob­a­bly thinks im a jerk for giv­ing her some­thing i cant fix :(

  • Stu

    After clear­ing up a virus my PC picked up, my copy of XP Home (all legal and legit — came with PC) no longer thinks it's acti­vated. (Per­haps some­thing got corrupted?)

    I can get into safe mode, but when I try a nor­mal boot I get an error mes­sage about need­ing to acti­vate XP ('OK' is the only option). When I hit 'OK', it takes me to the 'login / select user account' screen, with only one option ('Home' user account).

    When I click on the account, I get the error mes­sage again (need to acti­vate XP, 'OK' is the only option) and it gets stuck in this loop.

    "Acti­va­tion error msg" –> "user account screen" –> "Acti­va­tion error msg" .… etc. etc.


  • Jim McDon­ald

    I have some ques­tions about putting wpa.dbl back into a new install. When do you do it and how do you do it? Do you do it with the disk in dos(like using a Win­dows ME install disk for exam­ple). I tried it after com­plete instal­la­tion of XP and it still ask for prod­uct activation.

  • wang­chong

    I have the win­dows xp recov­ery cds and i am want­ing to re for­mat my hard drive can i do it with just those discs. If so how do i do it ?

  • Ger­man Escallon

    The Gate­way com­puter I purchsed two years ago came with a restora­tion disk. unfor­tu­nately I lost it, and I had to buy Win­dows XP Pro edi­tion. My sytem crashes con­tin­u­ously, due to viruses and spy­ware con­tained on my com­puter. I decided to save all of my files on CD-Roms, in case it stops work­ing. All I want to do is for­mat my hard drive, in order to do a clean instal­la­tion of win­dows XP. how can I do that?

  • Rei_09

    My com­puter is a Com­paq win­dows Xp home edi­tion and it really needs to be restored, But I can't find my recov­ery disk. Do you know where I can order or buy a new one?

    P.S.: I tried using restore points, call­ing Com­paq, ask­ing friends, but I got nothing

  • chris

    i tried to rein­tall my winxp pro to my desk­top pc but in the mid­dle of the set-up it restarted the set-up again. I could exit the set-up or go for­ward with it. Any­one had a sim­il­iar prob­lem? thanx.

  • Pradeep

    Hey Chris,

    Dur­ing instal­la­tion of winxp it needs sev­eral restarts or reboot.To stop it you need to change the boot sequence at the BIOS which appears as soon as you turn on your pc.

  • domino

    make a bootable win­dows xp disk for yourself

  • Melodie

    I bought a new legal ver­sion of XPpro when I bought the stuff to basi­cally build my new com­puter. The only thing that isn't new is my hard drive, but I want to get a new one even­tu­ally. If I rein­stall win­dows onto the new hard drive and use that wpa.db1 file, will it freak out because it's a dif­fer­ent hard­drive? or will that trick to bypass re-activation work?

  • chef­steph

    Help, PLEASE! I recently upgraded to SBC DSL and haven't been able to use the DVD player on my Pre­sario 4862. OK, I know it's old but it's the only com­puter and the only DVD player I have. SBC said it prob­a­bly needs new con­fig­u­ra­tion num­bers (what­ever that means) but I've have to get them from Com­paq. Com­paq wants to charge me $59 before answer­ing any ques­tions. (If I had money I could buy a DVD player for that amount!) Noth­ing on Compaq's free sup­port web­site was help­ful. The DVD dri­ver shows up in the device man­ager but when I insert a DVD and press the play but­ton, the whole com­puter freezes-up.

    Thanks for any help any­one can offer. If you ever need any cook­ing tips, I'm your gal but com­put­ers I know next to noth­ing about. –Steph

  • Jeremy

    Hi, i have an oem ver­sion of win­dows xp home edi­tion on my ema­chines t4155 com­puter. I want to wipe it clean and go back to my orig­i­nal soft­ware. I lost the restore discs though. can i use another win­dows xp home edi­tion cd from some­one else, and just reuse my ser­ial num­ber? any advice would help.
    thanks jeremy

  • Sam

    Hello there,

    I got a old Fujitsu lifebook run­ning win­dows ME (pre-installed when I bought it). I would like to for­mat every­thing and install win­dows XP on it.

