RCDefaultApp for OSX

Quite sim­ple. As it says on the tin. OSX will often try to "intel­li­gently" asso­ciate your files with the soft­ware most likely to be able to open it. But this is not what you always want.

For instance, I do not want *.png files open­ing up with Adobe Fire­works just because I use the soft­ware to cre­ate new ones.

Here's a mighty use­ful app that allows you to set the default appli­ca­tions for file exten­sions, or mime type, or most com­mon uses (such as "Email", "Brows­ing") etc. It sits snugly within the "Sys­tem Pref­er­ences" and is quite easy to access.

How it looks:

Default Apps in OSX

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