Cruxy Mux Video Converter

Con­vert from (m)any video for­mat to any other.

There's no dearth of free­ware tools avail­able for video con­ver­sion these days, with spo­radic lev­els of suc­cess. is your friend with the search key­word "video con­verter".

But you need to down­load them, feed them the video you wish to con­vert (which means you need to have down­loaded the video on your com­puter — I use the excel­lent VideoDown­loader exten­sion on Fire­fox when I must do this), and wait for the con­verted video to be cre­ated on your desk­top. Alto­gether a cycle that requires the pres­ence of sev­eral bits of soft­ware on your machine.

This is why I like the Cruxy Mux Video Con­verter. As you'll see in the immensely excit­ing screen­shot below, you only need to spec­ify the URL of your video (Youtube, Google Video, and such URLs are wel­come), spec­ify one of the for­mats avail­able (all nec­es­sary ones are), and press Sub­mit. Voila. It'll send you an email when it's done.

I promptly went and gave it a shot with the Burusu Wirrisu video on Youtube (Japan­ese Bruce Willis look-alike). I had the email in less than five min­utes. Nice.

Nifty Fea­ture: Sec­ond Life Mux!

To sweeten the deal, there's the Sec­ond Life Mux that will result in a URL "that can be used by land own­ers as their parcel's media stream for one day". Brilliant.