A review of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional

The short story: Acrobat's tak­ing a pretty good direc­tion, but not free from install bloat and pains. I'd wait for the next ver­sion until when I hope all these idio­syn­chrasies have been sorted out.

The short story: Pretty good direc­tion, but not free from install bloat and pains. I'd wait for the next ver­sion until when I hope all these idio­syn­chrasies have been sorted out.

The gen­eral direc­tion of Adobe's efforts with Acro­bat is admirable, so it is a bit dis­ap­point­ing to see them roll out such a half-baked product.

P.S.If you are not happy with Adobe Acro­bat 6.0, and want to revert back to Adobe Acro­bat 5.1 etc, then use this Alter­nate Acro­bat Reader Down­load Link from Adobe.


  1. Fab­u­lous doc­u­ment review capa­bil­i­ties — you can edit directly into the under­ly­ing text, approve, then export them back into Word.
  2. More impor­tantly, Acro­bat sets up an excel­lent document-review work flow that works with Out­look and other mail pro­grams to track who has received the doc­u­ment and responded.
  3. To sim­plify edit­ing Acro­bat trans­mits the PDF to the review­ers, who send back only their anno­ta­tions. Acro­bat then cre­ates a com­pound doc­u­ment in which you can review all com­ments at once or indi­vid­ual com­ments by reviewer. With Word, you'd have to send every­one the same file, then com­pile the var­i­ous changes.
  4. In MSIE, Acro­bat 6.0 can quickly con­vert Web pages into PDF, cre­at­ing either one com­pos­ite file or sep­a­rate files for each page.
  5. The gen­er­ated PDFs main­tain most HTML links and it can also store rich media files such as Flash and ani­mated GIFs!!
  6. From Office doc­u­ments, the book­mark­ing is now bet­ter (what a relief that is)
  7. The com­pressed con­verted files are smaller. This becomes less evi­dent though if you have textboxes and graph­ics in your doc­u­ments, which we usu­ally have.


  1. The beast is a pain to install. I down­loaded the "Try­out" ver­sion from the web­site, and my Acro­bat does not work any­more. It will not con­vert a sim­ple Word doc­u­ment (only for­mat­ting) due to some printer error. Not sure if this hap­pens with every instal­la­tion of this soft­ware but I am fairly tech­ni­cally savvy, have tried rein­stalling, chang­ing printer set­tings to FILE, etc etc. No go.
  2. It took over all my Acro­bat 5 asso­ci­a­tions and reg­istry set­tings, so remem­ber that you can­not unin­stall it and "go back" to Acro­bat 5.
  3. The soft­ware is Bloated with a mega-capital B. I use a recent Pen­tium IV with 1 gig of RAM, and after the install of Acro­bat 6, the thing prac­ti­cally crawls.
  4. Search­ing: Who needs the right-hand side nav­i­ga­tion? Sure it "looks" cool to some peo­ple, but I'd much rather have the sim­ple (and 10 times faster) Ctrl-F Win­dows pop-up box, as it is in every Win­dows app.


  1. Don't install. Wait for the next ver­sion. (My gen­eral recommendation.)
  2. If things have already gone wrong, try to change the "PORT" on the Adobe PDF PRINTER set­tings in Con­trol Panel to FILE:, then try print­ing out again (will ask you for file­name, give a file path, e.g., c:1.ps). Once the POSTSCRIPT file is gen­er­ated, you can run it through the Acro­bat Dis­tiller to gen­er­ate the PDF file.


If you use a super­com­puter and are hard-pressed to upgrade imme­di­ately (e.g., if you use a ver­sion ear­lier than 5.x) than this may be worth it. But if you are at the 5 lev­els already, wait for the next ver­sion. Hope­fully Adobe will have fig­ured out the bloat and the install issues by then.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Just an adden­dum. Adobe appar­ently has a pretty friendly forum with experts help­ing out lost souls. If you run into trou­ble with print­ing from Word, there's a pretty detailed help out­line at



  • P.H.Lauke

    If you use the PDF for­mat to deliver online con­tent which is pro­tected this new ver­sion is fab­u­lous. Some of the work­flow func­tion­al­ity is sim­ply amaz­ing. But yes, it is slow. What cal­iber machine do you use?

  • Ron Fiber

    You need to be logged in to the Adobe forums, btw.

  • Owork

    Is there a rea­son gov­ern­ment agen­cys use so many PDF files? Yes! Its slow, bloated and inef­fe­cient… just like them. The only time I click a PDF link is when I am absolutely cer­tain it is infor­ma­tion I want or need. Am I alone in this?

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Hi Owork,

    I don't like PDFs for gen­eral use as well, but they do have some good applications.

    Gov­ern­ment forms for instance, driver's license appli­ca­tion and such, are very con­ve­nient if sub­mit­ted by can­di­dates in a stan­dard­ized for­mat that the receiver of the form can then file and ana­lyze, just like a reg­u­lar form in off-line world would have been.

    I also like PDFs to be used for "white papers" type solu­tions, when I want to down­load a lot of infor­ma­tion in ONE FILE that I can CARRY with me. Using an HTML page for this pur­pose is unwieldy, and not to men­tion unstan­dard­ized because it may look dif­fer­ent on dif­fer­ent people's computers.