    I don't know how to do that. Now when I put the win­dows XP disc in it, it tells me that this machine is designed for ME only and does not autho­rize installation.

    On the top of this, I can't find the recov­ery CD for ME that came with the machine, nei­ther can I find the fujitsu dri­vers cd that came along.

    Can you help me and pro­vide a step to step method.

    The con­fig is: Pen­tium III, 750 Mhz proces­sor, 128 MB RAM, built in CD ROM drive and floppy drive.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Mark

    Hi good day… Ive got a big prob­lem with down­load­ing .mpegs .avi or any movies. It is my pc here at work. So i think its the proxy server, it wont let me how do i fix it

  • Fal­l­en­Zen

    I've got a bit of a story, but firstly: to any­one who got a machine with the OS pre-installed, grab a pro­gram called "Aida32" (Found here: It's basi­cally a free­ware sys­tem diag­nos­tic tool that will tell you all kinds of infor­ma­tion regard­ing your machine, includ­ing Oper­at­ing Sys­tem info, such as Prod­uct ID and Prod­uct Key. Keep that key some­where safe. That way, if you ever need to re-install, you can just bor­row a disc with your OS from a friend and install/activate the sys­tem using your Prod­uct Key.

    With the pro­gram I just men­tioned and this trick for grab­bing the "wpa.dbl" file I could have saved myself around $200 USD. I man­aged to lock all users (includ­ing the admin­is­tra­tor) out of my machine while defin­ing cus­tom rule­sets for my Local Users and Groups. A les­son to be had: All users belong to two group pro­files. They all share a com­mon group called "Users" as well as belong­ing to their own group (Admin­is­tra­tor, Power User, etc). Don't remove the "Users" group think­ing you're remov­ing the group designed for default users with­out first pay­ing very close atten­tion to make sure the rule­set isn't designed to match all the group pro­files ("Users" appears twice in the list).

    There you have it: My tid­bit of knowl­edge and my tale of woe that granted me that knowl­edge. I hope it keeps some of you from repeat­ing my mistakes.


  • Steve

    I need to use my EMa­chine Recov­ery Disks using an exter­nal USB CD ROM as my onboard cd rom doesnt work. How do I do this?

  • mike

    how do you pull a prod­uct key from the cd you have and not the os thats installed.

    I have both programs(Viewkeyxp) and jelly­bean
    But they pull from the c drive.

    If I can change the path to d: I will be happy!!


  • Helen

    I need to unin­stall win­dows xp and return to win­dows 98. I am sell­ing my com­puter and I want to keep xp the per­son I'm sell­ing to has their own copy. How do I com­pletely unin­stall xp to return to 98? I tried to unin­stall, but it will no let me com­pletely uninstall.

    Also, how can a per­son find out what the type of com­puter sys­tem is on a com­puter? I have an older machine and need to know the pro­cess­ing speed, ram, and other infor­ma­tion. I may be able to install my xp onto one of the old ones, but I was told that it may be to slow and now enough back­ground stuff to run prop­erly. How can I check?

    Any infor­ma­tion will be of great appreciation!!!

    Thank you, Helen

  • snip­tools

    Mike, most of the util­i­ties that pull your prod­uct key, do it from the reg­istry. I doubt they'll be able to do it from a CD-ROM.

    Helen, to check a sys­tem under Win­dows, just right click on the MY COMPUTER icon and click on Prop­er­ties. As for "going back to Win­dows 98", do you have Win­dows 98 already installed on your machine that you'd like to go back to? It's not an easy thing to do unless you had a double-boot sys­tem so what­ever you do, please remem­ber to backup your impor­tant data before you attempt anything.

  • Stew­art

    I bought a used sys­tem, they guy said he "reloaded" the sys­tem with the cd's it came with. Gave all the soft­ware that came with the sys­tem. Ok I got the OS cd & the Offi­cial cd Key stick on the front of the sys­tem. By the way its a Gate­way com­puter with a Gate­way XP OS cd.

    Now there was an icon that kept appear­ing in the lower right hand cor­ner that said to Acti­vate XP. I clicked on that and a win­dow appeared and said that it was already acti­vated. Ok no sweat! After 30 days, guess what.… It stopped work­ing!! I am able to get into safe mode tho.

