Top 11 PDF To XLS Conversion Software Reviews (Free Download Link Available)

For most people retyping a document may be the only way to transform a document into another format. This method is however marred by so many errors on top of being very time-consuming.

All that can be avoided and made easier by using converter software. As for our case, we are looking to convert PDF to Microsoft Excel which is best for extra editing and sharing. In that line, there are innumerable software programs developed that can be used to convert PDF to Excel all over and all that is required is you to choose one that fits as the best PDF to Excel converter.

The search can be very broad and unless it is narrowed down for you it can be a very tedious process. After going through the list below, you will be able to settle for one tool.

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TalkHelper PDF Converter

talkhelper pdf converter

TalkHelper PDF converter is one of the first-class PDF to Excel converter available on the market which comes with an instinctive user interface. You can conveniently convert any normal or scanned PDF document to an editable Excel spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

Amazingly, you do not need to spend time editing the converted Excel sheets because the overall formatting of the original PDF is maintained to a great extent. In fact, all forms, tables, charts, and any other form of graphics are preserved in the whole PDF to Excel conversion process. It has proven beyond doubt the best PDF to Excel converter software.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF Converter_26

IF you have used any of the Microsoft Office products, you will note that it has a distinctive user interface that spans across the products. Soda PDF has the same office-like appearance that makes a user not feel like they are interacting with very sophisticated software.

Various modes to converting PDF to XLS are provided for you to explore and the mode of choice largely depends on the task at hand. There is a mode that lets extract table and text, another for tables only and not forgetting the text only mode. Worry not if you are looking to convert scanned PDF files are you are sorted out with an inbuilt OCR feature. When you get started, expect high-quality output.

PDF Suite Pro


PDF Suite Pro is a complete tool when you want to transform any PDF document into Microsoft Office Excel format for further actions. The PDF to Excel conversion can be done when you need to make edits or for possible convenient sharing.  You will be able to maintain the overall formatting and layout of the original PDF file on top of being able to perform batch PDF to Excel conversion.

Combining both of those factors ensures that there is ultimate convenience and time-saving. Whether you are working with the online or offline tool, both assure you total security for your files and the best in quality output.

Cogniview Pdf2xl


PDF2XL is one of exceptional PDF to Excel Converter tool that offers very sophisticated capabilities to extract all content from a PDF file and eventually saving into an Excel spreadsheet. It is capable of efficiently and accurately handling both scanned PDF files besides image-based PDF files by implementing the built-in OCR feature.

If you are pressed by time, you can relax as the conversion happens at the blink of an eye depending on the size of the input PDF file. Its accuracy results in it being able to maintain the original formatting in the final spreadsheet. For those of us who may have different preferences, it comes in three versions with each giving the best of what it concentrates on.

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft is by far one of the best PDF to Excel converter software for all versions of Windows that guarantees you simplicity when working to convert PDF to XLS. Both scanned PDFs and image-based PDF files can be worked on thanks to the built-in OCR feature that is able to extract all the content in a very accurate and amazing way.

This also translates to that you can extract specific areas of interest from a PDF file and output as a fully editable Microsoft Excel document. You shouldn’t be worried about reformatting as the layout will be preserved in the PDF to Excel conversion process.

Nitro Pro


Nitro Pro does not let you down when you need to convert PDF to Excel. Retyping a document is not a vocabulary in this tool dictionary as it goes an extra mile to ensure that the general formatting is maintained as much as possible.

That means you require very little to no editing at the end of the PDF to Excel conversion process. Another feature you get to enjoy is that you can always extract specific content from the input PDF files and output it as a spreadsheet. It also features a cloud feature that lets you save and share files conveniently online.

Adobe PDF To Excel Converter

Acrobat PDF to Excel converter has become very popular over the years since its inceptions into the market. Adobe brought the PDF format and did not stop at that as they have now provided a tool to transform the PDF files to Excel spreadsheets. It is accessible from any part of the world and also from any Windows platform hence a very reliable tool to convert PDF to Excel.

Formatting will be preserved during the converting process and if you need specific parts of the original PDF file, you can extract the exact data you need and save in a fresh spreadsheet. You can use this top-notch tool for personal use but it is best suited for commercial purposes when you look at its cost.


iLovePDF PDF To Excel Converter

ilovepdf pdf converter

iLovePDF is pretty diverse in that it comes both as an online and offline tool and the choice largely depends on the convenience you are looking for. You will be amazed by just how much the tool keeps everything very simple and this comes to be due to the fact that most of the processes just require single clicks.

Some of the most popular cloud services are integrated to make PDF to Excel conversion even more reliable by being accessible from just anywhere in the world. However, it is not the best when you are working with very complicated PDF files as some formatting will be lost. You are also open to implementing the OCR where the need arises on top of batch PDF to XLS conversion.


Able2Extract Professional


Able2Extract Professional is a very powerful tool when it comes to converting any PDF to XLSX. You can opt to convert a whole PDF document or better yet just extract specific information and save it in a single spreadsheet.

An OCR is a feature that cannot go unnoticed as it becomes very handy when dealing with scanned PDF files. It aptly converts the scanned PDF files into searchable Microsoft Excel files which are also very editable. It is one of the best PDF to Excel converter software for Windows with features galore at your disposal.


Weeny Free PDF To Excel Converter


Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter will convert PDF files into XLS or XLSX format without the need for any penny from you. You also get access to a built-in editor that comes in handy when you need to just convert a range of pages.

The same editor will also open you up to the feature where you can perform bulk PDf to Excel conversion hence saving you both time and effort a luxury you do not get to enjoy with other similar PDF to XLSX converter programs. However, this tool may be good but not the top as it does not handle formatting preservation in the best way. It may miss some formatting on top of lacking an OCR for scanned PDF files.


UniPDF PDF To XLS Converter


UniPDF is a smart PDF converter tool that aims at giving a much-coveted seamless conversion of PDF files into standalone and editable spreadsheets. It features a very instinctive user interface so that you do not hassle around the UI and better yet this top PDF to XLS tool saves you time by its quick conversion capabilities.

In that line, it is not only very efficient but also makes sure that it is as accurate as much as possible. This translates to the overall formatting being maintained all through the whole PDF to Excel conversion process. It will extract all text and tables without you breaking a sweat over reformatting.


You definitely must have found one tool to export your PDF files to XLS or XLSX file formats. It is now time to give one of these tools the ultimate test and experience the best in what converting PDF to Excel has to offer. Happy converting.