Top 9 Free Screen Recording Software on Windows 10

Nowadays, using screen recording software is ideal for making the best tutorials online. Therefore, you have to take some time to discern as to all the screen recorders which will be essential. That is, you have to conduct an assessment of the screen recorders and ensure that you can settle with the one which pleases you most. Amongst the things to look for in a recording software will be the ease of use and also the price. Some of the software might be free, but they might have some limitations. However, not all will affect how you work.

You need not to worry since we’ve taken the time to test all the software available and come up with a list of the ones you can consider. Some of them are free and open-source while others have some premium features. With this, you can ascertain that you won’t have to waste time looking for a screen recorder for Windows 10 

1. Camtasia

When looking for a Windows screen recorder, you have to consider one which is powerful. You measure the power of a screen recorder with the performance and also the editing capabilities. Through this, you’ll be able to run the screen recorder from any screen. More so, you’ll have a better means through which you can work on all the videos you capture on your PC.

Therefore, with Camtasia, you get to attain a tool which you can use with your professional work. Besides, you get software which you can easily use. That is, Camtasia has a simple to use interface.

Thus being able to ascertain that you get all the features you paid for. More so, with the tutorials available online, you’ll be able to get your way around easily. As a professional, you’ll be able to take advantage of the quality resolutions which are up to 4K. After you’ve recorded your videos, you can easily share them online on YouTube or even Facebook.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to take advantage of mobile apps. Thus getting to ensure that you can easily monitor all the content which you have on your PC. However, you need to ensure that you have enough space on your PC to store all the high-resolution videos.

2. OBS Studio

As a gamer, you can’t get a better screen recording software like OBS. It assists you in streaming all the content which you have on your PC. Besides, you have some features which allow you to easily stream content to your audience be it on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Through this, you don’t need to look for another streaming software. This will ascertain that you only need to learn about OBS and you won’t need any additional software.

Amongst the benefits of using OBS is getting to use it for free. Unlike other software, you’re able to take advantage of all the features of the software. This will ensure that additional equipment like capture cards will be easy to use. Meaning that you can add any multiple sources for all the videos which you might want to record.

On the other hand, you get to have high-quality video capture with OBS. Since it’s focused on helping gamers, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the high frame rates. These will make your videos crispy and ensure that your audience can always enjoy your content. Besides, you can customize OBS to your liking.

3. ShareX

Capturing videos is easier with ShareX. It allows you to identify any borders on your screen easily. Meaning that you have the capability of recording any content which is on the PC.

Through this customizability, you’re able to capture the screenshots and also recordings as you’d like. Besides this, you’re also able to take advantage of the available keyboard shortcuts. These allow you to choose some hotkeys to toggle some of the keys which you want.

Likewise, with image annotations, you’re able to personalize all the content you get to capture. Through this, you can easily explain your content to your audience. Meaning that your tutorials will be useful and also simple to comprehend. With other software, you’ll be unable to remove or add custom watermarks. ShareX allows you to set your watermarks or even remove the default ones. So doing will allow you to copyright your content easily.

Nevertheless, ShareX is free and open source. This means that you can look into the code to understand how the software came to be. Likewise, it’s an ideal solution for you to capture all the content on Windows instead of using the snipping tool which can’t offer you with any essential features.

4. Ezvid for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts assist you in conducting handsfree recording on your Windows PC. With Ezvid, you’re able to assign specific keys on your PC. This will ensure that you never have to worry about recording or even getting to stop the recordings. The available graphical interface is simple to use. You also have toggles in Windows to easily open and close the software.

Using the Ezvid screen recorder allows you to arrange your recordings and easily make small projects with the recordings.

Its the ideal software for making tutorials on YouTube. With a limited use time of 45 minutes, you’ll be able to make some short videos. Thus making it easier for you to edit your videos and determine which content you need to share. More so, Ezvid doesn’t have any watermarks.

The built-in editor makes it easier for you to plan which content you want to share. As a YouTuber, you can share the content as you like. You won’t have to use a browser to upload since you can do it directly from the software.

5. Debut Video Capture


Unlike some other screen recording software, Debut allows you to capture content on your PC screen, webcam, and microphone. Recording content on your webcam can be ideal when streaming content. More so, its ideal to ascertain that you can have a security system in place.

You can always leave the software on even whenever you’re not around. Thus being able to gather some info on what might be happening while you’re away.