    Is there ANYWAY to acti­vate it so I can put in the acti­va­tion code? The guy said he never had to do it before because it was an OEM OS (already inserted when installed).

    How can I enter in my code when I dont see an option to do it??

    Please Help Me With My Acti­va­tion Problem!!

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Shield­wolf

    So I have a prob­lem that I've seen another user here have, but mine isn't exactly the same. I just built a new sys­tem. I have a file I'm try­ing to restore from a 3.5 disk and I get A:\is not acces­si­ble No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk.

    Now here's where mine gets weird. All the fixes/suggestions I've found tell me to either rein­stall the floppy dri­ver or to for­mat an unfor­mat­ted floppy.

    1) I know it's not the floppy drive itself as it reads other flop­pies fine.

    2) I've for­mat­ted another disk on the drive fine.

    It's just this one floppy that does it. I've taken the flopppy to work and tried on that machine, and gives me the same mes­sage. So the error is on the floppy disk itself, not with my floppy drive.

    Is there a way or util­ity to recover the file from this floppy?

  • Aaron

    I have a Dell Win­dows XP com­puter. When I turn on my com­puter a blue screen comes on and it says that I have unmountable_boot_volume. I took it to a per­son that said he can fix it. So I took it to him and then he returned it to me. He said that he installed Win­dows ME ver­sion. So I went and con­nected it all up and then turned it on. Then the blue screen came back on. So I put in the Oper­at­ing Sys­tems Disk for the XP ver­sion. So it loaded and until it got to the end it gave me three choices so i chose the sec­ond one which was the one that sid press R to repair. then it said that I dont have any dri­vers con­nected. So I put in the Dri­vers and Util­i­ties Disk and it didnt even load. Could any­one help me fix this big problem?

  • TheTalker

    Dan # 271. Had the same thing, as a prob­lem.
    HP / Com­paq was not able to help. So did it the old fash­ion way. Trial and error process.
    What is nec­ces­sary, is that you MUST remove all / anything,that was not part of the orig­i­nal setup.
    Your Restore disks will now do what is needed to restore all the orig­i­nal pro­grams.

  • Ian

    I have a Win­dows XP Pro­fes­sional OS, all legal and with ser­ial etc, each time I restart the com­puter Win­dows asks for acti­va­tion, I am con­nected to the inter­net and the OS acti­vates and I get the "Thankyou for your acti­va­tion" mes­sage on the screen. If I restart my com­puter it asks for the acti­va­tion to be per­formed again. Any help stop­ping this would be appreciated.

  • bam­bie

    how long does xp take to copy files

    i did not acti­vate smart­drive
    i am won­der­ing if the com­puter crashed

  • sun

    hi every­one..

    one of my file corrupted(system 32.…)and i cant enter win­dows! so i need to go for recov­ery con­sole, BUT the worst thing is i for­got my admin­stra­tor pass­word which i cant recover it!!!
    please teach me how to get back the pass­word so that i can carry on the recov­ery process!!

    thank you..hope to hear from u guys soon!! thx!

  • snip­tools

    Hi sun,

    Take a look at this arti­cle about recov­er­ing win­dows passwords.


  • Amber

    I have a prob­lem with my win­dows xp and after read­ing all of the post there wasn't any­thing related. You tell every­one they need there sys­tem DISK or Recov­ery DISK. I bought my PC straight from IBM and yes it is about 4 yrs old so out of war­renty now. How­ever my com­puter came with win­dows XP pre-loaded and the recov­ery files and the xp pro­gram are located on a sep­a­rate par­ti­tion on my hard drive. There were no disk that came with it. (that was one of microsofts attempts to keep peo­ple from hav­ing a disk at the time). Like I said that was 4 yrs ago I couldn't tell you where my books and man­u­als ae now. I want to wipe my hard drive and re-install win­dows. I know it is pos­si­ble to do this from that par­ti­tion, but it's been along time since I've had any prob­lems and I don't remem­ber how to do it. Can you help?

