Rainlendar: Desktop Calendar

Nifty lit­tle desk­top cal­en­dar for the Win­dows desk­top, with a neg­li­gi­ble mem­ory footprint.

A cal­en­dar on the desk­top is a handy fea­ture. My option to date has been to set­tle for Web­shots, which is a nifty screen­saver rota­tor util­ity and all that, but a bit bulky. Even when I turned off its screen­saver func­tion­al­ity, its startup util­ity took up more time than I'm com­fort­able with.

Enter Rain­len­dar, the cute win­dows desk­top cal­en­dar! Tricky names aside, this is sim­ply a fab­u­lous find. It's small, cute, has a neg­li­gi­ble mem­ory foot­print, and looks great with its avant garde font.

Down­load Rainlendar:


It's a breeze to con­fig­ure. You can place it any­where on the desk­top screen by sim­ply drag­ging it and it latches into place. Best of all, you can have your To-Do lists and Events show up on the desk­top as well. In a cool, semi-transparent man­ner (and the col­ors read­just auto­mat­i­cally to make sure the text is visible.)

Screenshot of Rainlendar

Best fea­ture: It inte­grates right into my Microsoft Out­look through a MAPI inter­face — Cal­en­dars & Tasks. It even rec­og­nized my Archive.pst and pulled the cal­en­dar entries from there! No need to have a sep­a­rate to-do list.