    PDF is actu­ally quite a handy file for­mat if used for the right pur­poses and in the right way. I think.

  • Tim Pearce

    Yes, I've sus­pected as much. Adobe have been the main dri­vers for microsoft and intel in their bat­tle for "hearts and minds" to get you to upgrade old equip­ment. The argu­ment goes "Well I kn ow its slow but I just need a faster proces­sor, extra mem­ory etc" to run pho­to­shop, or adobe prod­uct x.

    I have pre­vi­ously been run­ning acro­bat 5.0 on a 800MhZ pen­tium in win­dows 2000 with 256 MBytes mem­ory and it was work­ing pretty fast. So now that I have the lat­est cen­trino with 1GB mem­ory and XP and Acro­bat 6.0 pro­fes­sional is it unrea­son­able to expect things to work a lit­tle quicker!??

    Well I have just con­verted a 55 page *text* doc­u­ment (note — no images) and it has taken 10 min­utes on this lat­est hard­ware. Thats not impres­sive! As soon as I start the con­ver­sion *ever­thing* else stops (I have been unable to achieve this level of ham­mer­ing on my machine with 3D ren­der­ing, sci­en­tific numer­i­cal equa­tion solvers you name it). It eats the whole ram to do the con­ver­sion so *noth­ing* else can work while it does its busi­ness. The proces­sor is not flatout but some­how is unable to do much else for 10 mins while we wait for Mr. adobe and his lat­est products.

    What are abode play­ing at? How can you release upgrades that work that much slower than the pre­vi­ous ver­sion?!! I get it, now I know that adobe are con­spir­ing with win­tel to make us buy faster com­put­ers, it just can­not be this slow.

    Dont waste your money.

  • Liz Edmond

    Very very slow. Acro­bat 5 is 20 times faster and more reliable!!

  • GM

    Couldn't agree more. I highly rec­om­mend users not to fall for Acro­bat 6.1 until they have sorted their speed issues. I too hate their new search. It is not only slow it is also not the stan­dard OS "Find" func­tion. Disgusting.

  • Sub­hash Chan­dra Sabarwal


    I want to con­vert unix based file ie.txt into PDF file if there is any pro­ce­dure please tell me ,how to con­vert my sys­tem is in net­wor­ing hav­ing two server win­dos and unix. it is very nat­ural that with help FTP i can get or put file accord­ing to my required­ment. unix .txt file can be open in win­dow envor­ment to use the open with .….. but how to con­vert .txt file inti pdf . tell me procedure .

    thank.… hop­ing for the good day.

  • http://sniptools.com snip­tools

    Sub­hash, try googling for "txt2pdf".


    My prob­lem with Acro­bat 6.0 Try­out is that now that the try­out period has expired I'd like to remove the bloat from my sys­tem and the unin­stalled keeps ruin­ning into a net­work error that pre­vents me from remov­ing the application.

    So I tried to rein­stall Acro­bat and the sys­tem won't rein­stall until the TRYOUT is removed. Catch 22. Can any­one advise?

  • Bud W

    I installed the try­out 6.0 and now I can't use the reader at all. I tried to unin­stall it and it says I am miss­ing AcroPro.msi, so the unin­stall will not complete

  • Suku­mar S

    I have to down­load and try

  • dudev

    Try run­ning "detect and repair" on Acro­bat 5 after you unin­stall Tryout.

  • Angela Gaulke

    I too have the same prob­lem as some oth­ers with try­out 6.0 I dont have the acropro.msi and I can't install, has any­one fig­ured this out yet?

  • Loupar

    Where the heck is the "acropro.msi" file in my com­puter?
    I want to unin­stall Adobe Acro­bat 6 Pro and I only have a mes­sage error.

  • Deb

    AcroPro.msi is a miss­ing com­po­nent that I keep get­ting when I try to update my adobe could you please tell me HOW to get it

  • Ronald Cochen

    Have you found the answer? I have the same problem.

  • Nebil

    I also have this prob­lem, except an installer pops up every time I open a new Explorer win­dow (IE or "my Com­puter" or any­thing related…) ask­ing for the file. Appar­ently it's on the CD, but I don't have the CD because my com­pany keeps its MSI files acces­si­ble only at work (no VPN either). And it's vaca­tion time now, no access. Here's to "pirat­ing" what's yours to begin with!

  • jo

    some­one please email me regard­ing how to unin­stall msn zone.com on vista, when the pro­gram is not listed under pro­grams, how do i find pro­grams not listed.….please help jojoelaine@msn.com.….

  • Vickey

    Try­ing to retrieve a PDF doc­u­ment cre­ated by Adobe Prof 6.0. Sys­tem will not open doc­u­ment "because it is either not a sup­ported file or because the file has been per­ma­nently dam­aged, ex. it was sent as an email attach­ment and wasn't cor­rectly decoded. How­ever, I can for­ward the doc­u­ment to oth­ers and they can retrieve it perfectly.

    Does any­one know what may be wrong with my sys­tem. I have both Prof 6 and Adober Reader 8.1.1 installed.