  • Dave

    Doing Win­dows update will pro­long your pre–
    acti­va­tion time. I installed XPHome SP1 and waited about 12 days before doing the updates.
    After updat­ing, my pre-activation time was reset
    to thirty days (I did not update to SP2, I just
    did the crit­i­cal updates). After notic­ing this,
    I fig­ured I'd exper­i­ment and wait 26+/- days
    before updat­ing to SP2 to see if the time would
    again be reset to 30 days. Well, I just fin­ished
    updat­ing to SP2 and, YES, again my time was reset
    to 30 days!! Don't know if this helps, but if done cor­rectly, you can get 58 or 59 days of use
    before requr­ing acti­va­tion. I've tried sav­ing the
    wpa.dbl and wpa.bak files and re-installing them and this method doesn't work. I'm gonna wait about 25 more days, and then check the win­dows update site again and install only the crit­i­cal updates and see if I can pro­long my pre-activation time… will post results.…

  • Joel

    First of all I like your page. Sec­ond I have re-installed my legal ver­sion of Win­dows XP home. I tried to acti­vate it with my old WPA.DBL. This didn't work, it seems win­dows is replac­ing this file with there own smaller in size WPA.DBL.
    Ofcoarse I can acti­vate it trough MS server. But I liked your arti­cle and wanted to try it this way. Can you help?

  • yas­meen


    I would like your assis­tance with this prob­lem, I have win­dows XP home edition…

    When I turn on my PC I get a pop up win­dow called Win­dows Prod­uct Acti­va­tion say­ing 'This copy of win­dows needs to be acti­vated with Microsoft before you can log on, do you want to activite Win­dows now? Option Yes or No, I click Yes

    then pop up box says 'Win­dows is already acti­vated click Ok to Exit' I click OK

    then I get the Wel­come page with my log name and icon, I click log in and it doesn't let me in

    instead the first pop up box Win­dows Prod­uct Activation(see above) say­ing 'This copy of win­dows needs to be acti­vated with Microsoft before you can log on, do you want to acti­vate Win­dows now? appears again

    I am going round in cir­cles I type No and the same thing hap­pens, it won't let me in the only option left to me is to turn the Com­puter off can any­one help me to fix this thanks in advance!! I've had this PC for 4 months and win­dows been work­ing fine up until now how can i fix this?

  • Alan


    I have probulms with my com­puter " E machine XP Microsoft" I had a virus call blood­hound and I manged to get rid of it but I stu­pidly del­tled WININET.DLL I thought it would get rid of the virus but I silly del­sted some­thing impor­tant. now every­time I turn the com­puter on it just re boots it self just after it loads itself. Could you help? I cant log on or noth­ing it just goes in a loop of restart­ing it self is there a way to rein­stall the WININET.DLL ? If you could help I would really admire this thax.

  • Jonathan


    Refer to post # 299, robert's sug­ges­tion of boot­ing in safe mode and delet­ing the exe file seemed to solve the prob­lem. I am cur­rently strug­gling with the same prob­lem, I'll try it out and post on here today if it works or tomor­row if it doesn't!

  • Aidan God­frey

    I have a prob­lem. I went to rein­stall win­dows Xp but found out after­wards that it is now installed twice. I have the rein­stal­la­tion CD. I went to rein­stall it again this time delet­ing all the par­ti­tions. There are only 2 par­ti­tions one with 37mb and another with the rest of the mem­ory. I tried to delete the larger par­ti­tion so as to wipe clear all instal­la­tions of xp. It wont allow me to delete the big­ger par­ti­tion sayiny "can­not delete this as files needed for instal­la­tion process are on it" The result is that i have two xp pro­grammes on my com­puter. How do i solve this?
    Thanks Aidan

  • trace

    i have no idea how i did it but i mis­read the install/uninstall win­dows com­po­nents thing on my win­dows xp home com­puter and i acci­dently deleted all the pro­grams such as inter­net explorer, win­dows msn, won­dows media player etc instead of another pro­gram i was meant to now those pro­grams r totaly it is telling me to rein­stall them using the win­dows xp home edi­tion cd 1 or what­ever exept i have looked every­where and can­not find it?? how can i rein­stall inter­net explorer and out­look express etc with out the cd?

  • LEAF


  • James

    have installed win­dows zp so far every­thing­work­ing fine except in can­not find the cook­ies cud u help.

