Reinstall Kotoeri Japanese input on OSX

I used the excel­lent "Mono­lin­gual" on OSX to delete unnec­es­sary lan­guages from my iMac. I could have sworn I did not delete the Japan­ese input sys­tem, Koto­eri. But turns out I had.

To rein­stall it, I vis­ited the usual forums and searched Google. No solu­tion. No down­load­able file.

Well, the solu­tion is simple.

  1. Insert DVD 1 of your orig­i­nal Mac OSX software.
  2. Click into the folder "Optional Install".
  3. Click on "OptionalInstalls.mpkg".
  4. Expand the menu item "Lan­guage Translations".
  5. Choose "Japan­ese".

That's it. It should install the input menu in about 2 min­utes. When you're done, eject the DVD and click on the "Inter­na­tional" option in your Sys­tem Preferences.

If the option does not show as Eng­lish (romaji) "Koto­eri", it should show up as orig­i­nal Japan­ese as in the screen­shot below:

  • Janayna Velozo

    Very use­ful!!! Thanks!!