WordPress Revision Control: Manage or Disable edit history in WP

Among many new excit­ing fea­tures, Word­Press 2.6 released the abil­ity to store each and every revi­sion of your posts, like an elab­o­rate update his­tory. Now this can be a pretty use­ful fea­ture if you are only mak­ing sub­stan­tive changes to your arti­cles, but if you change a "the" or a prepo­si­tion, this can be overkill.

The sug­gested workaround to dis­able this revi­sion func­tion is to enter a vari­able in your wp_config.php file. But this takes away the func­tion­al­ity from the entire blog.

Revision Control plugin for WordPress

Revi­sion Con­trol plu­gin for WordPress

I dis­cov­ered a superb plu­gin today that makes this process very sim­ple. It allows you to define the set­ting from the Word­Press amin­is­tra­tion inter­face on a Global basis. That is, to

  • Dis­able All revi­sions for all posts/pages
  • And over­ride on a per-page/post basis.

For exam­ple, I can set Revi­sions to Dis­abled glob­ally, and then enable it to store say 5 revi­sions for a Spe­cific page(Without affect­ing any other pages).

You'll find some Info ( & Down­load link) on it here:

This is not MU com­pat­i­ble yet (untested).

  • http://www.instinct.co.nz/e-commerce Dan Mil­ward

    Thanks for point­ing this out. I think we can use it on our site — the plan is to launch a wiki doc­u­men­taiton project on the WP e-Commerce web­site where our users / com­mu­nity can contribute.

    Before this plu­gin it was start­ing to look like a night­mare project only for the very bravest of Word­Press users. This con­firms in my mind that there are prob­a­bly enough revi­sion hooks built into Word­Press for us to utilise and that we will be able to extend the new Revi­sions func­tion­al­ity to suit our needs!!