  • snip­tools

    James, I'm not sure what you're look­ing for while search­ing for cook­ies, but I don't see how that is rel­e­vant to the topic under dis­cus­sion here.

  • Nartha­sol

    please help me, i was play­ing world of war­craft, and i went out to help my mom for 3 hours or so. wheni came home, my world of war­craft would not load. so i restarted the com­puter, and i get a error note that says 'A prob­lem is pre­vent­ing Win­dows from accu­rat­ley check­ing the license for the com­puter. Error Code: 0x8007007e.' i've ask my friend and they best they could tell me was to buy a new computer :(

  • kathy

    I had a new moth­er­broad installed , then some prob­lems came up and had a com­plete sys­tem recov­ery , I can­not acti­vate my win­dows and I have 27 days left can i find that on my sys­tem some where with out call­ing the ven­dor to get it ,because they did not give it to , I guess they installed or did some­thing I don't know about. Can you help me on this ? Could you e-mail me some­thing ,I might not find this page again.

  • eye­jay

    Hi. All icons on my home PC (XP Pro)have become .lnk files that are not rec­o­gised and do not oper­ate. No warn­ing, just there when I switched on. Thus I can­not access email or open any pro­grammes. start­ing in 'safe mode' to per­form sys­tem restore does now work, I sim­ply get a DOS style file list that fills the screen and then stops. I would like to retain data and files if pos­si­ble. any ideas?

  • Delavar

    I haven't had the chance to read all of these…but from what I've read I under­stand I will have to re-install Win XP Home on my com­puter. Well, my dilema, is the fact of…how exactly can i get my very impor­tant files off my com­puter that I'm now locked out of? I'm locked out of course due to the win­dows acti­va­tion prob­lem that Low­ell and a few oth­ers had. Any sug­ges­tions? I dont have a prob­lem buyin a new Key or re-installing, but I first need to get my files off of my HD first and move them to my spare one so I dont lose em…

  • pdbarz

    ya kno, is it just me, or does it seem like when you are hav­ing trou­bles and noth­ing works except safe mode.…. and then you finally find some­thing that might help you, and you attempt to go into safe mode, AND IT DOESNT GO… why does that always hap­pen… any­way sorry about my rant but now my ques­tion, does any­one kno how to run a last known good con­fig on safe mode???

  • pdbarz

    Win­dows XP Acti­va­tion Loop SOLUTION

    ok i just posted above but i have came up with a solu­tion for that acti­va­tion loop prob­lem.…… so i tried com­ments 299 solu­tion and that didnt work, it just did the same darn loop, so this is what i did…

    I went to a fel­low friends com­puter and with my trusty USB 64mg drive and i went into his c:\windows\system32 folder and copied his
    wpabln.exe file and his wpa.dbl, i then went into safe mode and deleted my wpabln.exe and wpa.dbl then copied the ones i got off of his com­puter. I then clicked restart and let it go all the way through the proper way and it booted all the way to win­dows with acti­va­tion screen.

    Now to me, if you didnt pur­chase your win­dows copy then you shouldnt do this because that would be steal­ing, but if you are like me and actu­ally spent the crap loads of money for a pro­gram that decided to stop func­tion­ing for you and then get no sup­port from microsoft, this seems like the thing to do. Hope it works and if any­one has any ques­tions feel free to email me at

  • Joe Ask­ins

    After read­ing all 373 of the posts, I haven't seen a solu­tion to a prob­lem like mine. My hard drive was full so I installed a new one. I moved the old one to the slave posi­tion (leav­ing the con­tents intact). I rein­stalled the same XP Home to the new HD as was on the old one. After I imported all my email mes­sages and address book, as well as other user files and set­tings, I deleted all the old WINDOWS direc­to­rys. Prob­lem is, Acti­va­tion didn't work. I talked w/Microsoft and they said it was because I was using a Dell disk on a non-dell com­puter. I find this hard to believe because I used the same disk to install it in the first place (on the old HD). Microsoft wouldn't tell me why or even help any­more with acti­va­tion. Does any­one have any advice or solu­tions? Please don't say to buy another copy of XP because I refuse to buy another (legal) copy every time I upgrade.