More so, Debut Video Capture can easily integrate with all the additional hardware in your PC. This means that you can use the sound-card or even capture card to ensuring that your content is unique.

With some of the keyboard shortcuts like [Ctrl] + [F9], you’ll be able to start recording content on your PC swiftly. The addition of external microphone sounds ensures that you can add your voice to your tutorials.

Even though the interface isn’t attractive, you’re able to get around easily. All the options are clearly labeled for you, and you won’t have a hard time trying to record. However, the looks are susceptible to change since the software is still in its beta stages. Over time, you can have a dark mode which will make it easier to use during the night. More so, it’ll make the software more stylish.

6. Fraps


As a gamer, you need a software which can assist you in benchmarking and also recording videos in real time. Fraps is the only software which you can allow you in accomplishing this.

With the simple to use benchmarking option, you can easily know the frame rates of all your games. Through this, you can know which settings to adjust to attain the best frames per second (FPS). More so, you can discern as to some of the bits which you ought to upgrade for you to attain the best performance.

Fraps works with both DirectX and OpenGL applications. Meaning that no matter which games you’re running, you’ll be able to record on your PC. The only downside to using Fraps is that there had not been an update since February 2013. This, however, should not affect the decision of using Fraps since its performance is impeccable.

One advantage which Fraps has over most screen recording apps is being able to capture the in-game sounds as well. More so, it’s a free to use software, meaning that you don’t have to waste money on purchasing premium features which might be released once in a while.

7. CamStudio


When looking for a screen recorder, you ought to ascertain that it has a simple interface. This will make it easier for you to learn the way through the software and learn all the basics. More so, you’ll be able to know which keys you’ll use whenever you’re recording.

Therefore, using CamStudio allows you to customize all the keys which you might like easily. Through this, you won’t have to use the default key-binds.

More so, unlike a software like Ezvid, you’re not limited to a specific timeline. You can, therefore, be able to record videos to any file length. So doing will allow you to make detailed tutorials without having to edit lots of videos. The only disadvantage to having such an option is that you’ll need additional space on your PC for storage.

Likewise, you’ll have to cope with some of the bloatware which comes with the software. Even though this can easily be disabled, you might find it unessential depending on your liking. Apart from this, you can as well take advantage of annotations. Thus being able to personalize all the content you get to record.

8. Bandicam Screen Recorder


Did you know that not all screen recorders allow you to select the areas you want to record? Bandicam is amongst the few screen recorders which can allow you do do this. The simple interface allows you to learn about the features available. Meaning that getting to choose the portion which you want to record won’t be hard. All you need to do is crop the frame and hit the record button.

However, if you don’t want to do this, you can select the option of recording the area around the mouse cursor.

Furthermore, you also have the option of adding your webcam overlay. This is a useful tool for gamers and also creating tutorials for your audience. With a webcam, you’ll easily be able to stream and ensure that the audience can interact with you live. More so, as a PowerPoint presenter, you’ll be able to ascertain that your audience can understand all the content you’re sharing.

The available interface will allow you to create professional grade videos, thus being able to ensure that you always get to make some great quality recordings. More so, you can take advantage of the gaming capabilities of Bandicam to know exactly the frames which you have on your PC.

9. TalkHelper Screen Recorder for Windows

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

Saving the best for the last is good. TalkHelper Screen Recorder allows you to make some of the best recordings as a gamer. Getting to know your frame rates allows you to know which bits of your hardware you need to change. With good frame rates, you’ll be able to ascertain that all the videos which you get to record are of the best quality. Uploading videos on YouTube with resolutions of 4K and 60 FPS will make your channel unique.

On the other hand, as a professional, you can always take advantage of these resolutions. Through this, you can make tutorials which are precise and easy to comprehend.

Likewise, you’ll find that with a simple interface, you won’t have a hard time figuring out how to tune TalkHelper. The option of having keybinds makes your work easier since recording will always take no time. You can toggle all the options in the software on and off with the keys you choose to set on your keyboard.


With the aforementioned software, you can be able to ensure that you take your professional career to another level. Be it as a gamer or a tutor; these software will allow you to make better videos on your PC. More so, having the ability to capture these videos in the best resolution ensures that you have choices which you can work on. Meaning that you can always create videos which can be viewed from any forum and PC.