  • Glen­nie

    I had prob­lems with a legal ver­sion of win­dows 98SE and a friend repaired my com­puter & installed a copy of his ver­sion of XP. Has worked fine for months but recently my com­puter wouldn't start up (pos­si­ble worm/virus? although all checks could find noth­ing wrong). Even­tu­ally tried rein­stalling XP but it keep on freez­ing dur­ing the setup process. Now I don't even reach the GUI screen. I have done this sev­eral times with­out suc­cess. Thought there was a pos­si­ble hard­ware prob­lem but I have now rein­stalled win 98SE and it is work­ing great but I would really pre­fer to use XP. Is the prob­lem the acti­va­tion code? I haven't had any error mes­sages con­cern­ing it but I am won­der­ing if I have tried to rein­stall too often? Any advice is appreciated.

  • Jim

    It seems like this board has only prob­lems and not answers, HOWEVER, maybe some­one can help me with this crazy prob­lem.
    Com­puter is a Gate­way 2.4 mhz proces­sor with 40 Gig HD run­ning Win­dows XP Home. The orig­i­nal Intel moth­er­board video died and I replaced it with a "com­pat­i­ble" ASRock G-Pro moth­er­board (

    The com­puter seems to work won­der­fully EXCEPT that it asks me to Acti­vate my (legal) copy of Win­dows. When i go to the Acti­va­tion, it says that Win­dows is already acti­vated. I have already refor­mated the hard drive and rein­stalled Win­dows on this machine, so that no trace of the pre­vi­ous acti­va­tion or setup should be present.

    Any sug­ges­tions as to how to have it not think that it is acti­vated so that I can actu­ally get it acti­vated. Again, this is a legit­i­mate copy on the orig­i­nal machine with a new motherboard.

    Thank you.

  • snip­tools

    Jim, past few com­menters: if you have a legit­i­mate copy of Win­dows and your OS still doesn't rec­og­nize acti­va­tion *for the first time*, please note that this is not what this thread is about. Please seek sup­port from the ven­dor of your machine. For instance, if your PC is Dell, then Dell's sup­port should let you know why your OS is not acti­vated as it should be.

  • DB

    Hi…I may already know the answer to this..but just to make sure..Here goes..

    I pur­chased a shop built Pc with WinXP Sp2 already pre-loaded. I was sure i was told the OS disc was included. A year later i need to re-format but couldnt find any disc, recov­ery or other. I rang the shop and they told me i would have to buy a WinXP disc at a cost of £60 if i wanted to re-format.
    What i'm hav­ing a prob­lem with is that i own the PC, with the OS on it…How comes i have got to buy it again? Is this nor­mal prac­tice? Since Win95 / 98Se / ME i have had the OS discs sup­plied and i sup­pose i just assumed it wuld be the case with this one as well.
    If this is a com­mon prac­tice, then so be it, but it does seem a bit wrong. Thanks guys.

  • Pablo

    Hi! A friend of mine came for help with me.. So now I ask for help from you. This guy defrag his PC loaded with XP Home (He doesnt have the instal­la­tion CD.), next day it didnt start, just get to the start menu with options: Safe Mode, Safe mode with Net­work sup­port, Last good known con­fig­u­ra­tion, Nor­mal mode, but it doesnt start in any of them. On Nor­mal, doesnt even change the screen, just get freezed. On Safe: It starts load­ing files but when it gets to a file named Mup.sys, freezes again. Another friend bor­rowed an XP Pro Instal­la­tion CD so I can try the recomen­da­tions from Microsoft with the recov­ery con­sole but REGEDIT didnt run, then I Backup some files (sys­tem, soft­ware, sam ,data & default) from windows\system32\config and restore files from C:\windows\restore but, (yes, you found it!) didnt work either… I hope you under­stand my "eng­lish" and can give some tips to solve this, thanks a lot!

  • Jeff

    ive looked around on the net for some time now try­ing to find a solu­tion to my prob­lem which is.. one of my com­put­ers got really messed up from a virus it messed up every­thing on my com­puter it serverly dam­aged my reg­isty dis­abled both my cd dri­ves and floppy ive down­loaded a reg­istry fixer but that didnt help me at all i cant get my cd dri­ves to work or floppy is there any other way to rein­stall xp on my com­puter i can trans­fer files via flash­drive but other than that theres no way to put files on that computer..


    This didnt work for me at all, in fact it actu­ally took away my 30 day time period to acti­vate away. Why did i do this!!!

  • snip­tools

    Jor­dan, read the arti­cle care­fully. It is meant for peo­ple who are (a) rein­stalling the OS, (b) have their own legit­i­mate copy of Win­dows, © are rein­stalling on the same hard­ware on which they had installed the prior ver­sion. If you fail on any of those counts, this is clearly not for you. Any­way you may wish to call Microsoft tech sup­port in your area to help you with it.

  • Nicholas

    my medion will not boot into win­dows.
    its a xp and ear­lier nei­ther of the cd or dvd drive would work for some rea­son.
    now when i turn on my com­puter it goes nor­mally except this screen comes up and says win­dows did not start properly.….blah blah blah.….… and it gives u the options to safe modes , last known good con­fig­ure., and start nor­mally.
    now every­thing works up to the point where it says win­dows xp load­ing and there is the bar on the bot­tum with green bars going through it.
    all a sud­deen a blue screen pops up and says some­thing ..
    except u can't read it cause it stays there for .1 sec­onds and i can't pause screen to read it.…. well after the blue screen the com­puter makes some noise and starts back to the beg­ing screen when u would turn on the com­puter and it just keeps doing this in some kind of loop. and thats all i don't know what to do.….….….. can u please help me?

    email. me at


  • andy

    hi iv got xp home and had a virus or still have , iv tried every­thing to get rid of it , iv tried to install nor­ton sys­tem works 05 but it wouldnt acti­vate ,so has a mess around and now it wont install, iv tried to rein­stall my xp cd with no luck and iv got no key­board con­trol to set it up at start up, so iv tryed to crash the pc by delet­ing what ever i could out of win­dows and pro­grams but its still work­ing , not fussed if i lose all my stuff just want to install win­dows again please help

  • Skit­tles

    You can install win­dows xp pro­fes­sional cor­po­rate edi­tion on your com­puter and not have to use prod­uct activation…any ser­ial key for corp. ed. works

    If you need to know how to get pro corp email me at with the sub­ject "Win­dows XP Pro Corp"

  • Olivier

    Hello there,

    My com­puter has become really slug­gish and I am think­ing about rein­stalling winXP.

    WinXP Pro came pre­in­stalled on my PC. The dealer gave me a CDR copy of the WinXP instal­la­tion CD. I thought noth­ing at the time, the guy looked trustworthy.

    A prod­uct key is hand­writ­ten on the CD and it matches my actual prod­uct key, as found by Magic Jelly Bean.

    How­ever, just out of inter­est,, I have run the "win­dows gen­uine Advan­tage" test and, to my sur­prise, my PC did not pass the test ("the oper­at­ing sys­tem on your PC does not appear to be genuine").

    I am given 2 rea­sons for this:

    * Invalid win­dows prod­uct ID
    * The vol­ume license prod­uct key used to install Win­dows is know to pirated.

    My ques­tion is: will I be able to rein­stall WinXP using the "wpa.dbl trick" (yes, on the same com­puter) despite this?

    Many thanks in advance! O

    PS: the IT shop is now "under new man­age­ment"… well of course…

  • chris m

    alright, reac­ti­va­tion is required after we did a new moth­er­board change. so iam stuck at the user long-on win­dow and if i go to log on with auser it says it needs to reac­ti­vate win­dows. i dont have the key ne more , never did, i have the gen­uine cd though. so how do i find out the key that is on my comp already if i cante get past the user log on? is there some way to find it in dos or some­thing? this really sucks! i dont want to have to buy a new one! please help!

  • dyords

    Ei guyz!!! can you help me about my prob­lem?!?!
    I've already done acti­vat­ing win­dows on my com­puter but, this weird mes­sage appeared on my com­puter before enter­ing and it says "You must acti­vate win­dows in blah… days. Do you want to acti­vate win­dows?!?"
    Thats what it says.
    But I've already acti­vated win­dows.
    What's wrong with this?!?!
    Any­one pls help me?!?!?!?

  • chris m

    maybe i should have added this iam not sure but here goes ; this is along with my prob­lem that i just posted; ok i tried chang­ing key's and then going through the whole tele­phone acti­va­tion process & that don't work either. so iam left were either i need a the real COA key thats already on my comp which i cant get to know b/c iam stuck at the log on user menu and i cant go past it. or i get one of those big long acti­va­tion codes. i dont know, its sater­day so cant call microsoft and bi the sound of them i doubgt they will be able to help!. please helP!

  • Byran

    I am hav­ing trou­ble with my com­puter and was going to for­mat it, but I dont have the Win­dows Xp oper­at­ing disk. I was won­der­ing if any­one knows how I can refor­may my com­puter with­out hav­ing a disk and it still work.

  • Shane

    Bryan, you cant, this is the whole idea of hav­ing the disk. email me, i may have a solu­tion.

  • Starla

    Ques­tion: I have a HP com­puter with a hid­den par­ti­tion (pre loaded soft­ware) and I want to for­matt the c drive. I have done it once, there is a spe­cial code that you type in but it was a long time ago and I don't remem­ber. Are you famil­iar with what I am talk­ing about? Also, I want to buy more RAM for this dumb com­puter, is it pos­si­ble to upgrade the RAM? It's a HP Pavil­lian 304n
    Thanks, Starla

  • sage­ofgames

    I have win­dows MCE05 installed i upgraded from pro. it will not log in unless i acti­vate win­dows. It logs me out if i dont acti­vate. icant do any­thing it only shows the acti­vate win­dows screen. there is no START menu or any­thing. What should i do, with­out formatting?

  • shu­jathali

    I m hav­ing this prob­lem for 3rd time. i.e After installing windows98,when i used to install win­dows xp , somthing will def­fi­nate hap­pen etheir win­dows xp will be losted or windows98. now i had losted my win­dows xp this, what should i do with prob­lem i don't & also now i don't have any win­dows cd to install.
    My ram is of — 254.0 MB &
    My file sys­tem is 32-bit.

  • Tim

    I have a com­paq com­puter that came installed with XP home. I am able to rein­stall the sys­tem from the recover CDs that I made on the sys­tem but it loads a bunch of unwanted crap. I don't know if I would have an acti­va­tion prob­lem doing this, as I did this only to test the CDs were good before proceeding.…

    I have a retail boxed ver­sion of xp home. I booted from the CD and for­mated the C: par­ti­tion and began a fresh install from the retail boxed ver­sion. When it asked for the prod­uct key, I entered the one on the sticker located on the side of the machine. The install pro­gram reports this is an invalid prod­uct key.

    How do I get around this prob­lem? I really want to install from this retail box so I have a "clean" install.

  • kali­bre

    Ok I have a Dell Inspirion 1100 lap­top. And I want to rein­stall Winxp using the copy c:windows\system32\wpa.dbl to floppy method but the only prob­lem is that my com­puter doesn't have a floppy drive on it. Would this work if I copied to a usb flash drive or cop­ing this to a cd? If not how could I do this?

  • RUFF

    I have SATA hard disk .My win xp OS couldn't detect it. I went to BIOS and clicked on inte­grated periph­er­als, on SATA Mode I changed it from RAID to IDE and my hd was detected, but it ran slow like the reg­u­lar ATA hdisk. I tried using Win ME OS with RAID sata mode. For­tu­nately there was no prob­lem at all and it is now oper­at­ing fast like SCSI RAID. I'm using this for my video editing.

  • snip­tools

    Kali­bre, yes, it will work. You sim­ply need to copy the appro­pri­ate file after the reinstall.

  • Adman

    I have been run­ning (a legit­i­mate) xp on my home com­puter for a few years, pur­chased from Tiny com­put­ers. I've encoun­tered a prob­lem and need to use the fac­tory reset cd, and unfor­tu­nately it's scratched and unread­able. Obvi­ously I can't get a replace­ment from Tiny, any suggestions?

  • snip­tools

    Adman, speak to your orig­i­nal ven­dor, they may give you a new one if they trust you and empathize with your story. If not, you may need to speak to Microsoft and con­vince them that you deserve a new ver­sion. If that doesn't work, well, you need to buy a new one.